If y’all want Kogi back in your neighborhood, give us a holler. Preferably RIGHT HERE.

Aloha, y’all,

Before I git into the stuff that tickles my short attention span, I’ve been getting a lotta random hollers on our Twitter feed, something akin to: “Why no more Hawthorne??”, “No more Whittier?”, and “You used to roll to El Segundo!!  WHY DON’T YOU LOVE US ANYMORE???”

And the answer is that we love ALL OF YOU.  Some, more equally than others, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.  ^___^

But the truth of the matter is, if we roll up and y’all stop coming out, we’re going to travel elsewhere to feed some other peoples who’ve been asking us to stop by for a while.  That’s all.  Daddy’s not mad at you.  Mommy still loves you.  You just stopped coming to the dinner table is all — WHICH IS TOTALLY COOL.  I love-love-LOVE my In-N-Out burger as much as the next person, but I won’t touch the stuff when it’s below 60 degrees outside.  Just like I love-love-LOVE a hot, steaming, crusty bread bowl of clam chowder — but I’m not in the mood when it’s a hair above 65.

We get it.  We still love you.  And we’ll come back.  IF YOU GIVE US A HOLLER.  And preferably in the comments section of this blog.  TO KEEP THINGS ORGANIZED and to keep track of which hood’s the most passionate this time of year.  We’ll COME BACK — as long as we haven’t been threatened more than 3 times by the police or city officials.


In other news, IT’S FRIGGIN COLD!!!  And I say this as the sun is blazing outside my window.  Now my brain’s like… it’s… cold? No, no, but in general, it’s MUCH colder than usual.  MUCH.  The fact that I was shivering in my apartment while wearing 3 sweaters and 2 pairs of socks is testament enough.  Last night?  2 comforters and 1 fleece blanket.  For the city of Los Angeles and myself, that is COLD, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s times like these that make me wish I had invested in a Snuggie.  It would make typing and the concomitant shivering so much easier.  At this point, I’m taking minor breaks to stick my icy fingers underneath my thickly sweater-ed armpits, namely the fingers on my right hand.  Do y’all notice that one hand tends to get colder than the other when typing or operating heavy machinery?  <– sorry, that was almost Twitter/inane-status-update-worthy.

Anyway, it’s times like these that my guts start craving simple, warm comfort foods.  Like THESE.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Milky, bone-white soups made from valiant cows who had not died in vain.   Ddeok and mandoo gook.  Gook. YEAH, I said it.


Irony is, I detested Korean food growing up.  It was just, ya know, whatever.  Peasant food before Asian peasant food was chic.  But I guess as we grow older, that cultural DNA that informs our childhood also informs all the foods we holler back to, crawling back on our hands and knees like the prodigal children we are, begging to be taken into the fold.

Whatever Korean food I do know how to cook, my mom didn’t really teach me.  99.9% of all I know hath cometh from the interwebs.  The one thing she did kinda/sorta teach me over the phone, is what’s simmering away at the stove right now.

OXTAIL SOUP.  Ggorigomtang.  THE KING OF ALL TANGS.  (pronounced ‘tahng’)

A lot of non-Koreans and some KAs think that Korean beef-bone-based soups are BLAND, but I don’t think that’s true.

For something to taste bland, it has to taste invisible to the tongue, the throat, the mouth.

To me, beef-bone-based soups (the Korean kind) taste amazingly rich with collagen, marrow and the more subtle side of beef.  And it’s a skill to get it opaque and white, or at least cream-colored.  As it stands, my oxtail soups turn into a creamy brown for the most part.  My ma tells me I need to let the bones sit overnight in water so that all the blood bleeds out, which is what’s turning everything brown, brown, BROWN.

I listen to my ma, I even rinsed the tails twice, but it’s already turning…well, less brown, but still brown.


In any case, if you know what it is that you’re tasting for, any of the beef-based tangs (sullungtang, gomtang, galbitang, etc.), will supremely HIT THE SPOT on a cold, Los Angeles day.  And by cold, I mean below 70 degrees.  (I am SO glad I don’t live in NYC no more!)  And if you’re trying it for the first time in a Korean restaurant — REMEMBER TO ADD SALT!  It usually comes to the table unsalted or under-salted.

