ATTN: Momofuku Milk Bar’s A-Coming to Chego, plus other stuff


1) Will Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi be coming to Chego next Tuesday???
Sí, señor.

2) Will she be just eating there at Chego, or, ya know… bringing a little extra sumptin-sumptin?
Sí, va a traer el sumptin-sumptin, y va a comer en Chego le guste o NO LE GUSTE. O__O

3) Will she be signing/selling her new cookbook?
Ella va estar firmando su libro de cocinar como una estrella.

4) Can we try any of her Momofrakkin cookies/cake slices/sumptin-sumptins?
Sí, solo si compras un libro de Christina Tosi.

5)  Tu crees que Beth Kellerhals tu Chef de Postres se sentira amenazada?
Espero que no.  –__–;;   No le diremos que Christina esta aqui.  Lo que ella no sabe no la matara. ::shifty eyes::


In any case, prepare for a sweet book signing at Chego next Tuesday.


As y’all know, Natasha and I have been moonlighting w/ Papi Chulo’s newest offshoot Sunny Spot.  Any news I can offer on the new spot?  YES.

Though, I’m nowhere near as delirious and stressed out as I was during the construction and opening months of Chego, I am feeling a little…

On a TOTALLY unrelated tangent, the fan girl in me is super stoked that 49 Days star Jung Il Woo’s new drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop just premiered.

He’s the tasty boy on the left.  I love actors who know how to charm, fascinate and brood all in the same take.  It’s a youth romantic comedy drama on a Korean cable network, which will hopefully translate into a youthful freshness with just a touch of edge.  It is cable, after all!

Vague premise: charming, rich/chaebol star high school senior (Jung Il Woo’s character) backs a ramyun shop that’s managed by the noona in the middle of the poster and the flower boys of his school.  Flower boys… how to describe them?  Charming, supremely pretty, well-groomed and fashionable.  Like a young, affable, extremely attractive fop.

In its honor, I’m embedding a music video by Milk Tea entitled “Ramen King” — though it’s literally spelled “ramyun king”.  Read the lyrics while singing along if you can.  They are uber adorable!  And WILL incite ramyun/ramen cravings.

Boil the water well, insert the soup mix
Insert the noodles and boil it even more
When I make it bubbling like this, I wish you will eat it deliciously
Crack an egg, chop up some scallions, melt some cheese and cut up some ham
When I make it bubbling like this, you will like it a lot

This is the only thing I’m good at
Though I wish I could do more
I’m not jealous of the high-end restaurants
If only we’re together, if only we’re together

* I will cook only for you, I cook cook cook
I hear our laughter kekeke
I’m happy when we eat together
Even just looking at you makes me smile
I will listen to your each word
Tell me anything and I will laugh
Love me like you do now
The only person who will make me warm is you

Su-sugar sugar sugar
Su-sugar sugar sugar

Even if it’s not expensive, I really like it- because it’s a gift from you
Even if they have luxury cars, I’m not jealous
If only we get to walk together

Will write more soon!

Love and tacos,

0 Responses to ATTN: Momofuku Milk Bar’s A-Coming to Chego, plus other stuff

  1. Sleepyhead says:

    Holy smokes!

    You’ve got both feet stirring the pot, as we used to say in the old country…

    Sunny Spot? I need to hear more. K, hope to see
    y’all Tuesday with a pen, and spork, in hand.

  2. O.o that was interesting… and now I have a craving for Ramen… hmm a Kogi special involving Ramen…

  3. anmyss says:

    short ribss!! truck roja is the best !!

  4. anmyss says:

    short rib!! truck roja is the best !!

  5. reverto says:

    What time for the Momofuku thing?

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