momofuku milk bar @Chego tonight and other stuff

photo by Robyn Lee

I know it’s a little much to ask, but if the lords of Kobol were to work any miracles, it would be for Christina Tosi to bring a big honkin slice of her pistachio cake w/ lemon curd to Chego tonight.

That said, her blueberry and cream cookies are CAPS-WORTHY-AMAZING and will possibly make an appearance along with the compost cookie and all those other iconic cookies that died glorious deaths in my belly back in 2008.  You wanna taste the legendary goodness?  BUY HER BOOK.  (At Chego.)

She’ll be sittin pretty and signing them all night long, from 5:30PM til closing time.

Yay!  Now that I’ve taken care of my most principle of responsibilities, I can ramble deliriously a bit before I end this blog post.

can't remember the source of this picture...

Thanks to this sudden cold snap, lack of sleep and being around some seriously miserable, seriously sick, SICK people, I’m either coming on with a light touch of hypochondria or a head cold.  I woke up with my body feeling strangely heavy and my mind feeling as though it’s just barely waking up from a coma.  A little scratchiness in the throat, nothing too serious.

BUT NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO GET SICK, PEOPLES.  It’s crunch time for Sunny Spot and I’ve got a few things I genuinely need to get done.

You know the type of people who get sick, but just heroically GRIND THROUGH IT ALL anyway?

I am not that type of person.

I may not whine to every person who walks into the room or demand that someone cook me a bowl of chicken soup, but I do like to hibernate in my misery and pretend that the outside world doesn’t exist until I come out of it.  AND THIS IS NOT TO TIME TO DO THAT.

Lucky for me, I’m a fanatically proactive person the moment I feel something coming on.  I just don’t have the luxury of denial.  It’s incubating.  I can feel it.  And I must eradicate it before the larvae makes it past the pupal stages.  (I’m speaking in metaphors, people.  I don’t have egg sacs of larvae LITERALLY incubating in my gut.  I think.)

Today, I shall be pounding away at the ginger, olive leaf extract and massaging thieves oil into the bottoms of my feet.


Coke?  I SCOFF AT SODA.  Nay, I shall be drinking TEA, dammit!  And lots of it!  Made with GINGER!

And no person sicker than me shall be allowed to share drinks with me.  Much less touch me.  Which I don’t think will be a problem, regardless of quarantine.

AND to end things, here is a mini animal version of CUTE/NOT CUTE.


photo courtesy of unique daily


photo courtesy of unique daily

Love, tacos and immunity!,

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