mah flavorite bboy videos

Ahahahaha — this is always a fun little docu-movie to watch, though when it comes to documentaries, Horse Boy presently tops my lists.  (Horse Boy‘s about a father who takes his wife and son to Mongolia to have his boy treated by the shamans there.  From his experience with shamans all over the planet, he’s become open to the idea that all sicknesses stem from a sickness in the spirit.  His son, who is autistic and prone to daily 4-hour tantrums and frustration is being brought to Mongolia for that very reason.)

Here’s a clip of Ichigeki (my favorite performance that year for BOTY):

This is a fan-made trailer for Jinjo Crew of Korea:

And, if course, cuz it’s always fun to see a grown man clowned by a kid (thanks, Natasha!):

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