Chego for Lunch?, VIDS FOR SHORT ATTENTION SPANS, TedX, etc.

Still undecided as to whether or not it shall become a part of your complete breakfast/lunch.

People’ve been asking for Chego for lunch for, um, over a year now, but it’s been kinda near impossible since we use the Chego kitchen for a little/lotta Kogi prep during the first half of the day, then move it on out to convert it to Chego goods.


BUT — I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.  And they aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.  One world’s rice-free, the other one’s running on tortillas.  But both carry the same heart, the same idea.

I actually didn’t mind that one’s a truck and the other’s a sit-down.  But what DOES still bother me is that the truck can roll just about anywhere and, as someone who lives on the east side of town, it can become something like a pilgrimage to get to the west side.

So then there was the idea of Chego East-side, but the rent seems a bit steep.  To the point where food costs would have to go up significantly, which I don’t exactly know if anyone wants to put up with that.

Ideally, then, it’d be to convert one of our Kogi trucks to a Chego truck.  THEN, it’d not only be able to roll out to the east side, it’d be able to roll down into the Valley and BEYOND.

SO, the next challenge would be this — how can we fit all THIS:

…into a friggin truck?

Question is: CAN IT BE DONE?

Next question is, whether or not that question will ever be answered.

Speaking of questions, we were asked a question as to whether or not we’d like to participate in speaking at that TedX event in the OC.   And if you’ve never seen a Ted talk, I’d highly recommend checking one out.  Papi was the 1st person up to bat, he’s got another commitment the day of the dress rehearsal that he absolutely cannot miss, so the next person up for the pitch would be me.

So I’mma be here.  At this thing.  And actually speaking at it, which should be interesting. Tickets are on sale HER in case you wanted to go, which is nice for an independently-run TED event, cuz I think for the Orignal Gangsta TED  event, the tickets can be bought by an invitation-only process, on top of some kind of other tests/questionnaires you need to pass/fill out before you can actually get your hands on a golden ticket.

THAT MEANS REGULAR PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY GO TO TEDx…whereas it’s the irregulars who are invited to go to the other one.  And who wants to be irregular, these days, really?

I’m a little nervous.  I hadn’t spoken in public since giving a speech at the 2005 Lantern Festival at UCSB, and even then, half the people were high.  (I kid.  I think.)  But they did give me a little time with a really great speech coach, so I’m fairly certain that the talk itself will be of some kinda interest.

I guess it all boils down to whether or not I’ll be getting the heebie jeebies the day I’m supposed to squawk on stage.  And since it’s live, there’ll be no do-overs or re-takes.




I’ll admit, I’m not the hugest A.Poehler fan. (I know. What’s WRONG with me?) BUT this is not an A.Poehler clip, this is a TOM HAVERFORD CLIP. AND IT IS GOOD.

Fried chicken and rice,


11 Responses to Chego for Lunch?, VIDS FOR SHORT ATTENTION SPANS, TedX, etc.

  1. Asian Blonde says:

    More Kogi!! More Kogi! Bring on the revolution!

  2. Mrs_EE says:

    Chego truck please! Living on the east side, we really only get to have Chego if we need to pick or drop someone off at LAX 🙁

  3. Daniel says:

    Chego east side should be paramount! There are 1001 vintage clothing stores and bad eats over here in the silverlake, echo park-ae zone and we badly need and want more choi. I trek to each chego and a frame regularly and even have to trek to trucks since they are so rarely over here. Whats up, no love for the east side, this is where the best taco trucks are you now. Tacozone!

  4. Mrs_EE says:

    When I said east side, we come all the way from San Bernardino County, which is WAY-east side, not Silverlake or Echo Park. We can get to the trucks when they’re in OC, but A-Frame and Chego aren’t as easily accessible to us “true east-siders”.

  5. Kevin says:

    Them some big words…. I love it!! 🙂

  6. Danny says:

    Being a Los Feliz resident, I try to make it to 4100 whenever the Kogi truck is there, but I wish I could get to Chego or A Frame more easily. (Part of that is distance and also that they are not open for lunch when I might be on that side of town)

    There are tons of storefronts along Sunset in Silverlake and on Vermont in Los Feliz that are vacant (or probably will be soon) that could be filled, although you said that a brick & mortar would be too expensive and force price increases.

    What’s the harm in trying out a Chego truck for a few weeks over in this part of town?

  7. Ebrey says:

    Rent in the Eastside is higher than Chego’s? That seems surprising to me. I know Palms is one of the cheaper parts of the Westside, but I would think there would be plenty of cheaper neighborhoods on the Eastside.

    Anyway, I really appreciate that Chego and Alibi are on the Westside, because there’s no good Korean food over here. Well, Culver City has a Kyochon now, but that’s about it. The Eastside has all of Koreatown!

  8. armanisuit says:

    Chego Eastside please! preferably Eagle Rock! 😛

  9. Moses Pan says:

    You know, Alice, being a Kogi/Chego supporter for so long, I think most people would be able to put up with the increased prices if you guys come to the San Gabriel valley. This is where the Asians are. You guys make delicious food! Both Kogi and Chego need to be in this area MORE. I don’t like driving 30 minutes in hell traffic for Chego!

  10. MM says:

    Silver Lake not Silverlake. You must really live in Glendale.

    • Alice Shin says:

      Nah, I actually used to live in Echo Park. AND I STILL GET SILVER LAKE/SILVERLAKE WRONG!


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