Culture Bag: tim burton for the underaged, hooray for gotan project

So our truck’s parking up at LACMA this Aug 20th, but before I send out the invite, IT’S FOR TEENS ONLY — as evidenced by the presence of this DJ Knockstudy [EDITED TO ADD: DJ-ed by the STUDENTS of the Knockstudy class — dude, am I ever impressed!] that I am not young nor hip enough to have ever even heard about. On the upside, *I* get to go and hang out at the Tim Burton exhibit whilst peddling Beth’s limited edition Tim Burtonesque sweets: think $2 fudgy cake pops in the shape and likeness of Tim Burton-y eyeballs. On the trucks, the dudes will be slanging our special for the week: Beetleblood Tacos – blood sausage and kimchi lime tacos w/ salsa verde for $3.

Since even the parents aren’t allowed to come, there will be a lot of camera phone action, giggling and awkward touching.

he may be a bit UNDER underaged for the event. photocourtesyof

photo courtesy of

of course, I will be devastated if I don't even see a lame attempt at a Jack Skellington cosplay, for he's essentially the Hot Topic mascot for teen jípsters. photo courtesy of:

photo courtesy of

Natasha and I probably don’t have enough time to go full-on cosplay as we will be the working girls of the event, but I do want to make a full-hearted attempt at dressing up my face somehow.

IN OTHER NEWS, I am COMPLETELY enamored w/ a new Kdrama — Scent of a Woman. And though there are no blind Al Pacinos, there is a bit of scintillating tango involved.

::fans herself::

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If any of y’all have seen that tango scene (yes, THAT tango scene!) in the most recent eppy (8! it’s 8!), then you all know why I am swooning. For an era in kdramas in which passionate kisses are still slightly taboo (lovers prefer to HUG, not kiss — and kiss like dead fish when the time comes), this scene was enough to get me all hot n’ bothered — not to be confused w/ hot n’ buttered, though that would be nice, too, if I took the time to consider it. VERY WELL DONE.

ANYWAY, the song that accompanies the scene is by Gotan Project — and its music video is no less understatedly steamy. It sometimes goes by “Milonga de Amor” and other times it goes by “Santa Maria”, so you’re pretty safe with either selection.


And for those curious of the plot of Scent of a Woman the rom com Kdrama, the premise starts off a bit like Queen Latifah’s Last Holiday, but a little less campy and a lot more emotionally engaging to watch once you get past episode 2! Lee Dong Wook is THAT good, ladies and gents. And Eom Ki Joon ain’t half bad either as the adorable it-looks-like-I-hate-you-but-really-it’s-that-you-make-me-nervous-whenever-you-get-too-close-to-me-because-I-secretly-love-you doctor.

Love, tacos and plenty of swooning,

P.S. My AHAHAHAHAHAHA photo of the day. (via boingboing)


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