People of Whittier — it was a beautiful thing we had.  It was a beautiful spot peopled by beautiful peoples: we were invited by Honda Whittier to park it in their vast and empty parking lot, our truck or our lines didn’t clog up any streets or crowded sidewalks, we weren’t stirring up any trouble and we were feeding the good people of Whittier week by week.

Even with gas prices as high as they are, it was worth the extra miles.

Why?  Cuz the people there were so amazing!  So appreciative, funny, patient and good to one another.  Good to us. And so incredibly welcoming.

But, as of last night, THE COPS CAME TO SHUT US DOWN AGAIN.

It felt like parents coming into a bedroom while we were in the middle of playing pogs, Frogger or an intense game of Stratego.  Never mind that we weren’t drinking or smoking week or messing around — no boys allowed, and if there’s a boy found in our room, he’s BANNED for ALL ETERNITY.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.

The same thing happened for our little tryst at the railroad tracks in Santa Fe Springs, again by the gas stations of La Mirada and now in an empty parking lot in the middle of Whittier.

Alas, we are almost geographically tapped-out around that area.  I know it’s hard driving out to the center of the city, so we do have one bright hope that’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from the Whittier/La Mirada/Santa Fe Springs area.

And that place is Pico Rivera.

Can we make this happen, my loves?  I THINK WE CAN.  😀

Stipulations: anywhere we could park it that’s 200 feet away from restaurants during business hours and 500 feet away from schools in session.

Feel free to give us cross streets/addresses in the area so that we can check it out ourselves, stealth-like and such.  Revealing such vital information can be done in either the comment box below or hitting me back at with subject header “Pico Rivera” if you’re so inclined.


TACOS POR VIDA!!!!!11oneone

Love, tacos and will-they-won’t-they romance,


26 Responses to emergency blog post regarding FORBIDDEN LOVE — WHITTIER/SANTA FE SPRINGS/LA MIRADA

  1. limonsito says:

    San Gabriel parkway and Beverly rd. Low key area in pico especially after 5 kind of wArehouse-y

  2. Jenny says:

    I love ya and thank ya for doing everything you can to come to my area 🙂
    There is a business complex that stretches between Rosemead and Paramount, it’s just off Washington on the back side of the Pico Rivera Town Center. If you see la walmar, then just go behind it.
    Word of warning though, Pico cops (Sheriffs) can be a bit on the jerky side. Do cities have their own laws on food trucks or does LA county law trump city laws?

  3. Barbara says:

    Kruz Dairy has a pretty big parking lot; there are a few parks, Smith park, North park (behing the jr high), Streamland park by Pico Boys little league., At the end of Beverly Rd, (not berverly blvd)it dead ends, that’s a pretty big area., Empty lot at Rosemead & Beverly Blvd., just a few suggestions…

  4. vo says:

    This is ridiculous! Whittier police doesn’t do anything about our crazy, life-threatning, unpeaceful neighbor, yet they close down an innocent food truck that actually brought delicious food to Whittier for a change! Truly is unjust! Hopefully we can find a place in Pico.

  5. Becky!!!! says:

    Pico!!! Yeah!! I’ll be there everyday !!! Hopefully pico sherriffs dont shut you down theyre a lil mean ..I suggest the streets paramount and (forgot the name of the street) but it’s the street right next to the fire department same block as walmart. There’s always empty parking lots empty at night time. I would also suggest bell gardens ..police will not shut you down!!!

  6. Ashley says:

    I agree with everyone near pico walmart would be the place to go. There’s restaurants in that shopping center so just gotta be far enough to reach the 500 ft rule.

  7. Debbie says:

    What about Whittier area…unincorporated LA County? There is a little strip mall at Mulberry/La Mirada Blvd. We will miss you in Whittier!!! Please check it out!

  8. Dennis says:

    there’s a little dead end street off of Telegraph blvd, west of Paramount. Very visible off of telegraph for some drive-by customers and super close to the 5 freeway. It has plenty of street parking since its.mostly warehouses/factories. no restaurants or schools around. here’s the address of one of the businesses on the street for reference.
    8215 Industry Avenue
    Pico Rivera, CA 90660-4893

  9. lua says:

    Amor Prohibido!

  10. Q says:

    The PD in Pico are not easy. I work in the area you are looking at and they don’t like any sort of attention and shut it done as quickly as possible. The only problem I see with the WalMart complex is parking. If they do not allow you to park in the lot, it is difficult/impossible to park on the surrounding streets. I know big rigs are allowed to park on Paramount between Rex Road and Slauson (by the UPS Freight yard and Indoor Swap Meet), so I’m not sure why you couldn’t. If you triple check with them what is off limits vs in limits, it would be an awesome location. Or even Montebello, Commerce, Monterey Park, Alhambra, etc….areas not too far from Whittier.

