Kogi Times Are A-Changing…and about that “new Roy Choi restaurant”

BRIEF announcement — we’re finagling our stops schedule a bit to adjust to the change in weather and shorter span of daylight.

So, basically, all Kogi truck late night public stops will start at 10pm and will end at our normal time 1130pm.  But starting on 11/21/11 and forward end time will change to 11pm.  So the new schedule for the truck will look a lot like this:

lunch 1130am-230pm
dinner 6-9pm ; 10-11pm
lunch 1130am-2pm
dinner 6-9pm ; 10-11pm


In other news, GINGER WORKS!  That head cold that was trying to creep up on my body is currently held at bay.  SUCCESS.

No, handicapped Teddy hath not been found yet.  I am hoping that someone not plugged into the internet or missing dog posters has given him safe shelter for the sudden cold snap here in LA.  (Though New Yorkers would probably laugh to hear me call it a cold snap.)

YES, I am still delirious!  But the good kind, now that 70% of what needed to get done by yesterday has gotten done and that Papi Chulo’s new restaurant is finally opening this Friday.  You can take a sneak peek at the website HERE.

But let me prep y’all on what to expect.

Remember No Doubt’s Rock Steady album?  Papi Chulo’s Sunny Spot is just that.

Up until Rock Steady, No Doubt could pretty easily be categorized as Orange County ska.  Trapped in a Box/NoDoubt was great, Tragic Kingdom was their crowning achievement, Return of Saturn went on an unusually interesting tangent that wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

And then they dropped Rock Steady.

No longer could you call No Doubt an Orange County band, or even a ska band.  They suddenly became just a great band.  And it was the doorway, in my mind, that opened up the way for Gwen’s solo album, which went off on a further electro pop tangent than elements of Rock Steady, which was rife with dancehall, synth, pop and even a touch of rock.  Just a touch.

It wasn’t like they frontin.  They were still No Doubt.  And Gwen’s solo album was still 100% Gwen Stefani.

Most great bands have that one album — or three, if they’re lucky.  The album that totally redefines their sound and what people perceive the band to be.  Think Outkast with their Speakerboxxx/TheLoveBelow album. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it fails gloriously. Think Idlewild.

I thought Janet Jackson did it with her Janet album, but then she done done it again with Velvet Rope.

See the difference?

So to prep you for what Sunny Spot’s a bit about, let me show you.

Instead of paper boats, we’ve got you dining on gilt-edged porcelain.  Instead of biodegradable cornstarch forks, you’ll be forking your meals with gold.  Instead of plastic water bottles, there will be silver goblets.

As for the food, well… in some ways I’ll finally get my wish and have people stop pigeon-holing Roy Choi Papi Chulo as Asian fusion. There’s nothing wrong with Asian flavors. And, true, I’ve got issues with the word “fusion” and all the cultural baggage it carries. Kogi is our Tragic Kingdom, Chego, our Trapped in a Box. Both albums we’re but incredibly proud of. And some might call Papi Chulo’s side project in partnership w/ Dave Reiss w/ A-Frame his Return of Saturn.

So, does that make Sunny Spot his Rock Steady?

You know what I like about true musicians?  Even if they start off at one instrument, if they keep at it, they eventually pick up others along the way.  I met a guy in college who was classically trained on the cello.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, we had even played in the LA Junior Philharmonic together in high school.

He sold his cello — which he was quite talented at and cost a fortune — and traded it in for some turn tables, MPCs and the like.  By the time I met him in college, I was completely thrown to have found out he was classically trained in anything.

Another drummer I met also picked up the keyboard, the saxophone and was trying to teach himself how to play the flute.  And when he finally managed to play it, you’d never known that he wasn’t “legitimately” trained.  The flute, like the drums and the keyboard, were just part of his repertoire.

And I guess the same could be said for some of Papi Chulo’s food at Sunny Spot.

It’s GOOD.  Is it authentic?  I don’t know.  And I don’t think he knows either.  But I don’t think that’ll matter to anyone as soon as they walk in through that door.

Anyway, I hope to see y’all there.  Since that’s where I’m going to be moonlighting these next few weeks, in between Kogi and Chego.

Love, tacos and sunny spots,

0 Responses to Kogi Times Are A-Changing…and about that “new Roy Choi restaurant”

  1. HEK TATTOO says:

    When do you guys sleep? Ha. Congrats on the new joint – Sunny Spot. Can’t wait to get my hands on that menu!

  2. SNOWY says:

    My Filipina better half makes ginger soup when anybody in our house is sick. The asian chicken soup for the miserably snuffling !
    With that feeling of a head cold coming on, I had a strong ginger tea in Thailand, and now I swear by it.
    Sunny Spot, Rain or Shine ! ! ! 🙂

  3. Sleepyhead says:

    This “Roy Choi” sounds like an interesting fellow. I always that he was a fictitious personality, like Santa Claus or the Student Loan Bill Collector…
    Can’t wait to hit the Spot!

  4. KEN says:

    Nice write up! As a music fan, I totally get the comparisons. 🙂 Looking forward to trying Sunny Spot one day! Loved Beechwood — especially the Beechwood Burger that Roy Choi had created. Something tells me the burger offered up at Sunny Spot will be equally as amazing.

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