But it’s NOT BLAND.  If I wanted bland, I would’ve made cornstarch soup and chased it down with a glass of tepid water.

photo courtesy of eatdrinknbemerry

Y’all can add a crap-ton of green onion slices (like me!), but normally it doesn’t come with much else other than salt and pepper.  Maybe minced garlic.  And accompanied by kimchi.  But not too much.  Not if you really want to enjoy the creaminess of the collagen and melted cartilage, the true taste of beef’s soul, what’s stored deep down inside every bone to the marrow.

I think that sometimes our taste buds are so inundated with bold, intense, colorful flavors (^__^ that would be Kogi!  And Chego!) that our tongues forget or misplace how to enjoy simple foods made with very little fanfare and a lot of soul.

Think of your tongue as an triathlete.  Speed and agility are great.  Coupled with strength and stamina, they’re even greater.

RANDOM: I once considered dropping the use of metaphors after a few people complained that they just wanted simple information.  But then I came across a few articles and studies that indicated that idiots, psychopaths/serial killers and pathological maniacs have difficulty or the inability to comprehend metaphors.  END RANDOM THOUGHT.



What I secretly want this Christmas. A Batgirl version will also do.

Non sequiturs aside, if any of y’all have any advice in how to get up out of bed these days when it’s warm and snuggly on the inside of your covers and unforgivingly cold and shivery outside, let me know.  And suggestions of getting a portable space heater is cheating!

yes. ess Kogi time.

ALSO — let me know if you want us to revisit your hood.  Just scream hysterically — a la a Justin Bieber fan — “COME BACK TO GARDENA.  WHOOO!  I LOVE YOU PAPI CHULO! ::sob:: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.  You just don’t understand. ::sob:: LET ME MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND.  ::whispers:: We could be so happy…” — and we’ll make sure to include it on our scheduled roster.  Unless we aren’t legally allowed to do so anymore.  🙂

Love, tacos and bone soups,



P.P.S. HA. HA. The doggies must be so embarrassed! I WOULD BE.

223 Responses to If y’all want Kogi back in your neighborhood, give us a holler. Preferably RIGHT HERE.

  1. Max says:

    UC Irvine Research Park for lunch! We got moved off campus to this corporate hellscape, need some Kogi to bring the life back! 90+ peeps out here, we’ll spread the word!

  2. Armando says:

    Bellflower Kaiser location. Hospital is hungry we need some Kogi

  3. Lisa says:

    NoHo Arts District for dinner!! WE MISS YOUUUUUU!!! … and the pacman burg… and the short rib tacos… .sigh.

  4. Jessie says:

    Please come back up to Glendale on Grandview/Flower by the Dreamworks and Disney campuses for lunch! Animators need some korean bbq love! We miss you!!

  5. Mark says:

    KOREATOWN!!! We. Want. Your. Tacos. In. Our. Mouths. We used to have something real special Kogi, remember that? Sometimes I’d have you twice in one lunch break. I’ll bring my whole office, lest you go unsatisfied.

  6. Ron Simmons says:

    Come back to La Crescenta, homiez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Melissa says:

    Washington boulevard in pico rivera! Please give us another chance 😉

  8. Ana says:

    Pico Rivera! Please! We miss you guys so much out here.

  9. Erin says:

    I second UCI for lunch. Campus, UTC or research park. You guys have been coming around for dinner (thank you thank you) but I want tacos for lunch!

  10. Daniel says:

    Please come back to Silverlake/Los Feliz.
    4100, sunset, meltdown comics… just get back here!

  11. Kenny burks says:

    I eat kogi bout twice a week but I always have to drive kinda far to get it. Can kogi please at least once/twice a month can y’all visit the inland empire? Please Please please! And thank you!

  12. Breana says:

    My mom talks about you all the time. “Where’s Kogi? Is Kogi coming around today?” she asks. Please come back to El Segundo or Hawthorne. Also, we would love to have you at USC for lunch. My office and the entire student body will definitely flock to you.

  13. Roman says:

    KTown misses you guys!

  14. Trina says:

    Please come to Laguna Hills, CA and The Park at the Village Apts in Irvine close to Irvine Spectrum and Costa Mesa, CA too……

  15. hammer says:

    Roger Dunn Golf Santa Ana on a weekday!

  16. Joe says:

    Come back to Placentia, Yorba Linda, or the eastern parts of Anaheim.

    There are people in OC who don’t live in Irvine.

  17. the velvet fog says:

    Ameoba Music in Hollywood on ednesdyasg damn it!!!!

  18. Krystal R. says:

    Come back to Fullerton! K1 speed at Anaheim, and anywhere in Orange. Anywhere in the North OC area, and Irvine is not the OC.

