It’s not often that we roll out on a lazy Sunday. Sunday’s are built for sleeping in — for on the 7th day, a book tells us, even God rested.


On the right side of town, we got the free-99 Tar Fest (tell an Asian that thar shall be free entertainment on their side of town, and they shall be thar in 2 shakes of a lamb’s tail — however long that may take), with Saint Motel, Everest and Obi Best and loads and loads of ART — enough to keep the corneas overstimulated and satiated for WEEKS.

And if you’d like an audio slice of what your ears might be listening to around the Miracle Mile side of town, here is one of my favorite hipster-happy vids by Obi Best.

AND ON THE LEFT side of town, closer to the shores of the best coast, we’ve got what is sure to be a sh*t show, fustercluck of peoples at the Abbot Kinney Festival.

You don’t think so? Here’s a picture of last year’s festival on the ABOUT page:

YEAH. So if you’re gonna be going, I’d suggest practicing throwin them ‘bows, getting over your recently self-diagnosed case of agoraphobia and wearing a lotta sunblock. If you’re coming from the east side, parking’s possibly gonna be a hot mess, hence this small but helpful picture provided from the abbot kinney website:

So I would suggest doing a very non-LA thing and park a ways away, take the bus and enjoy what is sure to be an amazing opportunity for people watching, inadvertent speed-dating and visual enchantment. And might I mention that the line up for music is fairly solid — not that we’d ever expect anything less from the west side of town.

THUNDERCAT!!!111 (though it’s yet to be disclosed as to whether it shall be Panthro or Cheetarah showing up) KISSES!!!11oneone (totally my anthem last summer, and oh-so-prominently featured on the site, when u click on them runway walks) FAMILY OF THE YEAR!!! (though my family would possibly like to contend for that title)

By far my favorite Kisses song. Though their songs sound all kinds of similar, this is probably the best track.

THIS would be Dumbfoundead. I can happily say “waaaah, I knew them when…!” (context: I was the groupie girlfriend of one of the dudes he used to play shows with) Seeing this music video was like seeing, out of the blue, someone you thought was pretty cool back in high school who had vastly improved with age.


Though he probably has no recollection of who I was back then. –__–;;

So there ya have it. FREE MUSIC! FREE ART! SOME BOOZE! And, if you can get past the parking issues, you can stop by our truck and send us your happy hellos.

Yes. We couldn’t choose which festival to roll out to, so we obviously CHOSE BOTH. Just something to keep in mind if you ever reckon you might wanna get into a monogamous relationship with us. 🙂

Love and tacos,

P.S. Though our base camp is located in LA, some peoples down in OC voted for us for Best Food Truck. Yayyyy!!! Number 2!!!!1oneone ::waves fingers ecstatically:: You know what they say: first the worst, second the best, third the nerd with the hairy chest. So there ya have it. SECOND = BEST.


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