Meat meet Cheese

Grilled cheese sourdough sandwich with short rib and roasted garlic and cilantro.

Chego Special – Only available at 3300 Overland Blvd – 5:30pm-11:30pm

Chicken Congee with kimchi, furikake, egg, and sesame. Korean mother’s remedy for a cold and Korean college students’ remedy for a hang over ;p


5 Responses to Meat meet Cheese

  1. Nicole says:

    just had the meat meet cheese-O….M…G…! wonderful. It wasnt even all that hot (I didn’t want to eat in my car) but it was still wonderful

  2. dave says:

    Last week’s TV Dinner special at Chego was bomb!!! Please consider bringing it back in the future!!!

  3. Sleepyhead says:

    meat meet cheese looks so good!
    i’m gettin that next time i chego…

    and maybe pork belly too?
    see you then!

  4. Sundaymorning says:

    meat meet cheese… sounds too much like Rebel Bite’s Karl B. Marx. Roy must have knocked off their concept.

  5. Jameson says:

    Meat meet cheese should DEFINITELY be a part of the permanent menu. Just sayin. So good.

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