  19. Jenny says:

    KOREATOWN!!!! We need you back… Please come back!! ASAP

  20. Special Lover says:

    Please Please Please visit the Inland Empire more often.

  21. Dustin says:

    please come to huntington beach more often

  22. Dustin says:

    im constantly having to drive to fullerton to satisfy my kogi need

  23. Carrie says:

    Please come to Hawthorne, El Segundo or Torrance! Thanks!

  24. Tonya says:

    Please come back to Carson/Gardena/Torrance area!!! We LOVE you out here. There’s always a line. Hope the sheriffs didn’t run you off. :o)

  25. Lacsun says:

    Go back to the Oh Crab! plaza in Hacienda Heights!!1! I’ve had some of my favorite Kogi meals at the spot. I’m sure the Diamond Bar and City of Industry kids wouldn’t mind driving a littleee bit farther for one night. ; ]

  26. Lori German says:

    Please come back to Carson…we miss you here! I’m trying to turn my office staff on to Kogi and you’re never close enough for us to get some during our hour lunch break! CARSON baby!

  27. Dario says:

    Please come back to Torrance before the end of the year!

  28. OG says:

    Miracle Mile please, one of the original Kogi neighborhoods. We don’t see you often enough anymore. 🙂

  29. Danny says:

    Come back to the 4100 bar!
    Los Feliz/Silverlake PLZZEEASSEEEEE.

  30. Mommy72211 says:

    Pico rivera or Bellflower….both are the same distance from me. I had to drive 20 miles last time. Kogi is the first thing I ate after I had my son in July….I still crave it like a preggo lady. Lol. Please come closer!!!! 🙂

  31. Casey says:

    I second the lovely Kogi trucks to come back to NoHo! I live WALKING DISTANCE from where you guys would stop near the El Portal, and I sorely miss being able to get a teeny bit of exercise after enjoying a pacman burger or order of sliders…or both. Plus, the new Laemmle is opening right there in a couple of weeks…just saying…

  32. Jenni says:

    I second Kenny Burks comment. Inland Empire would LOVE LOVE LOVE a visit from Kogi. =0)

  33. Karen says:

    Come back to Torrance for Lunch!! You were suppose to make a stop today and we were so excited but you CHANGED it to long beach!! Devastating…

  34. Mitsuokun says:


  35. Candice says:

    KTOWN! I’m sick of these trucks pretending to be Kogi! nothing compares!!

  36. Jesse says:

    We want kogi in downtown LA more often!!!!

  37. Moses Isacson says:

    La Cresenta needs a permanent Kogi truck ….

  38. Guy says:

    COME TO NOHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  39. Sharon L says:

    Please come to Ventura! People here do not know what they’re missing! We have been craving you for sooooo long and can’t afford special trips to u anymore! If u could get to our side of the grade (though We would make anywhere in county work).

  40. Brooke says:

    Please come back to El Segundo for lunch! I can’t drive out to Glendale to during my lunch hour—-I promise to bring all of my friends. And more.

  41. Dennis says:

    For the love of all that is good and holy, please come back to Pico Rivera.

  42. Clara says:

    Come back to Hollywood, please. I miss your weekly Amoeba visits. If that block kicked you out… anywhere in Hollywood will do. ANYWHERE. Love you guys!

  43. HEK ONE says:

    Huntington Beach needs some KOGI 6-9 runs again.

  44. Sebastian says:

    Come back to the South Bay! Gardena, Hawthorne, El Segundo, it’s all good, just GET BACK

  45. dennis says:

    Please come back to anywhere in the South Bay! You used to come to Torrance a lot and that was great but i’ll go to Carson, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, San Pedro, Palos Verdes. Basically anywhere in the South Bay!!! i miss you guys too much

  46. Miguel D. says:


  47. Michelle says:

    Please come back to UCLA!!! We miss you so much!!!

  48. Emily says:

    Come back to Long Beach!

  49. Victoria says:

    Come to La Mirada…..PLEASE!!!! Pretty please!!!

  50. Ayen says:

    grace the westside with your tacos.

  51. Sophie says:

    Please come back to the South Bay Area!!! The weather is nicer over here and there is always lines 🙂

  52. Casie says:

    Please come back to Gardena, Hawthorne, El Segundo!We miss you!

  53. justin says:

    Come back to huntington beach (preferably brew bakers)!!!!

  54. Elizabeth says:

    Please, come back to Hawthorne on Thursday nights!!

