LAST POST OF THE YEAR: bye bye bye, 00’s, hello to the 20-teens

Not a huge blog post, but ya know — the first decade of the century/new millennium is officially coming to pass.  To celebrate, I’ll do something very 2000’s and blog about myself.

Because, honestly, have you ever experienced a decade more Me-Centric and fame-hungry?


I was very, very annoyed with this Britney Spears person.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t sing worth beans or that her revered dance moves looked more studio-made than self-made — cuz if that were true, I probably would’ve been turned off by the previous decade of Janet, Madonna and the waning years of Paula Abdul.

I guess it was that she was just soooooooooooo obviously made in a laboratory and anyone with a heartbeat around my age WORSHIPED HER.  Posters plastered EVERYWHERE, her videos voted for religiously on TRL, her songs playing every 10 minutes on just about any radio station out there.  Or so it appeared to my 17-year-old experience.

You know, I think that it was that I didn’t much care for her, resented the fact that everyone else did and that no matter where I went, I could not escape her face or her music.

It wasn’t like she had invented a cure for cancer or that the music written by her team had changed the face of music history.  It wasn’t innovative stuff.  It was catchy.  Maybe it was innovative in that it was so damn catchy.

On the other end of the crazy spectrum, I was really, REALLY into Roswell.  I mean, REALLY.  Like, I sent Tabasco bottles to the WB to help “save” it from cancellation (though, based off the writing of season 3, I wasn’t sure if that was such a great idea),  I’d record clips from the show and string them into a music video(THIS WAS BEFORE YOUTUBE AND LIGHTNING-SPEED INTERNET, PEOPLES!!), read fan fiction, wrote fan fiction, played on online Roswell RPG (role-playing-game — I played a side character not written into the show who was a bio-hybrid of Max Evans and Liz Parker who came from the dark side), bought the collector’s cards, bid (and won!) a few Roswell scripts on Ebay, arranged for a field trip to Culver City while they were shooting the Christmas episode, got my picture with Jason Behr (very nice man, still pretty, even with all that thick makeup!) and made sure, as a yearbook editor, that the picture got a good space for the year.  All the music I ever listened to in those days was featured in Roswell (they had a great music director!), and that never, EVER included Britney Spears.


I was really into this dude.

Yeah.  I know.  We all know.  But hey…HEY…

Yeah.  I don’t know what came over me either.  It’s partly the popularity of this dude that we can thank for the half a dozen years of nasally whining acoustic emo, which gave way to glammed out pop-rocky I-wear-guyliner emo — which wasn’t so bad, if you think about it.

It was also the year that Sum41 and Avril Lavigne were big and I think were dating each other or something.  Or was that Britney and Justin?  Or was it both?  Can’t remember.

It was the year that college started (well, the tail end of that year), so there were too many things to keep track of in order to remember.

Oh yeah.  Something about those twin towers.  And getting my very first cell phone.


Soldiers were deified.  Remember, 2001 was when firefighters and cops were deified.  It was a very interesting time, being a fresh/sophomore in college.  It was the year when everything on TV looked really fake and manufactured for the first time.  But I was also too young and insecure to voice how creepy I thought the news was being.  Yellow alerts, orange alerts.  Yellow ribbons.  Watching front yards bloom in red, white and blue.  Feeling scared. Not scared of war or terror attacks, but just scared of how everyone seemed to be turning into patriotic zombies — on or off camera.  It was the year I had an opinion of my own, but actually felt really ashamed and angry with myself for not having that opinion be in line with the way we were all supposed to think and feel that year.

I also ate a lot of Chocopies that year.  Boxes and boxes and boxes of them.  Microwaved for 5 seconds or frozen stiff and chewy.  The blue Lotte boxes were softer and more cakey and good for freezing.  The red Orion boxes were denser and best for microwaving.

I think that was the year I was super into Christina Aguilera’s Stripped album and danced around a lot for our Southie cultural club INDUS.

