Hollywood Farmer’s Market Find: LOBSTER MUSHROOM. Whaddado?

Ess BIG. And smells like crab.

Sunday I mosied on over to the Hollywood farmer’s market via the Metro (Subways here are FUN! and infinitely cleaner than most of the beat-up systems in NYC) — which always gives me a kick.  You pay a $1.50 for a one-way ticket, but there’s no place to show or insert your ticket.  Or anyone to check them.

It’s an honor system, I suppose.

Most New Yorkers would probably use the free-99 discount and laugh, “SUCKERS!”

But it’s one of those things — the Metro doesn’t go all that far.  And you really want it to go deep.  And the only thing you can do is just suck it up and pay the $1.50  in hopes that your $1.50 will go towards building another, more practical stop.

Regardless, it’s a nice option if you live in the city-city, wanna get somewhere and not have to deal with parking.  Plus, it’s pretty damn clean.

FARMER’S MARKET!  I’ve got to say that the Sunday farmer’s market is my favorite in my area.  It’s just so much BIGGER with so much more variety.  The one in Silverlake, Los Feliz and at Barnsdall are plenty cute, too.  It’s just that the Sunday ones are serious business.  Cuz there’s a lot of stuff you can get there that you can’t find most anywhere else.  CASE IN POINT:

This’ll probably gross out the vegans or drinkers of skim or 1% milk.  But for those who really love milk and the concept of raw dairy, THIS IS AMAZING STUFF.

It’s not straight colostrum — it’s more colostrum mixed with raw milk.  For those of you unfamiliar with colostrum, it’s the “first milk” of a mama cow after it gives birth.  So it’s filled with all these micro and macro nutrients that you can’t get in regular raw milk.  (I’m guessing that they didn’t starve the baby cow in the interest of obtaining its mother’s colostrum.  Cuz that would be sad.  Unless it was attached to a veal farm.  KIDDING.)

Raw milk in itself is pretty damn good for you — and it probably a gift from the gods for those who are lactose-intolerant.  Interesting fact: lactose intolerant people can digest raw milk, no problem.  ALSO — whereas pasteurized milk just goes rancid and lumpy and disgusting when it goes bad, raw milk just ferments and turns into yogurt.


But very rare to find.  The only other spots I found raw milk at are at Wholefoods (pricey) and Rainbow Acres (watery…and also pricey).

I actually drank a glass before taking this picture.  AND IT WAS DERICIOUS.  It’s one of those, “Mannnnn, this is what milk OUGHT to taste like.”

It’s a little thicker than the regular whole milk due to the added colostrum — so it’s a very creamy milk.  It’s not like you’re drinking straight cream, but it is a delightfully fatty milk that’s really rich in that milky flavor you crave but never quite get with any other milk.  It’s also naturally sweet.  Not sugary, but lightly sweet the way that carrots are kinda sweet.


It’s pricey ($7 for the half gallon w/ the colostrum upgrade), but it’s a nice once-in-a-while luxury that tastes AMAZING and is great for you. EVEN FOR THE LACTOSE INTOLERANT.

CHIVES.  From a Japanese lady.  Which is different from getting CHIVES from a Korean lady.

From the Japanese lady, they were all individually packaged, perfectly fresh w/out any blemishes and were pretty fragrant.  ALSO…

LOOK!  She bunches and then RUBBERBANDS MOIST SPONGES AROUND THE ROOTS OF HER VEGETABLES!!!  So they don’t go limp!  So that they stay fresh!!!

Ingenious?  Me thinks so.  And definitely not what any of the Korean ajummah’s do at, well… any market I’ve ever frequented.

Last, but not least…

LOBSTER MUSHROOM!!!!  It caught my eye and I thought, “Wow, it’s looks like a lobster!” And then I saw its sign, “LOBSTER MUSHROOM, 1.50 oz.”

Well, DUH, Alice.

“So, does it have any lobster-like undertones?” I asked the dude.

Then the dude asked me to smell it.


While it didn’t smell like lobster (I’ve had lobster maybe once or twice in my lifetime), it smelled like SEAFOOD.  Most notably, CRAB.

I felt like I was five again and amazed to find that my uncle had pulled a quarter out from behind my ear.

“How does it DO that???” I kept asking.  And I bought it on the spot.

And now it’s sitting in my fridge.  Cuz I don’t know what to DO with it.

Pan fry it?  Cook it in a cream sauce over rice and veggies?  It smells like crab, so I’m trying think of what crab would go well with.  And when I do that, I realize that crab tastes best steamed and all by itself.

I dunno.  I’m undecided.  And open to suggestions.

And, if I mess up, hopefully I’ll get another shot at cooking with lobster mushrooms, cuz apparently, they might not be around my area for much longer — specifically because the only vendor I’ve found them at is the Sunday Hollywood farmer’s market.  And the Hollywood farmer’s market is slightly endangered, peoples.

I don’t know if you caught wind of what’s going on, but apparently the Hollywood farmer’s market is having a hard time even existing because L.A. Film School wants one of its parking lots back.  (Yes!  It has two!)  Even if it’s on a Sunday and there’s plenty of parking left in their other lot.

I understand.  It might be a pain in the butt for the Sunday students who might have to walk a few extra steps from the 2nd parking lot on Sundays, but I dunno… on one hand, you’ve got a move that will benefit the Sunday students and visitors of LA Film School who have do deal with some street congestion and park in the 2nd lot — cuz it’s annoying, I’m sure — on the other hand, it does potentially put 150 vendors out in the cold and the thousands of locals who are served by the farmer’s market.  (IT’S HUGE!)

Serve the community or serve the film school.  ::weighs them out:: Hmmm… tough call, people.

To LA Film School’s credit, they’re all like, “We’re not asking the farmer’s market to shut down.  Just to readjust its footprint.”  — which is all fancy talk for “Closing time… you don’t have to go home, but you can’t… stay… here.”

Which is easy to say, but… where is it supposed to go?  Where will it be allowed to go after a “readjustment?”


Just gonna be sorely disappointed if a solution can’t be found for the farmer’s market — cuz it’s really one of the few things that has a POINT and really serves its community.  (The Metro’s getting there… or trying to… or will start trying to once there’s more funding funneled into the project…)

Love and tacos,


4 Responses to Hollywood Farmer’s Market Find: LOBSTER MUSHROOM. Whaddado?

  1. Importance says:

    Help protect the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. Sign up for the email list at and check facebook:

  2. Madeline says:

    Hey! You guys should come to the Downtown LA artwalk tomorrow. It’s huge O:

  3. RBC says:

    That lobster mushroom looks and sounds awesome. Kinda jealous.

    And raw milk–good stuff. Whole Foods actually doesn’t carry it anymore; they pulled all raw dairy from their shelves back in March due to pressure from their insurance company, but you can still find it at a bunch of farmer’s markets around LA (including Torrance on Saturday mornings), and Sprouts markets still carry it.

  4. Stefan says:

    Last time I bought lobster mushroom, I sautéd it in butter and made like a “spaghetti carbonara” using the mushroom instead of bacon. Pretty damn amazing.

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