  55. Ami says:

    Koreatown!! Pretty pretty please with kimchi on top 🙂

  56. eun choi-leung says:

    Please come by the pomona/claremont area. I missed the truck last week. Thanks.

  57. Natalie says:

    La Puente misses you… come back in front of the city hall.

  58. Brandon says:

    Pretty sure you haven’t been to the City of Industry for lunch in awhile!! Really could use you out there soon…

  59. Jeff says:

    Gallery Row downtown??

  60. Buster says:

    Fullerton Bikes for lunch

  61. Silverlake misses you!!

    4100 bar PLEASE!!!


  62. Cee says:

    Por Favor come back to brentwood…wilshire and Gorham. The parking guy misses you as well! Namaste….

  63. Leandro says:

    Have not had Kogi is sooooo long. I used to see you guys once a week! Mmmm spicy pork tacos….Please come back to Miracle Mile for dinner and Hollywood areas for lunch and dinner. Any chances of hitting the WeHo/Melrose/Fairfax area once in awhile?

  64. Michele says:

    La Mirada is suffering an extreme lack of Kogi goodness. Remedy this, please!

  65. Spark says:

    SM Business Park – 31st & Ocean Park!!! I’ll even send a company-wide notification (400+ peeps)…

  66. BFG says:

    Please come back to downtown, preferable by LA Live, as we miss you… a lot. We miss all the trucks, what happened? Friday used to be so fun!

  67. me says:

    Please come back to Downtown LA…I thought we were good to you here…tell us what happend, whatever it is, we are sorry and we want you back!

  68. MR. BBQ says:

    dude fiendin’ for some of that bomb grub here in anahein/placentia!!! got people hooked like it’s a drug. don’t deny us of the goodness… thanx!

  69. NN says:

    Please come back to Torrance!!!

  70. Reecie says:

    Please come back to El Segundo for lunch!!!!!

    There is a huge demand for Gourmet lunch trucks and Kogi is the best!!!!!!

  71. Matt says:

    Please come to Burbank for dinner!

  72. papi says:

    Mind Blowin that y’all still care like this, yo.
    Working with the fam to get all these spots back on the map in one form or another.
    We are gonna try to flip the script in ’12 beginning in January and mix up our spots/times and do what we call sniper ice cream hits. Try to hit more neighborhoods in one day staying in one location for shorter periods. Hit em and split em.
    What do you think LA/OC?
    Also, gonna go back to the lab and work on some ill shit for Alibi Room (now that I got my restaurant Joneses out for a minute) that will hopefully make it to the streets as experiments rise or fail.
    2012 is the year for Kogi for me. I’m gonna try to introduce new flavors: think Halal, Gordita, Pupusa, fried tamales. Hopefully you will like them.
    Thanks for the luv, we luv you back.


  73. Dex says:

    hacienda hts

  74. Joe says:

    Venice EVERY friday night! Please we miss Papi Chulo and the gang!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. jaceR says:

    90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!! 90706!!

  76. F Duran says:

    The San Gabriel Valley loves yoooouuu!

    I’m from Azusa, but I’ll drive to you! My car can’t handle freeways, though, so come close enough for street driving!

  77. Ann says:

    Downey, please. Our company has lunch trucks in our parking lot frequently.

  78. KG says:

    Come to University of Southern California!!!

  79. kristen b. says:

    HAWTHORNE STILL LOVES YOU! I just never know when you’re here

  80. Mawnck says:

    Roger Dunn Golf, Santa Ana/Tustin.

    Also, check out Floor and Decor on the corner of Dyer and Pullman in Santa Ana. Nice office-y area, and a decent sized parking lot.

  81. Sarah says:

    Please come back to La Crescenta!!!

  82. Terry says:

    I second “SM Business Park – 31st & Ocean Park!”

  83. Brian says:

    Please come back carson and wilmington!!!

  84. David says:

    Please come back to the Cypress area!! 🙂 I will come find you any time of the day haha 🙂

  85. MCh says:

    come to Downtown Santa Ana for lunch!

  86. oscar says:

    Please Come bak to Hawthorne! Been craving some delicious kogi!

  87. Jeff says:

    My wife and I would like to see your truck at 103 W Grove St. In Parma, Id 83660

    thank you, Jeff

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  89. BONNY says:


  90. Anh says:

    Please come by the Costa Mesa/Santa Ana area (the Enclave?) if you can soon! PREASE?!

