Food Trailers and Korean-Flavored Sappiness


The Chego Burger – Exhibit B from Alice and Eric Shin on Vimeo.

And I really couldn’t find any graceful way to segue into this, but ya know, as much as I get a rep for being aggressively honest, rude or “mean”, I do have a soft, caramel-coated, ooey-gooey center just like the rest of y’all. And today I want to share that tooth achingly sweet part of me with you all.

The first video is called “와~ 엄마다! 근데 졸려” — which roughly translates to “WAHHH! IT’S MOMMY!!!! (buti’msleepy.)”

Want to join the fan club? You wouldn’t be the first one:

The next one is one that actually had me CRYING, I was so moved. (AND I’M NOT ONE TO CRY OVER YOUTUBE.) He’s been hailed as the Korean Susan Boyle — and while Koreans are fabulous at taking a good idea and copying anything great, I really don’t see Sung-Bong Choi as any sort of Korean knock-off. His story is too heartbreakingly inspiring.


Final Performance:

And even though he didn’t win, I want to give him a big (( H U G )) for winning 1st runner up! It’s amazing to see how far he’s come. From what’s been reported, he almost didn’t make it to the semi-finals and finals because, as a day-laborer, he could hardly afford the travel and accommodation fees while paying rent. :*)

I really do wish him all the best. Sung Bong Choi — hwaiting! >_< Love, tacos and sappiness, Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice


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