Kogi Engagements, Kogi Weddings and Night Circuses…

el foto courtesy of Chris Levin

♥ Ah, l’amour… ♥ Ah, you elusively cruel, but-he’s-already-in-love-with-somebody-else l’amour!  MUST you escape my petty little clutches EVERY TIME?

As a funny aside, last night I was at A-Frame for friendly business-but-we’re-really-friends-now! dinner with two gentlemen and Natasha when one of our cooks, Obed, took me aside and said, “FINALLY!  You got boyfriend now?”
ME: …no, no novio, Obed.
OBED: (horrified) Ay, you no novio for so LONG!  When you get boyfriend? <– and he genuinely means this in a loving, motherly way, being a happily married man.
Something tells me that he and my g-ma would get along very well.  Broken Engrish and all.

Siiiiiiiiigh.  L’amour — you always seem to want to make a fool of me, L’AMOUR — or, at the very least, make me the focal point of Obed’s and my g-ma’s concerns.  Alas, if you must, I trust that your arrow will strike the beautifully beating hearts of some super amazing people.

photo courtesy of chris levin

Look at them. Just look at them, L’amour!  Is it so much to ask for you to spread the l’amour, L’amour?

Normally, I’m quite the happy hermit when I take a break from Obed and G-Ma, but looking at these pictures make all these long-lost, warm and fuzzy couply feelings well up inside my modestly-sized, non-heaving bosom.

photo courtesy of Chris Levin

Though I’m sure that this picture alone would elicit at least one ample bosom to heave with PG-rated desire.  My bosom is not so ample, so I shall leave that to some hungry reader out there on las internets.

photo courtesy of Chris Levin

And just look at this guy, look at him!  Who needs love, when y’all got tacos?  Or, quesadillas, if we are to remain technically correct.

Many thanks and congratulations to Scott CALVERT and Amanda Kim for las picturas and for letting us cater your engagement party!

Speaking of congratulations…

Many thanks and congratulations to Jason and Lauren for tying the knot and for letting our ghetto-arse truck pull up to bear witness!  If I were the type of person to “woot” I’d totally “woot” here.  ^__^


Wow, y’all actually got me to do it.


It still sounds really lame coming outta my mouth, but there ya have it: WOOT.  (♪ there it is!)


Okay, okay, okay — SO, I was gonna close out this blog post, but I JUST got this book in the mail and think that it’s been a fairly enchanting read so far.  I won’t get too much into the plot, so I’ll give y’all the trailer.


Now, I hope I don’t offend the writer Erin Morgenstern when I say that as much as I had anticipated this book, I REALLY anticipate the movie! I’ll have y’all know that Morgenstern is also an artist (she even created her own deck of already-sold-out-limited-edition Tarot cards), so the visual component of the novel is stunning and I REALLY want to see it animate itself onscreen.

I also hope that the movie (how can it NOT be a movie?) takes the GIST of the book, but doesn’t try to parcel it together piece-by-piece, plot point by plot point. I actually prefer when books and their respective films are markedly different. As two different mediums, they lend themselves to express themselves very differently. (A fairly big reason why I was ESPECIALLY disappointed with the Christopher Columbus versions of Harry Potter.)

In my fantasy realm, the Night Circus movie would be a creative collaboration between Tim Burton (for visuals, cuz he sucks at story) — a lot of monochromatic German expressionism present in the novel that’s so characteristic of Burton, Mira Nair (she knows how to build feeling and emotional tension) and Michele Gondry, for as dreamy and beautiful as his pieces are, there is something so uncanny and unusual about them, which is EXACTLY what Night Circus aspires to be.

I haven’t finished the book yet, so I’ve yet to really get a feel for the romantic chemistry between the two leads — it IS a love story, after all. So far, though, it comes off like a production stemming from the darker imaginations of a beautifully melancholy child playing with these elaborate paper dolls. Hopefully, the further along I get in this book, the more the dolls will come to life and animate with powerfully rich souls. I REALLY HOPE THIS HAPPENS.

‘Til then (NOT “till then” — “till” is utilized for “tilling the soil”, not to contract “unTIL” — GRRR!), I wish many wonderful enchantments and happy readings! And if y’all have encountered a REALLY AMAZING novel, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE suggest them in the comments! It’s been so long since I’ve had a satisfying read w/ fiction. I tend to like Judy Budnitz novels (just the one, IT’S SO GOOD) and Aimee Bender for short story collections. Lois Ann Yamanaka (Blu’s Hanging) and Natsuo Kirino’s Out — as well as Paulo Coehlo’s iconic The Alchemist. Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash is also amazing and I’m about to read Sarah Waters’ Little Stranger as soon as I finish Night Circus.

Love, tacos and enchantments,

P.S. Because I mentioned Tim Burton — un foto of myself and Lua at the Tim Burton event we catered at LACMA:

P.P.S. EXTRA BONUS!! You know the dude who narrated Pushing Daisies? (Uf! HORRIBLE PLOT DEVELOPMENT, BEAUTIFUL ART DIRECTION.) He’s also doing the audio book. His name is Jim Dale. And he has an AMAZING story-telling voice.


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    Ancient Korean saying: You want novio, put away novel!

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