  91. Austin says:

    Please come back to Carson/Gardena/Torrance area. Any spot, K1, by the carson mall, by toyota. We’re missing you

  92. Casey says:

    UCLA!!! You use to come down here weekly and the line was always super long.

  93. Brad says:

    Oh man, if you guys could head towards Thousand Oaks…I know you’ve ventured close by at Westlake Village!

  94. Bri says:

    Come to El Segundo or Westchester !!! We need ya’ll there !!

  95. Kaitlyn says:

    Come back to Pico Rivera, La Habra or Whittier.


  97. steven says:

    for the love of tacos, come to torrance/southbay PLEASEEEE

  98. Daniel says:

    UCLA misses you!

  99. Suraj says:

    Just like many have requested, please come to more parts of northern Orange County. There are dozens of Orange County food trucks, yet they always stay in southern Orange County. The last time Kogi BBQ came close to my area(Buena Park/La Palma) was about a year or two ago. I’m missing the tacos.

  100. jimmy says:

    glendale…on lexington. 100s of us work in tv and we miss the one time of the week we could all get together and eat great food right outside our building.

  101. Erik says:

    MONROVIA feels like the bastard step child left behind 🙁

  102. Jesse Chavez says:

    Hey kogi gods! My name is Jesse and I am an avid kogi consumer; i frequent your trucks in the various locations in which you deem fit for your divine delicacies and i often have to make quite a drive out to enjoy some of your delicious food. Often i wish i could have a kogi truck at my disposal, whenever i so wish to consume some delicious short rib burritos or tacos and partake in the delights that are the kogi sliders (i’m salivating from the mouth as we speak just typing this!). As i have already mentioned, it’s become a hassle and inconvenience in some situations to get out to you guys just to enjoy some high quality kogi. Myself and MANY others in my town are in dire need of your services! We are located in ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA! There is a huge kogi following here and i promise you that if you can make it out here, perhaps even make us a weekly stop we will make all worth your while in return for your feeding us with absolutely delicious, refined and complex meals which i often scrounge through my home, coin jars, ashtrays, pockets, friends, car, or even parents for cash to afford it with no complaint on my part; it is all worth the while if i can sit next your truck devouring a breathtaking burrito. PLEASE TRY TO GET TO ALHAMBRA KOGI! WE NEED YOU! WE WANT YOU SO BAD! WE ARE HUNGRY AND WE LOVE YOU! Thank you!

  103. Vic says:

    ROSEMEAD!!!! 91770 SGV

  104. Deanna says:

    I love that your down the street from me at Primm & O’Haras… but i cant get out of the house at 10pm or enjoy a beauitful kogi meal!!!

  105. Erik says:

    starving children of MONROVIA need KOGI nutrition.

  106. April says:

    La Puente is in need of some Kogi… come back pleeeease?!

  107. melissa says:

    Please Please come back to the santa ana barns and noble… I turned all my co-workers on to ya and then you went away….

  108. Lara says:

    Boiling Crab plaza in Hacienda Heights! 🙂

  109. david says:

    torrance, harbor city =(. miss your food. haven’t had kogi in a good 4+ months.

  110. shamus says:

    downtown!! old ban district for lunch por favor!

  111. jg says:

    Huntington Beach please!

  112. Anastasia says:

    Please come to Century City, Century Park East (between Lil’ Santa Monica and Constellation.) I am not sure if you have ever donned our doorstep, but I can guarantee once the word gets out of your arrival….the “suits and skirts” will be lined up to taste your delectable delights. PLEASE COME SEE US!!!!

  113. Rick Vee says:

    Pico Rivera wants real tacos, you gave us a taste once now don’t take them away

  114. Justin says:

    Downtown please!!!

  115. lauren says:

    Starving kids at UCLA miss youuu!!! and Irvine is OC for whoever said it is not. Irvine looooves KOGI, best believe

  116. Mimi Lo says:

    Burbank, please. 🙂

  117. dman says:

    LONG BEACH! have been craving 고기 for the past month!!

  118. amber says:

    We missss you come back too FuLLERTON & PLACENTIA!! We need more kogi trucks there’s a lot of people out here that LOVE your fooooooooood 🙂

  119. Jennifer says:

    Culver City NPR location please 🙂 I need my Kogi taco fix!!!

  120. Nina says:

    Omg downtown 4th street in Long beach!!!!! We NEEEEEDDDDD it…….Can’t wait to see ya…

  121. peter says:

    Come back to claremont walnut or diamond bar please!

  122. jose says:

    Please, please, please come to the inland empire… I’m so tired of driving far to get my Kogi fix.

