This’ll be a super sweet and super short post of what may turn into a triad of posts on Melbourne.

For those of you who are like me, and was totally unaware of what or where Melbourne was located 6 months ago, it’s from the land down under (which is commanding a very vivid flashback of Vegas’s THUNDAH FROM DOWN UNDAH circa 2006) — though Melbourne is actually quite very different from my limited scope of imagination, which included a dry, backwoods land of koalas, kangaroos and steakhouses.

ALSO, the accents aren’t quite as thick in Melbourne as the ones you hear in those Outback Steakhouse commercials or on Crocodile Dundee.

I shall be uploading more pictures up shortly — but to give you an idea, it’s a cosmopolitan mash up of Vancouver, San Francisco, (A SUPER SUPER CLEAN, STERILIZED VERSION OF PARTS OF NORTH BROOKLYN) and Seoul w/ a mix of really wide and really narrow streets.

cupcake! flying! wheeeee!

In a few of the alleyways, you’ll see an incredible array of street art, which is funny cuz OUTSIDE those alleyways, the buildings are fairly clean-cut and dandy.

ganesh! obstacle re-mover and shaker!

Speaking of obstacles, I’ve been having quite a bit of them regarding internet access.  It seems that Melbourne isn’t as keen on free wifi or readily available wifi spots as us spoiled Americans in LA.  Back home, walking into any coffee shop, you’re pretty much guaranteed internet access.

OH!  And the outlets here are soooo weird!

They look perpetually sad and worried, whereas the ones back home just look perpetually shocked and horrified…which strikes me as strange, since Americans in general are perpetually shocked and horrified about something, whereas Melbournians seem pretty immune to any expressions of sadness or worriment.

I’ve GOT to say that the people here are sooooooooooooooooo different from anywhere else!  There’s something like a cross between the laidback-ness of LA, with the urge to make fun or light of things like locals in Hawaii — but at the same time, there’s something very, very distinct about their personalities.

It’s like they’re f*cking around half the time, but at the same time, they’re absolutely NOT because everything gets DONE and done pretty damn well…eventually.  🙂

It’s not like they slack off or slow things down and take their time like my limited experience w/ the French, but they don’t have that sense of urgency or immediacy that the Tracey Flicks we have back home in the states.

Even incredibly busy people are perpetually breezy and pleasant and chatty and genuinely curious.

ALSO, another thing that Melbournians seem to be resistant to is pretension — even those who might have reason to be pretentious!  It’s really refreshing!

Anyway, here’s another example of what is super uber cool about Melbourne.  THE SUSHI ROLLS.

They sell it on many a street corner with GOOD QUALITY FISH and veggies and they’re rolled up like mini burritos and served in brown paper bags to be eaten on the go, much like a churro.

SUSHIIIIII!!!!!  –__–

WE NEED THIS IS LA!!!  I could eat this all day everyday, especially at those price points, for the quality you’re getting — which is saying a lot, since it’s a tad expensive in general in this city.  Right now, we’re about $1 for $1 in terms of the exchange rate, so it’s roughly a little under $3 per roll.

Okay, must leave to catch up on a few of the 100-something emails that have been piling up in the past 1.5 weeks.


TOTALLY gonna load up on Picnic bars.

Love and tacos,

P.S. The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival really hooked it up for us at the Langham, so we get free breakfast buffets w/ amazing meats and fresh fruits and, and, AND, I SH*T YOU NOT, a MOTHERFRAKKIN CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN.  I’ll upload pictures of that, too.

P.P.S. One thing Melbourne’s got on lock down that we don’t, I’ve got to say, is food quality.  For us in LA, it can be quite the search to find something that’s made w/ top quality, from the flatbread in a sandwich wrap to the shredded lettuce that’s pillowed around the salted, seasoned meats.  Nothing’s filler at the food courts, it seems like, even if it is fast food.  And clean, clean, clean.  O__o  I am pretty damn impressed.

P.P.P.S. Working our 2nd night at Coda (restaurant) and I love, love, LOVE the people who work there!  I just want to take them home w/ me!!



  1. Snoozinglikeakoalahead says:

    That street corner sushi looks/sounds like a great idea!

    Have fun and don’t forget to take copious narrated video of counter-clockwise flushing action!

  2. Drama says:


    The sockets are asian……

    Try the Tim Tam cookies!

  3. SNOWY says:

    American ones look like Mr. Bill. Oooooh Noooooh.

