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if you ask it, he shall come...and, erhm, answer.

Aloha, aloha, y’all,

UPDATE: so how did my detox go?  Pretty swimmingly!  If we’re going to get superficial about it, my skin does look a lot clearer and brighter and more even-toned.  And I don’t feel gross at the end of the day.

OTHER BENEFITS: because it’s a full 10 days of changing the way you eat, it’s a full 10 days of taking that break.

why??? cuz nothing beats beets! (ahahahaha. photo courtesy of: ahahahaha.)

Think of a relationship that you KNOW isn’t working for either o f you. You fight, he doesn’t understand your needs, you don’t understand his needs, but you know that you really love each other, but whenever you’re together, it’s 75% “making it work” and 25% fun and fulfilling.

Most couples take week-long breaks. I personally don’t think it’s long enough.

From what I observed, it’s long enough to miss the other person enough to see mostly what was great about the relationship and how you’ll work so much harder now that you are able to see a lot of your own blind spots.  It’s long enough to go through typical withdrawal symptoms while reaping some minimal benefits.  (He’s no longer an energy vampire, you’re no longer using him as your stress ball or person to “unload” on at the end of the day.)

Those 3 extra days to round out a full 10 are good in that not only do you reap really great health benefits (your liver’s so happy it got a vacation, your kidneys are purring, your colon is reconsidering getting back together with you on a MUCH more regular basis) and you start to SEE and APPRECIATE the way that you’ve been eating.  I mean, if the detox works for you, it’s enough to make you understand through the body (and not just the logical mind) what certain foods or ways of eating can do for you.

So eating and I are back together again.  I realize I’ve been a little selfish in eating all the cracked-out food I wanted when I was bored or frazzled, and eating to a point way beyond hunger.  Eating realized that I don’t like feeling sick at the end of the day before going to bed.  Also, my body helped me realize that it’s not a huge fan of most grains and nuts and refined sugars.

Before I knew I had a problem with sugar, but I didn’t know that grains were a part of it.

So I’m learning to cut way back on grains, especially wheat.  My body’s cool with once in a while and having it be guest starring on my plate.

Staying out all night til the break of dawn in Vegas is nice once in a while, but I realize now why people only do that a handful of times a year instead of every other weekend.  (Unless you’re in college.)

Realistically, it’s not smart for me to return to the way I ate before the detox.  I don’t need as much of what I used to consume.  I can take 3 bites of a burger and take the rest of it home for later.  Honestly, it takes a long time for my stomach to digest meat. Also, I do pretty alright with less dairy.

Hey, there ain’t no shame in ordering less and sharing it amongst your friends!  There ain’t no shame in doggy-bagging it and putting the leftovers in an omelet over greens for breakfast the next day.  There ain’t no shame in eating the way your body NEEDS you to eat in order to go for the long haul together!

So, yah.  Eating and I are back together again and hopefully we won’t be in need of couple’s therapy (a nutritionist) somewhere down the line.

questions!! burning, burning QUESTIONS.

IN OTHER NEWS, we created a new email account for Papi Chulo at

The thing is, Papi USED to have an email account.  Several.  But there were so many friggin emails regarding franchise and press and consultation inquiries, we had to cancel and restart several accounts.

But now I get a lot of random questions from fans, patrons and curious folk via Twitter, Facebook and my own email account.

I figured, though, if we started one called AskPapi, then it clearly let’s people know he’ll be happy to answer any questions that don’t regard business, numbers or people asking him to do very strange things for free-99.

SO IF YOU HAVE ANY RANDOM QUESTIONS FOR PAPI CHULO, AKA, ROY CHOI REGARDING ANYTHING from how to perfectly cook softly scrambled eggs to suggestions on what to do with kush butter to how he gets the cuffs on his jeans to get so damn krrrispy, email them to

I’ll be screening them for inappropriate weirdness, printing them out and chasing him down to get some substantial answers. So depending on how often I can track him down and find him (as he’s gotten quite allergic to email by now), he may or may not get back to you!  ^___^  But he shall certainly try.

Love and tacos,


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  1. Sleepyhead says:

    You know not what you have unleashed 🙂

  2. SNOWY says:

    How bouts you post some of the really good ones (good q’s and a’s)?

  3. Young Ho says:

    Hi Eddie,

    You were our first Yelp Reviewer no? =)

  4. Lupe Ramos says:

    Do your flour tortillas contain any shortening, trans fat, and hydrogenated oils?

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