POP! Announcements: Chego Pop Up Truck, Kogi Pop Up Dining Space

yay for horrible photoshopping!!!

But you get the idea!  We’re revving up this Saturday for the Micheltorena Elementary School Gilt City event with something a little more experimental.  There’s gonna be a little Chego pop-up action inside the bowels of one of our Kogi brethren — partly to participate in the weekend festivities and partly to work out the kinks of puttin dem rice on dey truck, arrrrgh!

So you’ll be seeing SOMETHING like this…

yay! party in a bowl!!

…on a truck.  But I say SOMETHING like this cuz Papi Chulo’s none too sure as to what he wants to put in them ricebowls this Saturday.  So yeah, there could be some chubby pork action, there could be some buttered kimchi chow action — but there might very well be some fried Taiwanese pork chop action or Something Entirely Different action.  We just don’t know.  The Chef hasn’t decided — and probably won’t until around the time you start eating your weekly dose of Saturday morning cartoons.  Which is why we’re calling it the Chego Pop Up Test Kitchen, cuz we have NO IDEA what’s gonna be on it this weekend!

Consider this killing 3 birds with one stone: 1) participating in something nice for the kiddies, 2) seeing if LA rice bowls would work on one of our trucks, 3) show the East Side a little Chego love.  (EAST side, I said, NOT EAST-EAST side or EAST LOS.  HP, BH, we’ll come your way the day y’all invite us to the party.)

ALSO — even awesomer is the fact that the band Pollyn will be playing.  So it’s a pretty good deal, folks.  For $35 bucks, you get to try something Chego on the East side, have a mini Pollyn concert and all-you-can-eat gardening with the Micheltorena kids this Saturday.  If I wasn’t already working the truck, I’d be going in a heartbeat. 11AM-2PM. LUB. DUB.


Consider this our brief apology for cutting back on the amenities (SERIOUSLY!  I HAD NO IDEA THIS MANY PEOPLE WOULD BE SO UP IN ARMS OVER NAPKINS!!)  while doing something super cool with the some of the Dwell on Design folks and Stussy (thank you, thank you for letting us park in your lot!!!).

Some dude wanted to create a “moveable gallery” of forward-thinking furniture for the Dwell on Design conference.  When it was all said and done, though, we somehow managed to organize having a sit-down Kogi shin dig this Friday night in the Stussy parking lot.  (Getting a place for the furniture to park it was a little more challenging than we’d originally thought, so please, PLEASE enjoy it!)

So for all y’all who have trouble eating and squatting, there shall be some forward-thinking, luxurious (by OUR standards) and pretty-on-the-eyes tables and chairs out for you to enjoy this Friday 6:45PM-9:15PM at our regular Stussy stop(113 S. La Brea Ave).

So that’s about it for all our POP! announcements for the week.

Love and tacos,


0 Responses to POP! Announcements: Chego Pop Up Truck, Kogi Pop Up Dining Space

  1. Sleepyhead says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a “Pop-Tarts” Pop-Up truck that looked and functioned like a toaster and served specialty pop-tart-like foods???

    But Chego temp pop-up truck sounds just as good!

  2. Derek says:

    What time is this happanin!?

  3. Devolution says:

    Derek hates to read, no?
    As it said: It will be going on: this Friday 6:45PM-9:15PM at the regular Stussy stop (113 S. La Brea Ave). Thanks Kogi! You guys are quite amazing!

  4. porkbellybowluberalles! says:

    of course then customers would be crushed by giant, flying, hot-as-heck pop-tarts.

  5. Derek says:

    Oops! I was referring to Chego on-the-go post, but I still totally missed it! … Now that I gave it a good inspection it looks like the chego tasting is 11-2 Devolution is real! haha Happy Eating

  6. MR.BBQ says:


  7. Victor says:

    Yes, please let us know what happened to the Kogi Rose vehicle. Inquiring minds and your former North OC customers want to know.

  8. Rebecca says:

    I miss Rosita 🙁

  9. Alice Shin says:

    ROSITA’S ALIIIIIIVE!!! and catering. 🙂

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