  123. Erik says:

    MONROVIA needs Kogi !

    El Monte is aight but, think about the great traffic generated by the 210 fwy…
    The spot Kogi used to visit is way more visible and easier to acces for more Kogi lovers.
    Nothing else will balance out overhead cost better then sales increase, so get out of that hidden El Monte location and bring the Kogi to Monrovia.
    Please bring the party to Monrovia.

  124. Alex says:

    Come back to Monrovia! Monrovia, Monrovia, Monrovia!!! Monrovia wants Kogi to come back.

  125. Julio says:

    Please come back to UCLA!!! We’re dying without this awesome food! Doesn’t matter if it is for lunch or dinner.

  126. Rick Vee says:

    Pico Rivera,,, I’m still waiting and wont leave till you arrive

  127. Alias says:

    COME BACK TO EL MONTE!!! The first time I tried it was last month. And I have been craving it. For my birthday I wanted to eat KOGI. Too bad it was the day before my birthday & I did not know. If I knew I would’ve savored the moment! 🙁 It was delicious!!! Please please please please come back 🙁 🙁 🙁

  128. Alias says:

    Btw, you guys make El Monte known. >.> Finally we’re not just some ghetto city!! 🙁

  129. kogi truck lover says:

    TORRANCE/HAWTHORNE/CARSON – SOUTH BAY AREA plllleeeaaaaasssseee!! I’ve been craaaaving for you guys for a looooong ass time!!

  130. Erik says:


  131. Karen says:

    We are starving Torrance for lunch – still waiting!!

  132. Jason says:

    Ameoba Music in Hollywood!

  133. Dale Radford says:

    U C L A ! Where have you guys been? I miss you by the Medical Center!

  134. GD Crew says:

    what happened to you guys? we miss you here at encino…. pls come back!!!!!

  135. Erik says:

    Monrovia is still hungry!!

  136. Charlotte says:

    hey guys, we miss you at Disney in Glendale…come back soon…I need my fix.

  137. Steve says:

    Monrovia, Industry, Claremont…how come you never come to the east side for lunch any more?

  138. Jessica Robles says:

    Please come to Upland, Claremont, and Montclair area. People want the food and have the money. Please, pretty please with sugar on top!!

  139. Jeffrey Craddock says:

    Are you still coming to the Friday nights Food Trucks in Granada Hills? My wife and I have gone there a few times and we have not been seeing your truck there. Please come back to GH. You have been missed.

  140. David says:

    Why doesn’t the Kogi Truck come to Century City for lunch anymore?

  141. Darren says:

    I just moved from UCLA to Diamond Bar for work… How often does Kogi come around?


  142. Jake Bloo says:

    Please PLEASE come by Los Feliz or Silverlake. Maybe park near The Vista on a Saturday night and get people coming out bars and the movies? Yeah? Yes. Sounds like a great idea? oh, wonderful! Simply a delight!

  143. Nicole says:

    Come to USC. Next week is finals week!!!!

  144. Gandi rahadian says:

    Please come to Hollywood please

  145. Jacqueline says:

    Please bring Kogi to beverly hills once in a while!!! 🙂

  146. Jennifer says:

    Please come back to Culver City 🙂 please o please

  147. karla says:

    When will you guys be back at Prime jeweler in orange off meats

  148. Rose says:

    The REAL South Bay, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Lomita.

  149. spammusubi310 says:

    Second that on Rose’s request for The REAL South Bay, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Lomita.

  150. very hungry doctor says:

    Please PLEASE come back to Ronald Reagan UCLA Med Ctr/Westwood. We miss you. We love you. The hospital can’t function without you (just try doing surgery while dreaming of Kogi!!)

  151. Liz Knoles says:

    We want to see you in the I.E!!!! We have faithfully been following you from the first truck and Twitter. We drive to where you are in El monte, the O.C., but WE NEED SOME KOGI IN THE I.E.!!! CHEF!! 🙂 We are getting restless. Tonight we are leaving work by the 15 & 10 fwy and rushing over to you on Temple & Valley to get the Fix! 🙂 You have several colleges or even by the Ontario Mills you could set up shop.

    Looking forward to enjoying some Kogi closer to home & work.

    Liz Knoles

  152. Betsy says:

    Any chance of coming to Burbank Empire Center?

  153. Lisa says:

    We need you in Torrance or Gardena…..where have you been?? More…PLEEZE!!

