CLARIFICATIONS — addressing the recent twitter mill…

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This little bloggy post won’t be so long, as I’m currently preoccupied with a few projects, one if which I am VERY excited about:

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…but there was something that caught my eye on the Twitter feed that I just wanted to address and clarify.

@EmmeBryson – Our trucks are old. And we rent them. But you are more than welcome to buy us a state-of-the-art, shiny new one. 🙂 And franchises may seem fine and dandy, but it’s a whole other can of worms we do not wish to open. We’re mom and pop and franchising, from the offers we’ve received so far, will indicate much higher prices to the consumer for a lower standard of food quality.

Also, the reason why we’re not out to lunch today is that we’ve got quite a few catering commitments to attend to, NOT because all of trucks have shut down.

@Sharky-I-don’t-have-the-patience-to-spell-your-twitter-name-correctly — Your comment is obnoxious and your complaint is lazy. So here’s my own lazy/obnoxious response: YOU invest in some decent food trucks and buy us some new ones, Big Baller/Shot Caller. And yeah, you hear a lotta things. But not half as many things as I’ve heard about yo mamma.

@benjaminbudzak — what an awesome name. Eh, I guess everyone’s got their day jobs to attend to.

So, what Benjamin and I’m guessing Shark Boy are referring to is this embarrassing grade on one of our trucks:

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::flails arms::

PLEASE NOTE: this is present on ONE of our trucks, and not ALL of our trucks, like instigator/Shark Boy may lead you to believe.

HERE IS THE STORY, straight from Papi Chulo himself:

We had an electrical failure at Abbot Kinney festival that affected our product and we had to shut down. Since then we have done our due diligence with the health department and have worked day and night to fulfill all demands. We will be reinspected within the next 10 days and are currently cleared to operate with full clearance. This was only one of our trucks and it only happened at a festival where we were stuck in a crowd of 10,000 with a broken truck.No excuses, but life is life.We faced the HD head on and made the necessary repairs and adjustments.

So there you have it. The C for crashing electrical failure during service shall be turned around shortly. Thanks for being so patience with us, to the folks who have been so patient with us!

And for those of you who need a little context as to how we run the streets, here’s a short clip:

And, with that, I shall leave you with an oldie but a goodie…

Love, tacos and clarifications,


0 Responses to CLARIFICATIONS — addressing the recent twitter mill…

  1. alex says:

    thanks for putting the rumor mill to rest! i am glad to know that it was an electrical failure and not something worse.

  2. Daniel says:

    fuck the haters, Kogi, your still the best.

  3. naraytor says:

    I don’t get it, if they don’t like it, they don’t have to eat there. beech wood, kogi, chego, and A frame have ALWAYS been consistently delicous. i have been eating to at least one of the four for two years straight at least once a week. roy even named a taco after my girlfriend. (katy camaron) why do people always gotta hate…….

  4. Mehrdad1 says:

    Haters gonna hate. New Kogi ad campaign: Come and “C” the difference! 😉

  5. Aaron says:

    Typical Korean business mindset! Instead of trading low blows with your potential customers and making fun of their moms, why not professionally deny the allegations and apologize (even if you’re not at fault) to your customers?

    Very disappointed with you guys.

  6. Aaron,

    I don’t know if your a fan of Kogi or not, regardless, Kogi blog is never an all serious “go f’ urself.” It’s for Kogi fans to relate to and stay in touch with Kogi and their culture.

    For one thing, their behavior has NEVER been one of a Korean ownership. It’s more ghetto than anything, kinda like, “if yo-ass don’t want to eat heeah, den don’t!”

    What apologies to they owe to someone who many never have been to the truck and talk blabber about their business? I don’t think they owe any. It seems to me that you are just being a self-conscious-all-righteous-pretending-to-be-a-loyal-customer who probably bought a few tacos from them and think that you have all the rights to be ‘disappointed’ by the way they run their business. I don’t believe you have a truck that’s running better than their so I wouldn’t talk.

    I believe most regulars who visit the trucks and blogs can clearly relate to their superb-yet-ghetto customer service. If you don’t know, then don’t act like you know.

  7. schenks says:

    all im disappointed in is not gettin consistant signal hill saturdays. last experience i had wasnt too good (1 in 100 visits) and i need kogi redemption!!!

  8. Aaron says:

    *1’sSelfConscious, I’d like to point out that my username doesn’t even have the words “self” and “conscious”. So. I don’t proclaim to be a self conscious all righteous loyal customer. Just because I pointed out something they did and suggested they do otherwise does not make a self righteous person. Yes, I’ve bought a few tacos from them. I never said they owe any apologies. What I did say was it would be good if they did. I now realize that this is their culture and way. Granted, it’s a fine line between creating an edgy brand and possibly coming off as an arrogant business. They are still a great company. Great food, great service, and relatively great prices.

    Please read my comment before you come huffing and puffing at me. Sometimes short comments can be completely misread, I suppose.

  9. Diamond Bar says:

    F@#k all the haters that complain for nothing but just because they don’t have anything better to do or say. I bet if you look into there lives, it wouldn’t be all that. So enough time wasted on them, keep on keeping on. You guys are the best and serve the best food. F@#k them all.

  10. Okay koji or the lil weenie sitting behind tha computer I and tha community of Glendale and Burbank would like to thank you for supplying us BBQ but u gotta learn how to chill with these average jokes sharkyz not down with yo momma jokes so that being said we would like to recive free koji in the Glendale area at ghat one secret location above glenoaks thank you very much for ur life I a taCo truck and we as a community hope you respect the Don.

    All beef burrito’ xtra meat./ aloe drink.
    – NjK

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