Oh!  I was also very into Inuyasha and Flame of Recca.

2003 was the year of:

YYYYYEAH, MYSPACE!  Friendster didn’t catch on with me — mostly because back then, I had to try really, REALLY hard just to have 7 friends.  Pathetic.

I had a lot more friends now in college, and updating your blue-and-orange profile page back then was just the thing to do.  By then I had garnered an impressive 37 friends.

It was also the year Iraq was invaded and I started to realize that not everyone was superbly gung-ho about war or why we were going there or “hunting” Osama.  If memory serves me correctly, I found myself marching in quite a few demonstrations of what was originally a fresh expression of college angst and social awareness and resistance — but later became parades of the latest political slogan tees and the LIVE STRONG variety of armbands.

Oh, and very, very into Victoria’s Secret catalogues for some reason.  I just remember getting so very excited when a new one came into the mail — even if none of the deals or styles changed.

Also, text messages were still 10 cents a text.  Which was frustrating because I was getting a lot of SPAM from Verizon in my very limited inbox.

IN 2004:

I was very into this dude…and other dudes like him.  Give me Foucault, something to get mad about and the Food Network 10 hours a day and I was a very happy camper.

Wasn’t 2004 also the year Rachel Ray was christened as the Britney Spears of the food world?  Speaking of the food world, it was also when I started to really get into food blogs.  Back when there were 2 of them.

Also, I watched way too much TV that year.  I don’t know how I fit it all in now that I was super active in organizing events and participating in club activity.  Aside from the Food Network, I was enamored with Jon Stewart, Road Rules/Real World Challenges (go Road Rules!!), VH1 and anything that had to do with the elections.

I remember feeling so very shocked and angry and just… dumbfounded that George W had won the elections.  This was before I realized that the voting system was rigged and that there really is no sense in partaking IN the system if you want it to change into something different and more harmonious.  But thass another topic, folks.

IN 2005:

I was like, “SEE?? SEE??? I TOLD YOU SO ABOUT HER!  I TOLD ALL OF YOU!!” when everyone started hating on Britney.  But secretly I kinda felt really bad for her.

It was the year that Food Network just really EXPLODED.  Everyone and their moms were talking about it.  The same went for celebrity gossip blogs.

Anyway, I graduated college, still feeling very… dissatisfied.  Like…like… there was something more.  But I couldn’t figure out what.  That’s what happens when you get super politicized and then — outta nowhere — graduate and return to the suburbs.


Thank goodness for DVD box sets becoming super accessible and popular in 2006.  No commercial breaks, no waiting for next week’s episode, being able to understand what people meant when they say, “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE POLAR BEARS???  IT’S AN ISLAND!!”

I was very fond of this, Six Feet Under, The Colbert Report and PinkIsTheNewBlog.

Very obsessed with food blogs at this point and even started a fashion/food/celebrity gossip blog of my own on my MySpace page.  And it got pretty good hits!

This was actually my favorite book of the year, just after Grace Lee Boggs’ autobiography.  I admired him.  I hearted him.  Little did I know…

IN 2007:

VERY into KPFK — except when they were having their fund drives.  It was just so very sad.  And desperate.  And still is.  Sadly.  And desperately.

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales were regular fixtures on my iPod shuffle (1st generation) — as well as KCRW’s Good Food.

Got into grad school and made my move to Bed Stuy.  Felt very badly about my move when faced with the cheerfully unpleasant weather.  GOING OUTSIDE SUCKS EXCEPT FOR 2 MONTHS OUT OF THE YEAR!!!  🙂

IN 2008:

I moved here later that year!  Let’s just say that living with mice, a caged dog and INNERESTING roomies weren’t exactly my cuppa tea.  Especially when the NY weather was getting me all angsty and emo.  Also, is it just me, or was 2008 also the year that snark ROOOOOOLED?  (And still rules, apparently, for some nihilistic “journalists.”)

