the pageth hath landed…eth, what is a Papi Chulo, parked in a city of Utah

Aloha, y’all,

We finally got a landing page to pull the Kogi-verse together and hath annointed it as Papi Chulo Town.  It’ll eventually be the go-to hub for all current and future projects.

ALSO, as I’ve mentioned in the last post, my brother, Eric, got a snazzy new camera, so we’re just having a lot of fun with it and posting little crib notes on the vast geography of LA, what’s going down in Papi Chulo Town, delightfully unimportant commentary and videos on our team and adorable Kogi and Chego peoples.

Currently it’s playing a variety of test shots we took over the course of a few days (WHICH JUST HAPPENED TO BE THE COLDEST, LEAST SUNNIEST DAYS EVER) and made them as pretty-like as possible, set against a beautifully stripped-down Carla Morrison cover of Natalia Lafourcade’s “No Viniste.”  It’s a taste of the Papi Chulo Town landscape, the parts of LA that don’t necessarily make it on shows and movies like 90210, NCIS: LA or the fantastically pink Legally Blonde.

Who or what is a Papi Chulo?

Well, if you’re interested in a little trivia, Chef Roy was christened as Papi Chulo on the truck lot back in the day when we only had 1-2 trucks under our wing.  Chef Roy kinda adopted it himself, partly out of amusement, partly out of love — and hath been utilizing it for whenever he’s just not in the mood to wear a button-down shirt or fancy shoes.

AND FOR YOUR OWN AMUSEMENT: Natasha and I have been banging our heads against the wall, trying to get him a “Papi Chulo” name tag in lieu of a “Roy Choi” name tag for the Melbourne Food&Wine Festival, but we’re running into a few challenges.  ^__^

I’ve asked him what exactly a Papi Chulo is or means, and supposedly it’s something a little more than a Ladies Love Cool J — which is good, since he’s got a wife and kid at home.  🙂

It’s hard to put into a succinct definition, but I guess I’ll put it into video one of these days — all the expressions of a Papi Chulo.


photo courtesy of

Well, temporarily.  And only for a few days next weekend, serving tacos at a pretty snazzy party.

STILL, I thought it was way cool, since I just realized that this will be our first time traveling outside of state lines to serve our tacos.  Even when we made a pit stop in NYC, we only served kimchi quesadillas for 3 short hours on a random street corner.

So tacos are a pretty big deal.

They take more time to prep, have a lot more moving parts than our beloved quesadillas and we’ll be dishing out four different kinds of protein in the process.

While we can’t load up our luggage with 300 pounds of meat and marinade (we’re figuring it out once we get there), we are for sure bringing our own tortillas.

Here’s a tip: it’s pretty difficult to find some good corn tortillas in a major city outside of the state of California.  The ones in NYC and Chicago are a bit strange — they’re fairly large, slightly dry, slightly coarse and easily crack under pressure.

As excited as we are about Utah, we aren’t taking any chances.

We just want our small, five-inch rounds of pillow-soft, creamy corn goodness, doubled-up under the weight of our double-caramelized meat and napa and romaine slaw.

SPEAKING OF UTAH — does anyone have any idea as to how to dress in Park City, Utah next week?  Super warm and pile on the layers?  What’s the style like?  What do people wear there?

I only ask because while I have no shame walking around in a sweatshirt or plain Jane hoodie in LA, it’s practically criminal to walk around like that in NYC.  Nary did I see a sweatshirt or un-stylized hoodie and those who sported them stuck out like sore thumbs.

I also know that from my experience, whenever I did that, I felt supremely underdressed…which isn’t a good feeling to feel when all you want to buy is a half-gallon of milk at the store.

While I’m not pretending it’s gonna be some fashion show, I don’t want people looking at me funny there.  ::hides face:: Ya know?


So ’til next time…

Love and tacos,


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  1. Laura says:

    Park City is a pretty casual town — it’s a ski town, after all, so jeans are ALWAYS appropriate. And get some Uggs, or knockoff uggs — you’ll thank me later. It looks like it’s going to be below freezing the whole time you’re there, so, you know… bundle up.

    I’ve been to Sundance four times now, and even for the fancy-shmancy parties it seems the uniform is nice jeans + boots of some sort (nicer is better… fur-lined tends to be a theme), a nice, layered top, with fancy scarf, plus really nice overcoat. For non-fancy things, just put on anything that will keep you warm!

  2. Brian says:

    I don’t recommend the furry boots. The locals will mock you. We can always tell when sundance is approaching because there is a flash flood of very boots and oversized sunglases. Other than that it is very casual.

    Will you be serving ng anywhere to the public. Yes, you have fans here and I would love to get my kogi fix.

  3. Andrew says:

    KOGI! KOGI! KOGI! Pleeeeeaase serve of your heavenly food to the common folks of Utah when you are here for Sundance. I will drive over an hour just to eat if you did.

  4. Penny says:

    I BEG of you, PLEEEEEEEEASE serve your amazing food to us poor locals. Along with others I will brave to crowds in Park City to find your yummy yummy food!!

  5. Maisy James says:

    There are no circumstances in which another Big Brother should made!

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