You know what’s been on my mind lately?  FAME.

Or, at the very least, the Korean remake of the 80’s hit TV show (when we all discovered just how pretty Miss Janet really was) and movie.

Back in the 80s it was about a performing arts school filled with students brimming with dreams of stardom!! Of course, with a lot more running and fighting and romance! And crying, apparently.

If there’s one thing that Korean men aren’t ashamed about, it’s about having a good, manly cry. You even see glimpses of it in the teaser, the close-up shots of Tacyeon with his eyes about the runneth over in tears.

Has anyone over the age of 25 started watching it? Is it utterly, deliciously ridiculous? Is it so bad it’s good? Is it so good it’s bad? Is it silly for someone to get attached to a high school drama about fame when high school for that person was, like, soooooooo 10 years ago??

Speaking of fame, is it just me, or are we entering a new era?

To give an example… when I used to hang around some musicians a while back, I was surprised to find how many of them weren’t really doing their thing “for the music” but “to get famous.”

And they made it seem real noble, too. One guy just kinda sighed, all wistful, saying that he prayed that he could get famous so that he could help the world the way Michael Jackson did.


Maybe not the most talented dude I ever met, but he sure was earnest. As are a lot of other people — hoping to get famous for money, to get famous to bring light to a certain cause, to get famous to “change things.”

And all the while, in my head I’m thinking, “Why not just get famous to get famous? Isn’t that more honest?”

I mean, if you want to help people, why not just help people? Why do you have to become famous in order to help people?

Wouldn’t that be more productive?

Hey, and if you’re just doing your thing and just HAPPEN to get famous (a rare and admirable thing, indeed), all the more power to you. But even then, remember what you were doing and why you were doing it before the fame. It’ll save you an awful lot of headaches, I’m sure.

It’s funny. Seems like up until around the 80s or 90s, it was all about the money. And now it seems a lot of folks are eschewing dreams of money for fame… in hopes that fame will help them see the money roll in.

But fame isn’t money. So there is no guarantee that it’ll bring the money in.

I think of the slew of vloggers out there — some are super talented and interesting, and even fewer have some deals going on, like Michelle Phan with Lancome and IQQU and Natalie Tran with Lonely Planet — which, by the way, is actually a really well-done collaboration.

With Facebook, blogs, vlogs — it seems as though there are a whole lot more people wanting an audience. (Hey, I won’t lie, it does feel nice when this blog gets a new comment every now and then!) Now, this gets my nerdy, psychoanalytical self ask why we’re moving into this transition.

The drive for money was understandable — it’s material security, it enables one (idealistically) to free oneself from the bondages of a 9-5 job once one retires. It ensures some means of survival, as well as investment in future generations.

This drive for an audience, for fame… more than adoration (for your audience doesn’t always adore you), it’s about attention, isn’t it?

Now, in psychoanalysis, there is no good or bad. It’s about understanding impulses and drives. Needs are created because a desire cannot be satiated.

So if so many people, waves upon waves of people, are seeking attention, what is it in the psyche that isn’t being satiated on an emotional or intellectual level?

Just an honest question! No judging, just curiosity.

It’s almost as though people are afraid that without attention, they won’t exist.

And some can argue it’s the advent of reality TV, celebrity gossip and social networking sites — but without the initial need or impulse, there would be no response to any of these things. If people aren’t interested, they won’t watch or participate.

ANYWAY, that’s my random, nerdy tangent for the day.

DREAM HIGH!!! I’m waiting until it ends to download the entire season. If anyone’s watched it, let me know if it’s worth it, cuz the first episode does look awfully campy. Even for a remake of FAME.

Love and tacos,


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  1. Jae says:

    I’m Watching it. It isn’t bad at all. Actually, I’m enjoying it 🙂

  2. Trina says:

    Hi, a lot of my dongsengs and unnis are watching it.. So far, they love it.. You gotta tried to watch MP (My Princess) it is a rom-com too…

  3. Diane Tilakamonkul says:

    Its actually really good. At first, because it was soooo “idol” studded, i was afraid it was going to be bad also but it is really good. The storyline isn’t bad and they keep it moving nicely.

    Hope you enjoy when you watch it 🙂

  4. megs says:

    it’s entertaining. singing is nice, but the dancing is awful. choreography needs an upgrade. :/ gotta say the characters are loveable and the story line is sufficient. so definitely one of those feel good dramas. i’m amused for the time being lol

  5. Christina says:

    The first few episodes were just average but its getting better and better now. Kind of reminds me of the korean version of Glee, with a lot less performances. I still think Secret Garden was a better drama but the best part about this drama for me was when they perform, dance, sing. Afterall, most of the actors and actresses here are singers/dancers who doesn’t have the greatest acting skills.

  6. Aliiiiiiiiiice says:

    Jae — okay, it must be pretty well-paced if a dude’s watching it, meaning plenty of action going on!

    Trina — I actually HAVE been watching My Princess! And have been ENCHANTED by the first 4 episodes! But let’s admit, it’s sliding a bit, there. Siiiigh! I wish that they made villains/antagonists more interesting. YoonJu is just pretty flat. No dimension. And if the actress is just barely 30, why does she look so old??? I think she lied about her birth date. Kim Tae Hee is adorable, but I wish she was just a little smarter, cuz sometimes she comes off as straight dumb as opposed to naively innocent. Maybe the last 2 episodes will make up for its sudden change in tone. Plus, her and that SSH dude are nice to look at.

    Diane Tilakamonkul — “I was afraid that it was going to be bad but it’s actually really good” — I am SOLD. I think I’m gonna download the entire season as soon as it ends so that I can watch it all in one sitting.

    megs — oh, you know Koreans can’t dance!! I mean, we can, but just not very well, unfortunately. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but let us all know that they are EXCEPTIONS (like the burgeoning bboy culture in Seoul) and not the RULE. We should stick to something we’re good at. Like samulnori. And fan dancing.

    Christina — oh, now I’m on the fence again. I am Glee’s anti-fan. No plot, poor karaoke, that’s what Glee is to me. TELL ME there’s a plot. And one that’s interesting enough to get behind!! Poor acting? Well… how poor? As long as the story’s interesting, I can hang for a bit.

  7. Trina says:

    episode 9 of MP is better.. But, episode 10 was good except they edit that one part but the end. The end of episode 10 of MP was O.M.G.. there is no preview but they have such a great cliffhanger… there are more that is coming up which seems really good… I am a kdrama fan. I also like historical drama too.. I do hope you still watch MP hopefully it will be like Secret Garden… Well, Secret Garden was great but I love City Hall.. City Hall was really really good drama… ^^

  8. Amy says:

    It’s a pretty good drama, all my friends (into kpop) are watching it ^^
    There’s only 5 more episodes left, can’t beleive is only 16 episodes long. What’s really keeping me hooked onto this drama is the PilSuk& Jason thing as well as the super catchy songs & great singing 🙂

  9. tz says:

    great show, just a feel good under dog disney type feel. don’t ask to much cause you won’t get it so take it for what its worth just like most things in life…

  10. news says:

    An cool post there mate . Thanks for that .

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