okay, so officially some dude named Guy Fieri's hosting it, but our very own Papi Chulo's also gonna be bringing out the big guns this Saturday -- HOLLLERRRRRR!!!!!111one

Wow, my photoshopping skills never cease to amaze me. What? Photoshop, you say, Alice?

To be more accurate, my new Photoshop Elements — which costs about the fraction of the price of Photoshop, but essentially carries all the essentials an amateur CRAVES!

But ANYWAY, for all y’all who don’t know, Roy Choi aka Papi Chulo will be attending and participating in LA’s very first, snazzy and official Food and Wine Festival.

The PR people sent me an official LAFW banner, but I can’t seem to find it.  Plus, it had a big, honking picture of Wolfgang Puck on it, and you know I’d probably just Photoshop Roy’s face over it.  Because I’m proud.  And because I can.  ^___^

He’ll also be at the Lexus Grand Tasting Event this Sunday, along with THIS impressive roster:

I’ve circled and heart-ed all the people I’m determined to meet and hit up this Sunday. ^___^ Masaharu Morimoto is just ADORABRE. He could be serving yakisoba straight from a plastic packet and I’d eat it. (Oh wait, I think I did!)

For those of you who have a little extra cash to splash around, Roy will be cooking up dishes from the new restaurant project he’s working on (WE SHALL RELEASETH THE NAME THIS WEEKEND), so it’s a good way to get a sneak peak of what Eater‘s falsely first dubbed as some kinda “Indian” and then some kinda “Jamaican.”

So what kinda food is it, y’all ask?

I hesitate to explain, just like I hesitated to explain when people asked me what kinda food was being served at Chego or A-Frame.  Chego, easy enough, is our LA rice bowl restaurant — but it took a while for us to get peoples to understand that this was not gonna be a recreation of Yoshinoya.  I don’t know if I could’ve done our menu of sour cream hen houses, buttered kimchi chows, chubby pork bellies and Sriracha bars justice.  And I DID NOT want to call it, “Um, well, some kinda Asian.”

…which is apparently what some people categorize A-Frame food as.  It took four months of haggling with Yelp to get the category changed from “Asian Fusion” to “American-New”.

But when it comes to the summer squash, the pan de sal, the burger, heirloom tomato salad, the pozole and fish tacos, where’s the Asian in that?

It’s Roy Choi food, straight up.  Something you didn’t quite know you were hankerin for until you put it in yo mouf.

As for Roy Choi food for the new project?  Let me tell ya, there is no friggin way people are gonna mistake it for “some kinda Asian.”

Don’t get me wrong.  I like Asian and I enjoy being it, though my cousin Young Ho reportedly snorts whenever my friend Luisana reminds him that I’m Korean.  We may share the same gene pool, but according to him, I am NOT Korean.  To contextualize who Young Ho and Luisana are in the context of Kogi, I ask you to click HERE.  It explains a lot.  It explains most everything.

…if anything at all!

But yes — about the Asian categorization.  It’s just really limiting.  As is the “ethnic” categorization of food that even the LA Weekly likes to toss around every now and then.  It just really limits the scope of expectations and invokes a certain list of standards that sometimes what food in LA aspires to become cannot or does not want to meet: cheap and tasty.  BUT MORE ON THAT IN ANOTHER POST.

Anyway, I’m really excited about it — the new project.  But I’ve been muzzled for the next week or two, so I can’t talk specifics about any of the food except to say that there will be quite a lot of four-legged animals and creatures of the sea dying the most beautiful deaths in the kitchen.


My little brother Eric, Kogi’s own personal photographer and videographer/editor, has be called back into service and henceforth shall be managing one of the lunch trocas yet again.  (Marielena rejoices!)  He’s quite the perfectionist when it comes to your taco, so he’s being brought back in to help out in keeping the level of quality and tastiness high.

So YAY for the eaters!

On the downside of things, video production shall all but stall for the next few months as truck managers work long hours and my poor little brother’s brain tends to get a bit fried by the end of it.

On the upside, he’ll still miraculously manage to keep up with the flickr pool side of things and take pictures of the specials and Kogi/Chego shennanigans.

He’s REALLY helped me out these past few months with helping me make real a lot of the video projects that I’ve been yearning to create these past few years, so I do want to thank him for his support and his services.  The food trailers could not have transpired without him.


And to make up for the lack of video footage, I’mma insert a food-heavy clip from my favorite Korean variety show 1N2D (1 night 2 days) because it just makes Korean food look sooooooooo gooooooood.  For those of y’all who want to see what Korean food is like beyond the barbecue, I recommend checking this video out.

The cast members are driven or flown to all different parts of Korea to these open markets (I’m explaining the gist of it, as my Korean comprehension is somewhere around the 1st grade level) and are given $30 (30,000 won) to find a common item that all these open markets carry (por ejemplo, if a TV crew scattered you and your friends at supermarkets across the state and each of you had to select the same, common item — say, a box of cereal, or white bread.  And all must match up or else.) and to find an item that is special and particular to that market in that region of the country.

MAN, I wish Anthony Bourdain could’ve studied this before his trip to Korea.  I think it would’ve been good research for him.

For those of you who don’t know or understand Korean,  just know that you don’t have to.  When you see the food, you’ll see why you won’t have to.

So EAT UP!  EAT WITH YOUR EYES!!!!  (something I would encourage hungry children to do.)

Love and tacos,


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  1. Sleepyhead says:

    The people at Yoshinoya are tired of me ordering the Chubby Pork Belly bowl, then laughing like a maniac and and high-tailing it out of there.

    Have a good time stalking those circled chefs!

  2. HEK TATTOO says:

    Young Ho-mie.
    The man.
    The myth.
    The legend.
    Great video!

  3. Mr Pete says:

    Ya – i’d love to check out that festival – but i’m in the hole as far as $$ goes. 🙁

    on a related side note: my bootleg version of photoshop wouldn’t install on 64bit Windows 7, and Elements is too basic for me, so I’ve been on quite a search for something that won’t break the bank.

    Today, i tried GIMP – and I LOVE IT. Almost all the power of Photoshop, NONE OF THE $ – ya – FREE.

    And yes – it runs on 64bit Win 7, Mac OS X, and even the free ones like Ubuntu, Fedora, and more!

    try it:

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