Monthly Archives: January 2012

  • Grilled Cheasy Weazy

    Bangkok street style grilled cheese sandwich, bananas, satay peanut butter, Thai chili sauce.

  • on gettin hiiiigh before Chego + schtuff

    PHOTO COURTESY OF BUZZFEED.COM Hey maaaan, I like you guys. And I say guys because either the women are paranoid enough or control-freak enough to act straight or they just don’t get hiiiigh … > Read More

  • FRUIT SALAD like a boss

    Heeeee. THIS WEEK, I can’t seem to thread together a linear-enough narrative, so consider this post a piñata of all that I found good and interesting this week — a fruit salad, if you … > Read More

  • meep meep, my fave meme of the moment and ENJOY

    Grashus to everyone who came out to the free Public Enemy show on Sunday and got down with some tacos. WHAAAAAT? THERE WAS A FREE PUBLIC ENEMY SHOW AND I COULD’VE GOT DOWN WITH SOME TACOS? … > Read More

  • The Half Pound

    Straight out of the top secret Kogi test kitchen in an undisclosed location, we bring you The Half Pound. And YES, it’s a burger. One juicy 1/2 lb grass fed beef patty smashed between a toasted … > Read More

  • Ch-ch-changes: Kogi stops (Hawthorne, we got u this week!), dinner runs and prices

    But before we begin, a little mood music. Click on the Tupac if you’re feeling more Papi Chulo in response to all these changes, click on the Osbournes if you’re feeling a little more … > Read More

  • Blackjack Dirty Dog

    It’s a charred, juicy Hebrew National hotdog piled high with grilled onions and double caramelized spicy pork over oozing, melting cheeses. It’s then smothered in our salsa verde – … > Read More

  • news on Kogi prices, wizards and schtuff

    Hi, hi, all, As you all know, the cost of food has been steadily increasing over the past few years — so you know what news is coming. We’ve been eating costs left and right for a little … > Read More