  11. Dodger Dude says:

    If you come to Whittier at has to be South Whittier (unincorporated) . Whittier pd leaves that to LA sheriffs and there out there eating off the taco trucks after 5….anyway, If you go to Norwalk try the Greyhound station after 5 on San Antonio and Front st. Hollywood like that location for film shoots on occasion. Good luck and hope to see you soon.

  12. paddychulo says:

    I can’t believe they are doing this to you.

    There is a business park on San Gabriel River Parkway, with NO restaurants and NO schools nearby.
    3671 San Gabriel River Parkway, Pico Rivera, CA 90660. It is EASY access from the 605 at the Rose Hills exit. Lots of parking, and well-lit.

  13. Diabloscope says:

    There they go again disrupting the simple of Honest food lovers and they wonder why the good people of Whittier Dis-like the Whittier PD I bet if they wanted the truck to sit in front of the station they wouldn’t cry , Your Driver Should have Shoved a Taco in his Mouth !!!!! EFFFIN Crybabies !!!

  14. Javi says:

    When are U guys coming to La Crescenta again?

  15. 562Tinker says:

    That greyhound station sounds like a good location.
    You can also try the parking lot of the double tree hotel right off the 5 fwy on Norwalk/San Antonio. Please come to norwalk/cerritos area.

  16. surffnutt3000 says:

    What about Downey? We’d love to have you here in Downey. Have you considered Downey? Have I mentioned Downey one too many times? (Should I have considered sending a subliminal message about Downey instead?)

  17. lilia says:

    What they did was against the law:

    The City of Santa Ana had its lunch truck ordinance voided by a trial court in 2006 for a failure to prove with evidentiary findings that the lunch trucks posed a threat to public safety. The Santa Ana ordinances (passed in 2004 and 2005) limited the operation of lunch trucks from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, and required the trucks to move every 90 minutes. The regulations were adopted after complaints of litter and noise.

    Nevertheless, the court ruled that the City of Santa Ana had failed to justify its regulation of the “time, place and manner” of vending from lunch trucks, with a sufficient finding of a public safety need for the regulations. The decision in the Santa Ana case is not binding precedent on any city other than Santa Ana, yet the decision does remain persuasive to any future court which may consider City regulations. And, it remains unknown whether Santa Ana type regulations, even with a sufficient evidentiary finding, could withstand future court challenges.

    And, in 2008, a court overturned a Los Angeles County ordinance which prohibited taco trucks from parking for over an hour in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. In 2009, a court overturned a City of Los Angeles ordinance which placed a thirty minute time limit on parked food catering trucks in residential areas. And just this year, the City of Santa Monica’s thirty minute parking limit on mobile vendor trucks was found invalid by a court.

  18. Lanie says:

    WHAT…?! Just when you made it to my neighborhood, they are chasing you away? Nooooo! PLEASE find a location in Pico Rivera or somewhere else nearby. Love Kogi!

  19. Lanie says:

    WHAT?! Just when you made it to my neighborhood, they are chasing you away… ? Noooo!! PLEASE find another location smewhere nearby. I love Kogi!

  20. John Kennedy says:

    AMAZING. LA County Health Dept and the City of Whittier has ordinances regarding trucks like yours. If you would simply follow the rules, get a City of Whittier Business license, and follow the rules of Vending, then you would be welcome in Whittier. Your sneeky tactic of sneaking into towns are just going to get you chased out. Nothing against your truck, but tell everyone on this site the reason why you don’t post your health license on the truck. Your low grade with the health dept is the first thing I recommend you correct before asking cities to let you in.
    As for me, I am a business owner in the city and own a restaurant. Glad to see you are out of the area. Kudos to Whittier PD for enforcing their ordinances.

  21. Sorry says:

    I’m pretty familiar with the city of PR Zoning laws and I can already tell you that they don’t allow mobile food vending. According to them all business must occur within a building. I am so sad to hear about the Whittier situation (because I was buying food from you at least once a week) and wish I had better news to give you about Pico. My only hope is that they don’t discover you there and if they do…I hope the turn a blind eye. Love you Kogi, near or far….you have my heart! LOL. Besos!

  22. Melissa says:

    Hey how about that big parking lot at Pioneer High School on the Washington Blvd side….pretty empty except for the $5 cell phone guy….just a thought

  23. MM says:

    John Kennedy, please list the good restaurants in Whittier that we can hit up on a regular basis. Would love to know where they are all hiding!

    Sorry to see you go Kogi, especially since it was a short walk to meet you and Get Shaved.

  24. Monica says:

    There are empty areas in the Industrius side of montebello off Vail and maple between Olympic and Washington. There’s a huge ups yard off vail and there are trucks that park around there. There’s also a pretty empty metrolink stop in that area of montebello considered the commerce stop. Empty lot and well lit. Close to pico and whittier.

  25. WHOOO HOOOOO says:

    John Kennedy owns the Little Caeser’s Pizza on Hadley! HAHAHAHA

  26. krafty one says:


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