Our Birthday. ESS HERE! Yaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!111oneone

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This is actually an oldie but a goodie.  To this day, I’ve never seen such a radioactively festive-lookin cake. Doesn’t it look DELICIOUS???  This must be what rainbows taste like: cake and food coloring.

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The ingredients TOTALLY look like a part of this complete breakfast.

Speaking of rainbows — you know, that was my makeshift Halloween costume last year.  Dressing like a rainbow is really quite easy, actually.  All you need are rainbow knee-high socks, bright shorts, bright top — both in solid colors — then just make a HUUUUGE rainbow anchored by clouds out of white poster board.  Poke some holes for some yarn and strap it over your shoulders.

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I wouldn’t recommend wearing it to crowded places — ie, OVERPRICED CLUBS — because you end up feeling guilty for taking up enough space for 2.5 people.  But then again, the price of admission was probably enough to cover 2.5 people on a regular night, so it doesn’t really make sense to feel all that guilty, does it?

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ANYWAY, ESS HERE.  Finally.  The big TWO and the classic two-tacos-for-the-price-of-one deal — a KoGi deal that’s never been done before.  UNTIL NOW.

The thing is, with the quantity and quality of the ingredients we use, the markup on our tacos really isn’t all that high.  This explains our lack of an advertising budget, our reluctance to do restaurant promos such as group-ons and regularly giving away free food to little league teams or parties sponsored by our favorite local radio station.

Normally restaurants can afford to do many, many donations because there’s a little extra fat left in the budget to do so.  But when it comes to promos, there is no manteca to speak of.

There is, however, word of mouth.  Amazing, real-deal, free-99 word-of-mouth — something that PR companies and advertising can’t buy.

So, when it comes time to celebrate something and save a little extra fat for that celebration, there’s really no one to thank but YOU PEOPLES.  No boring Oscar speech to any PR firm or ad agency, no slush fund for a legion of lawyers, no secret ultimate private super exclusive party thrown for KoGi-advocates and big-time food bloggers.

THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOUSE!!!!!!!111oneone

And, it may not seem like a lot to you, but really, it’s important for us to somehow say thank you.  And our 2nd birthday is a good a time as any, especially since you’ve all helped us make it this far.

I really love these pictures!!! The 3-year-old in me ess happies. ^__^

So, anyway — happy birthday to us, and to everyone hitting up the trucks today before Thanksgiving weekend, THANK YOU FOR COMING!!!  And our TRUCKS will be OFF until TUESDAY!

Love, tacos and 2 years!

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