Little brother is continuing his Chego burger series, though next time we may switch it up with either a Kogi special or Kogi classic. Just to show the truck a little love.

Chego Burger – Exhibit D from Alice and Eric Shin on Vimeo.

We also shot a stupid-funny little walk-umentary on the Kogi catering office for our Kogi newsletter that I think is pretty cute. So if you’re not a catering contact, but want to subscribe to our monthly Kogi newsletter (it’s actually pretty neat), hit me up at with “newsletter add please!” as the subject header line.


Topics for the month will include but not be limited to:
* fictional, but REAL look at the Kogi catering team
* recs and advice for this hallow’s eve — and some of them friendly for the AA/sober folks!
* eerie, cool and adventuresome reads for Octubre (YES!! PEOPLE STILL READ BOOKS!!!)
* Papi Chulo’s last Halloween costume

Love and tacos,


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