Also, got superbly disenchanted with this guy.  More than this guy, I started to see zombies again — much like in 2002, except this time, when I had an opinion, I voiced it.  Look, if everyone you know and their moms start seeing ANY political candidate as the second coming of Jesus, there’s got to be something afoot, peoples!

Anyway, not a lot of people liked hearing it.  Even if there were serious questions to think about.  Like who he was including in his cabinet, what was going on with Hillary, how was this new system for healthcare REALLY gonna work…?

But he sure did look pretty on camera.

Ha, it got pretty ridiculous on Facebook (yes!  Finally ditched MySpace for Facebook!) and on this news blog I was posting on.

Got kicked off the news blog and eventually killed my Facebook account in the interests of taking my master’s thesis seriously.  (Lonely Alice was spending 10 hours of her day on Facebook.  IT WAS REALLY BAD.)

Oh yeah!  It was also the year the economy crashed, everyone thought they sounded better in autotuneage, I was working 4 jobs and Kogi first started.

2008 was a pretty intense year, y’all!

Oh!  It was also the year the everyone wanted Britney to “get better” after hatin on her and kinda harassing her for two intense years.  Or maybe it was that I had a homonormative roommate who wanted Britney to “get better.”

IN 2009:

Home!  I came back home again!  Look at all those freeways, they are AMAZING!

Also, it’s like LA had turned upside down when I got back in some way.  Everything I thought was kinda cool before was suddenly uber popular.

It seemed as though everyone I knew either had a (food) blog or knew a (food) blogger.  Same went for reality shows.  Everyone my age either knew someone in talks for a reality TV show idea or webisode, or they were actually part of the development of one.  Or vlogs.  Or Tumblr.  Or maybe this is just stemming from the fact that I live in LA during these very inneresting times.

It was the year either everyone wanted to be famous or thought they already were, or so it seemed.  And it was strange because Kogi was kinda in the spotlight as far as food goes.  And I was in charge of handling press.

It was a very, very interesting year.  And I got to go to some of those  parties you always heard about on Beverly Hills 90210 or those after parties you saw broadcast on MTV back in 2003.


It was like Roswell all over again, only times a bazillion!!!  Granted, I didn’t do any of the bizarro stuff like joining role-playing games or cutting together my own fan videos and uploading them on YouTube.  But I did watch every episode repeatedly and dissected every character arc and theme with anyone who was vaguely familiar with the series.

I also went to my first and only Bear McCreary concert, which was great because it was for FREE and Kara Thrace actually hopped on stage for a hot minute.

And even though iPhones came out in ’08, it wasn’t until ’09 that everyone either had one or was talking about getting something like it.

IN 2010:

It was the year of:

It was also the year of:

We opened our very first sit-down restaurant, Chego.  And it was amazing.  It was crazy-maddening, but amazing still, nonetheless.

It’s the year the everyone’s talking about food trucks and it’s become this “thing” to do!

It’s the year when a lot of people were like, “F*ck it!  I’m not gonna wait for an opportunity to fall into my lap, I’mma make something HAPPEN.”

2010.  Soon to become 2011.

So I wonder where that’ll leave us, 10 years from now?

Love and tacos,


3 Responses to LAST POST OF THE YEAR: bye bye bye, 00’s, hello to the 20-teens

  1. Art hernandez says:

    This past decade was very me-oriented technology took over and so did food. I love kogi have waited in line for hours sometimes. And I’ll do it again. In 2011

  2. Nancy says:

    “ANY political candidate as the second coming of Jesus, there’s got to be something afoot, peoples!”

    Amen sister!! My thoughts exactly. Kudos to you for being an original and not falling for the hype. Happy New Year!

  3. Sleepyhead says:

    What is this “Food Truck” thing you are talking about?

    Oh, and thank you for posting pic of the snow angel, er,
    elegant LA freeway system.

    Happy 2011 and to all, see you in the Chego parking lot

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