Quickie Post: It’s ALIVE!!! It’s ALIVE!!!

If y’all will recall, I posted on this little guy a while back. Way back.  Like, when he was another creature entirely.  In fact, let’s reminisce on summa his baby pictures.

Butterflies are supposed to hatch within 2-3 weeks, but it’s actually been well past a month that this little guy’s been incubating.  Must’ve been the cold snap.  There was even some fumigation going on around his area.



My friend brought him home and the little dude finally decided to come out.

Welcome home, little friend.  Welcome home.

Love and tacos,


2 Responses to Quickie Post: It’s ALIVE!!! It’s ALIVE!!!

  1. Renee says:

    That. Is. AWESOME! Love reading your blog posts – both food related and life related. Sometimes I think you get too much negative feedback (haters) and not enough love. Thus, sending some love your way! Happy Holidays – and thanks for all the food and interesting blog posts all year long!

  2. Stitch says:

    Thats an awesome sight to see… and a good way to end the year with rain and cold on a high note. 😀

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