  154. Lisa says:

    We NEED you back in Torrance, Beach area, or Gardena…..PLEEZE!!

  155. Danny says:

    Glendale on Flower and Circle seven please!!!! By DreamWorks Animation

  156. Aileen says:

    We need you down here in El Segundo. We have a lot of businesses nearby including the Lakers HQ, Toyota Sports Center, at least 4 airlines, Time Warner Cable, name it!!

    2151 E Grand Ave # 100 El Segundo, CA 90245 or
    300 Continental Blvd. El Segundo,CA 90245 (next door)

  157. Sandi says:

    come to Hollywood! Ticketmaster/Live Nation HQ – 7060 Hollywood Blvd

  158. Christine says:

    Please!! Please!!! Come to Los Alamitos Food Truck Thursdays!!! 5-9pm Katella & Los Al Blvd.

  159. Arthur says:

    Would like you to go south orange county. Maybe crown valley – I live in Dana Point

  160. Kent says:

    Come back to Fountain Valley

  161. Jeff G says:

    Koreatown misses you! You were on such a roll for a couple months there.

  162. Ana says:

    Come to Burbank near the airport. We have a nice lot for you to park in!

  163. James messenger says:

    every year Deja Vu Gentlemen’s clubs around the United States hold Charity car washes where ALL the proceeds go to local charities, such as battered women’s shelters or Saint Jude’s Children Hospital, etc… We also invite businesses like Car shops, motor cycle shops, and other vendors to come set up tables and booths so that our guests have things to do besides just have their cars washed. It’s a full on event that has a great turnout with a rewarding feeling afterwards. This year we’re inviting food trucks to come up and sell food at their own discretion. I would like to extend and invitation for you to come. Our event is from 12-5:00pm, 7350 Coldwater Cyn Ave. North Hollywood Ca, 91605. If you’d like to come for just a portion of the time you are welcome to. We’d just like confirmation so we do not invite other trucks who sell the same cuisine.

  164. Jenny says:

    Please come back to La Crescenta! We really miss you!!!!

  165. Jo says:

    695 Town Center Drive Costa Mesa

  166. Brian says:

    Come to Torrance or the South Bay area! 310 area code!!

  167. Elena Vasquez says:

    Please come around Buena Park, and Santa Ana more often. We need our Kogi fix! Lol 🙂

  168. Jace says:

    How Bout CARSON!!

  169. Jace says:

    well just come ANYWHERE in the SOUTH BAY!!!
    i ate the PACMAN quesadilla & PACMAN burrito last friday @ CSULB Graduation!!!

  170. Kailee Quinn says:

    Please come back to K-town, I feel so abandoned 🙁

  171. Candy says:

    We miss you guys downtown! Please come back …

  172. Lindsay says:

    Come to Long Beach!!

  173. MJ says:

    Warner Bros. employees would love it if you stopped by the studio! Best parking is outside of Gate 5, on Warner Blvd between Avon and Riverside!

  174. Rafael says:

    Please come back to Hawthorne! We need our Kogi fix.

  175. Jaime says:

    Come to south l.a. we love kogi

  176. tasha says:

    We NEED you in Tustin!

  177. Ryan says:

    You cannot come to K-Town enough!

    And I never seens you is Garden Grove. Whys not?

  178. Erik says:

    Yo! Monrovia here.

    Monrovia city council is meeting today to lift ban and ordinance against food trucks!!!

    Send Verde to ussssssssssssssss!!!

  179. USC Andrew says:


  180. Bill Comerford says:

    El Segundo… It’s been TOO long!

  181. Cheryl says:

    Home Depot lot-Signal Hill please…it’s been far too long and we miss you there!

  182. Rich says:

    Woodland Hills loves you!! Keep it coming!

  183. Leah says:

    Saturday Nights…Please!!! Garden Grove @communitydinner Valley View & Chapman. Come on man, give us the Kogi we crave. 5-9pm

  184. LB Girl says:

    CSULB again, please!!

  185. Arce says:

    Come back to Torrance..preferrably Garamercy and Toyota Way 🙂 we miss you!!!!

  186. Alejandra says:

    COME TO UCLA!!!!!!

  187. DEE says:

    PICO RIVERA!!!!!

  188. Ron says:

    Fullerton misses you!!

  189. keiden oguri says:

    kogi use to come every friday to abbot kinney the brig. not its only 1st friday’s. come back every friday my friends and use to go every week.
    we miss you a lot. mostly your food. but still we love you.