  4. Nola says:

    If you want to try out some great top-quality food while you’re in Melbourne try and head to EARL Canteen in Bourke Street for the best sandwiches ever! I’m not sure how long you are here for – but on the weekend you might like to go get a burger at the roooftop bar at Cookie too.

    I was at the event on Wednesday – the food was amazing, thank you so much for everything! I will be in LA in September I can’t wait for more of Roy’s food!

    Enjoy your time in Australia, Nola

  5. Dave says:

    Hey! I was inspired by your success to sell tacos here in Melbourne. My partner Leanne and I did our first market ever last night…. It was very very hard work! Hopefully we will be able to do it again next thursday! If we do please come down next thursday (17th of march) between 5pm and 10pm and try my authentic mexican tacos! St. Kilda Twilight Market just next to Luna Park. We call ourselves La Tortilla Farm and press and cook tortillas fresh!
    I will write to you again to tell you if we will be able to sell again! cheers! Two restaurtants you must try: Sichuan House on Corrs lane. get the cumin pork ribs and then go to Hu Tong Dumpling House (market lane) try the Xiao Long Bao and dry chilli chicken. amazing chinese food. Hope you like em!

  6. pete says:

    Have you seen that show on the deadly dozen of Australia?

    Watch out for spiders and snakes!!!!

  7. Alice Shin says:

    Snoozinglikeakoalahead — I HAVE NOT SEEN A REGULAR TOILET YET!!! Every toilet’s been fancy so far, so it flushes like a waterfall, so there’s zero swirl action!!!

    Drama — Must be the heavy Viet population out here. ASIANS REPRESENT!!! It’s like Westminister times 10! Only a lot of them speak Melbournian. Funny, in LA if you’re Asian, you’re either Korean or Chinese for the most part. Here it’s more Viet or Chinese Viet.

    SNOWY — ahahaha. I never thought of it that way!

    Nola — thank you, thank you so much for coming out!!! No, I haven’t tried Canteen yet, though maybe I’ll be able to have a quick tuck-in before I board the plane on Monday. So far I’ve only been to Cutler and Co and Coda (before we infiltrated) and both were quite fantastic! I also want to try Mamasita and the bar Cookie!! I’ve had 1 other person suggest it to me, but seeing that you have as well, I’ve GOT to at least make a good attempt to swing by after going out with some new friends at a supposedly amaaaazing gay bar/club Sunday night.

    Dave — ahhhh! Props to you for pressing your tortillas fresh. It’s hard work, good man — especially when you’re working to get them pliant and pillowy instead of dry and mealy. –__–;; I’m so sad that 1) we’ll be flying back this Monday, and 2) I won’t be seeing any of the great farmer’s markets out here in Melbourne. The food here is soooo great, I can only imagine what wonders I’d find at your markets here. We really, REALLY need to think about staying an extra week next time to take it all in. It’s so exciting to here that you’re doing what you do here in Melbourne, and I wish you and your partner all the best!!! Really, I’m so impressed and humbled by how much you all care about the quality of your food.

    Pete — No, no I haven’t. What channel is it on???

  8. JessB says:

    Hey, that’s my city! And I’m so glad you like it!
    I came here from Melbourne Gastronome, and I’m so glad I did, because your blog looks great.
    Really happy you had such a good time here and that you found our food so good.

  9. claire says:

    Hi Alice, loved meeting you last Wednesday then reading your impressions of our fair city! You may be interested to read what I wrote on my blog about the dinner at Coda…

  10. Dana says:

    Alice, loved meeting yourself, Roy and the team during the Festival. Thanks for bringing the good vibes and the great bites. Glad you had a good time and really hope to see y’all again soon. D x

  11. Sleepyhead says:

    It’s weird cause in this post I can click on Claire’s link to her blog and then on her blog I can click on a link back here and then back to Claire and then…. it’s a kogi self-enclosed micro-universe of mobiusness!

  12. Julie Thai says:

    Helllllllllooooooooooooo Alice!!!

    It’s Julie from CODA!! Didn’t get to formally say bye to you! so GOODBYE!!! Hope you got back safe! and Can’t wait to see you again either in OZ or LA! keep in contact! Love your blog! Miss you Lady!


  13. Chaya says:

    Hi there! Great topic, but I can’t seem to open your site in Internet Explorer 7. Do I have to install something? Thank you. luv Chaya

  14. sally says:

    wow, since reading a review about roy in theh australian goumet traveler magazine, i had to google him! what a combo. who would’v thought korean/mexican. one of my favs! keep me up to date with your menus and one day i can eat the real deal! in the mean time, i’ll do a copy of one your tacos, roy!! gotta fan here in australia!

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