KIDS, Don’t Let This Happen to YOU

sudden pop-up windows, exclamation points and red signs never warrant great news... --__--,,

Aloha, y’all!

Apparently, I am having technical difficulties (ie, my laptop is swimming in venereal diseases) and hence, I shall be doing 99% of all internet activity off my version 1.0 Droid, replete with a powerful 3G network that takes me back to the exciting heydays of 56k modems I terms of speed and reliability. 🙂

I’m actually quite glad it’s a droid and not and iPhone, since I do find these slide-out keyboards quite nifty. This means LESS TYPOS FOR YOUSE!

So, my laptop is circa 2007, so it’s been understandably slow and noisy. Its every breath seems in dire need of a loud and clunky ventilator and the screen turns a hazy shade of white and frrezes when u press too many keys and buttons.

It’s gotten to the point where I pull it out of retirement every once in a while, like, say, I’ll be traveling and need to take care of Kogi duties elsewhere.

Slow, prone to the occasional stroke or lapse in memory, it was always there for me. Even with its busted DVD-r player. Now that’s loyalty.

So I was a little frustrated and heartbroken when I tried to log onto the internet last Friday and suddenly had all these windows pop up:

So either something suspicious happened while I was on the internet in Australia or my laptop’s slowly been accruing viruses over the years and was too ashamed to tell me.

Maybe it was having unprotected rooting sessions with other servers, maybe that’s the price to pay when Windows Vista updates fail your trusty black stead.

I return home to my PC to do a little research to find out WHAT CAN BE DONE only to discover that my computer won’t turn on when I press the power button. As it turns out, the entire motherboard is shot and outdated and I must invest in a new one and more compatible RAM, which brings me to here, at this point in the story, explaining to you all why my thumbs are getting really tired! And why all my internet activity for the next week shall be Droid-based!

Today I am frustrated and weary, but who knows? Maybe next week my thumbs shall be more agile and muscular and filled with bouyant sense of alacrity and I’ll ask AT&T for a divorce cuz it just hasn’t been working out for some time. Maybe all one needs, really, is a smart phone, a little patience and strength training with their opposable thumbs!

I guess I shall keep y’all updated in the meantime.

Love, tacos and technical difficulties,


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  1. Brandon says:, or

  2. Just me says:

    upsidedown pics or is the virus just that crazy?

  3. Jonathan says:

    If it won’t turn on anymore I don’t know what to tell you except I’m sorry to hear that. If it still loads up to windows try pressing Control+Alt+Down Arrow or Up Arrow. Some video card drivers (Intel and ATI namely) support quick orientation changes with hotkeys. If that doesn’t work I’m sorry to have wasted your time, good luck.

  4. Kevin says:

    Was at Chego the other night with some friends. Amazing as always. Just have to say an extra special thanks to Chef Roy!!

  5. Roger says:

    Like what that dude said, try malwarebytes and also superantispyware free versions could do the trick

  6. shane says:

    Silly Alice, PCs are for kids! You need a Macbook!

  7. Broligt1 says:

    Look from your story, did you try to unplug the Internet 2 see if the screen stay like that, when freeze or hang 80% of the time is the memory. About won’t power on could be the battery. Good luck~~~~. Ps vista su..k better get win7 or downgrade to XP that will work best on that laptop.

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