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    Grade  A, as promised.  After our electrical failure FAIL at the Abbot Kinney Festival, it took another 10 days or so of bureaucracy to get the HD (health department) to reinspect everything and … > Read More

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    CLARIFICATIONS — addressing the recent twitter mill…

    This little bloggy post won’t be so long, as I’m currently preoccupied with a few projects, one if which I am VERY excited about: …but there was something that caught my eye on the … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    K-Oki Dog

    Burrito filled with hot dog, short rib, caramelized kimchi, pastrami, cheese, salsa roja, onions – $7

  • okay, so officially some dude named Guy Fieri's hosting it, but our very own Papi Chulo's also gonna be bringing out the big guns this Saturday -- HOLLLERRRRRR!!!!!111one


    Wow, my photoshopping skills never cease to amaze me. What? Photoshop, you say, Alice? To be more accurate, my new Photoshop Elements — which costs about the fraction of the price of … > Read More

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    Paiste – Spinach Kimchi Quesadilla with Ssam JJANG paste and Salsa Azul – $7 Chego Special – Only available at 3300 Overland Blvd – 5:30PM – 11:30PM Ohhchasuokay? … > Read More

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    CULTURE BAG: because I find these things amusing/amazing

    Something I most definitely would call sage advice. Thank you, Nerd Approved! Speaking of nerds, there is apparently a cultural difference between NERDS and GEEKS. From this, one could draw the … > Read More