Blackjack Dirty Dog

It’s a charred, juicy Hebrew National hotdog piled high with grilled onions and double caramelized spicy pork over oozing, melting cheeses. It’s then smothered in our salsa verde – $7


0 Responses to Blackjack Dirty Dog

  1. Ron K. says:

    A Hebrew National w/pork on it? OY GEVALT! My Bubbe is going to PLOTZ! 🙂

  2. joe verduzco says:

    OMG!!!!! this sounds amazing im so getting one tomorrow!!!

  3. Jet says:

    I’m high right now and this looks absolutely delicious… will it be available tomorrow?!

  4. Alice Shin says:

    Ron K. — ahahahaha. I’ve gotta add “plotz” to my everyday vocabulary.

    Joe verduzco — !!! !!! !!!! <-- I hear ya, man. JET -- by the time you get low, it'll still be on the trucks. This week and next. Stock up on those doobies. It's gonna be a delicious ride. Good lord, where are the ladies at? THEY ARE MISSING OUT ON THE MOST DELICIOUS HOT DOG EVERRRR.

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