FOOD TRAILER: DAS ARMY BOOT — and other vids.

My brother and I got a little over-ambitious and created TWO food trailers for Chego’s Army Boot special. Alas, I was unable to cut or splice together anything substantially delicious for the Kogi Burrito on Lox special — which is NO LESS DELICIOUS OR EXCITING!!! WE JUST NEED TO WORK ON OUR TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS!!! GAARGH!!


Untitled from Alice Shin on Vimeo.

(I’m totally hoping Vimeo DOTH NOT FAIL ME!!!!!11)

ALSO, I’d highly encourage you to watch the movie Go Go 70’s! The music, costumes and Shin Mina’s disco-era-Dreamgirls-Beyonce hair is FABOOSH.

FUN FACT: Jo Seung Woo comes from a musical background and so did all of his own vocals.

ALSO, good lord, I hate seeing myself on camera or hearing the sound of my own voice, but I shall be posting a video of the recent Tedx talk that I did. A lot of it has to do with the fact that it concerns Kogi and another good lot of it is that FINALLY I have a tight, 7-minute explanation as to why we don’t blast people with spam on our Twitter feed or are in NO WAY whizzes or wunderkinds in the realm of social media!!!

LASTLY, though I did not participate — even SYMBOLICALLY — in last weekend’s rainbow brigade, I did rather enjoy this flash mob video in celebration of it. Why? Cuz everybody loves a well-choreographed, pop-music-infused flash mob.

Love and tacos,

P.S. I JUST REALLY REALLY WANTED TO SHARE A COOL GADGET I SPOTTED ON GIZMODO!!! It’s called the Eatensil and is a culinary swiss army knife. (Not just gimmicky, but SO HELPFUL!!!)



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  1. Wow nicely done. Your speech at TEDx was great! Sometimes sticking to reality and your own spirit does better than what the ‘professionals’ think is appropriate. And you are totally correct, the food that Kogi brings to LA/OC is unique like no other flavor out there!

  2. SNOWY says:

    Not a big SPAM Fan but this makes me want stick that particular boot in my mouth.

  3. Alice Shin says:

    Stitch — thank you!

    Snowy — THANK YOU!!!!

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