  190. JamesOX says:

    UCLA! We miss you in Westwood haha we’re fiendin over here

  191. HungryPeople says:

    Irvine’s hungry people miss Kogi BBQ for lunch in Woodbridge (Checkered Flag Car Wash, etc.) Bring delicious food back to Irvine!

  192. Neil says:

    PLEASE come back to El Segundo on Fridays!!!!

  193. David C. says:

    Bring KOGI back to Alhambra and the 626!!!

  194. PLEASE PLEASE come back to Home Depot in LaHabra on Harbor and Lambert on saturdays!!!!
    A lot of people miss you!

  195. jill says:

    Huntington Beach, please please please!

  196. lola says:

    Can you guys come to Huntington Beach lunchtime?

  197. Kelsey says:

    Come to Sunset Junction!!!! We need you here. My belly is aching.

  198. Meka Batson says:

    We want KOGI BACK in El Segundo!!!!! PLEEAASSEEE!!! 😀

  199. Meka Batson says:

    Reading the comments, I see I’m not the only one in El Segundo who misses you!! How can we get you to come on a weekly basis like some of your other locations?? WE MISS YOU!!

  200. jordan says:


  201. JASMIN says:


  202. Ryan says:

    You were finally scheduled to be in my area for the first time in a year and a half today. I even left work early to get some Kogi only to not be able to find your truck on La Palma in 92807. I figured you sold out and bailed early but nope I checked your website and you cancelled. I wish you wouldn’t have waited so long to update your website that you cancelled.

  203. Victor says:

    More Anaheim/Placentia/Brea/Fullerton please, I think Irvine’s a bit spoiled at this point

  204. Hongry says:

    Floor and Decor parking lot, at Dyer and Pullman in Santa Ana, right off the 55. Check it out.

  205. TONY MEDINA says:

    You hit up Corona (Crossroads Church) just once, please come back! We have the biznazz over here. Come to the IE, Chego!

    Starving in Corona

  206. IE-JOE says:

    Please Chego, Gardena is spoiled. Please pencil in Hawthorne and disgard Gardena. We love you more!


  207. PDP says:

    Come back to Palms! I used to love it when I could get my short rib burrito from the truck that was parked at Chego for lunch! Either that, or add it to the menu @ Chego, I’d eat it at least twice a week 🙂

  208. Aarti says:

    Please come back to the South Bay!! We miss you 🙁

  209. vern says:

    Come back to Pasadena…. often :>))

  210. Aria says:

    Please come to Rosemead! We love you!!

  211. Darren says:


  212. Catherine McAteer says:

    Have you considered expanding your horizons, to perhaps the foodie mecca of the world? Well maybe California. The Bay area is home I am told to more restaurants per CAPita then any other city. So why not bring a/truck or two up here so we can enjoy your food because it sounds too good to be true. Heard about your trucks on CNN. PLEEEEASE CONSIDER IT.bonus….. The America’s cup is coming this year

  213. Jahpraise says:

    You guys really need to get a truck in downtown hermosa on weekend nights…you’d make a killing.

  214. Julia Parker says:

    You used to have a truck every tuesday in Torrance near Nissan/walmart area. When is that coming back? or somewhere in that area?

    how about san pedro? do you know the 1st thursday of every month is art walk night and food trucks? why are you not there?

  215. Kate Kroger says:

    Please bring Kogi to Portland. Huge food truck culture up here and there’s nothing with your flavors.

  216. Alex Brown says:

    Bring it to Hollywood BLVD at La Brea, so many tourists, so many locals.

  217. Lindsay says:

    Bring a truck to Burbank!

  218. Prashant Patil says:

    you guys used to be in Pasadena regularly in the afternoon. Come back! My co workers and I miss youuu

  219. Stephanie says:

    Hi Kogi!
    Next Tuesday, July 22nd is my brothers 22nd birthday, or his golden birthday! ALl he really wants is to have kogi! Please bring kogi to agoura hills or the conejo valley area. you would make all of his dreams come true.

  220. Max Ancar says:

    Come to the reserve in playa vista We miss you and it’s only been a week.

  221. Pandamommy says:

    Please please come to the edge of the ie. anywhere even remotEly close to claremont. My kids go to bed early and 9:30 pm start at diamond bar on a school night is just not happening! Pomona, maybe? Or the claremont colleges? I would be so happy…so happy…

  222. sal ash says:

    we want kogi bbq in thousand oaks ..conejo valley area.. need a location?? let us find you one…

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