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ess lahk SPAM, only mo bettah! (photos courtesy of

WHY??? Cuz there isn’t any unfortunate, or improvement-of-a-less-than-fortunate-situation in Kogi Land this week.  Yayyy!!!  And about those desserts, our pastry chef Beth has made the move and is back to baking all yer Chego/Kogi classics this week, so we’re pretty well-stocked in choco tres leches and Sriracha bars.  SPEAKING OF MAGICALLY DELICIOUS…

I almost spit out my morning cereal milk when I saw this. PwahahahahahahHAH.

According to GeekAlerts:

Product Features:

  • Unicorn meat lowers your cholesterol
  • Perfect for sandwiches and party snacks, spread some sparkle
  • Tastes like Chicken only a bit more magical and sparkly
  • Magic horn is perfect source of calcium for young children and adults

make sure you're getting your daily intake of hopes, happiness and rainbows, kids.

AWWWWWW… there’s a part of the unicorn that’s reserved for Superglue!!!  (I wonder if people still send horses to the glue factory.)  IT’S FUNNY CUZ IT’S SAD!!!  And perfect for the sick, twisted kid in all of us.

TWISTED! Funny, growing up in high school, pop culturally, I’ve been reared to believe that Canada is this magical land of freedom and great healthcare.  But according to this article on BoingBoing, a Canadian high school senior (grade 12, I’m guessing senior) by the name of Jack Christie is being suspended indefinitely for posting humorously twisted, immature and critical animated shorts on his youtube channel and for refusing to take them down.  I find him adorably and obnoxiously rebellious and I applaud him.  As for the school’s higher ups, I find them disturbingly martial.  I’m reminded of my Econ teacher, Mr. Can’t-Remember-His-Name, who let us know, quite flippantly, that we were just kids and thereby had no rights.

Anyway, here’s a sample of Jack Christie’s work, responding to the student council’s efforts to reinstate him as a student via petition:

It’s kinda cool to see all the South Park and fanboy influences in his work.

Speaking of Canadian kids, I just read this really interesting, hopeful and slightly heartbreaking article about these toddler, conjoined twins in the NYT (and I normally hold a heavy bias against the NYT!!).

photo courtesy of the NYT

The topic of the article is asking if conjoined twins can share the same mind.  In a nutshell, the writer surmises that yes, yes they do!  Though it’s too early to tell definitively, when one twin drinks water, the other responds as though her own, separate body has experienced it.  Also, one twin can describe quite accurately what the other twin is seeing on the other side of the room.  Unlike most other twins conjoined at the brain, these two are quite healthy and reportedly happy.  Also, the parents are in talks to develop a reality show, partly due to financial reasons, but also partly to better integrate the twins into a larger society.

BOOK REC (for a book I have yet to read, but the premise sounds so GOOD!!): LEVEL UP

photo courtesy of boingboing

SYNOPSIS (excerpted from BoingBoing synopsis):

Level Up is the story of Dennis Ouyang, a Chinese kid growing up in America, obsessed with video games and at war with his father, who wants him to “eat bitter” and grow up to be an academic success. When Dennis’s father dies of cancer, Dennis flunks out of college and makes ready to tell his mother (and break her heart). But that’s when Dennis’s life gets weird: a quartet of greeting-card angels appear on his doorstep and announce that they are there to help him fulfill his destiny: to be a gastroenterologist. Dennis recognizes the angels: they graced the greeting card his father gave him on the occasion of his being made valedictorian of his eighth grade class (and later took back when Dennis struggled with poor grades).

These angels are sweet but very firm: they get him reenrolled in college and ride Dennis until he graduates with good grades and is admitted to medical school; they cook his meals and wash his clothes, they prepare flash-cards and alternately chide and praise him all the way along.

Now in med school, Dennis begins to realize that his “destiny” isn’t what he wants from life — he misses his video games, and senses a yawning chasm between the life he is being dragged into and the life he needs to live. What happens next is touching, surprising, and extremely satisfying (and I won’t give it away).

OMFG, doesn’t that sound SO GOOD??!!1one  Seriously, thank you, manga!  I feel like it’s done so much in opening the door a lot wider for interest in graphic novels and novelas with interesting, off-the-wall, complex story lines with well-rounded character development in ways that classic American comics haven’t.  (Does anyone remember the depressing, but satisfying NERVE series?)

SQUEEEE!!!  I’ve just located a USB-powered version of my favorite carnival game:

photo courtesy of

As impressive as it is, y’all need to see it in action:

It’s got a score counter, crazy sounds and and flashing lights.  All it’s missing is a ticket dispenser, as well as the crushing disappointment that comes when you’ve realized you’ve run out of tokens or don’t have enough tickets to buy that over stuffed animal that won’t fit in your car made by the hands of young, underpaid children in far off factories located in distant, “exotic” lands.  Yay!  FUN.

And while we’re on the topic of technology, here is an app that I need to find for my friggin DROID, version 1.0. It’s called the Talk-O-Meter and is a nifty little tool that can either create a lot of helpful self-awareness or newly awakened resentment towards the person you’re talking with.

photo courtesy of

Just like the pictures indicate, the talk-o-meter allows you to see and gauge each person’s talk time, allowing you to see if YOU or ANOTHER PERSON is COMPLETELY DOMINATING THE CONVERSATION.  Ever had that feeling that the other person talked a little too much or wouldn’t let you get a word in edgewise?  WELL NOW YOU HAVE PROOF.


photo courtesy of kawamura ganja

photo courtesy of kawamura ganja

Humorously stylish and portable, the ostrich pillow is something you can take with you to the office, that infinitely expansive lecture hall and your local library when you need that study break.

Question: HOW CAN YOU BREATHE???!!!!!!

Imagine a chic, comfy death-by-asphyxiation.  But seriously.  HOW CAN YOU BREATHE??!

And, if any of y’all wondered about the fast-food eating habits of the average American dude and trust fuzzy math and statistics based off a pool of 500 men, here’s a verrrry interesting look into that realm:

photo courtesy of lab42

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I’ll leave you with a photo of a dog that’s so fugly it’s ADORABLE.

photo courtesy of daily mail uk

And you’re very welcome!

Love and tacos,


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