7 Days and Counting. OUR BIRTHDAY: ESS COMING.


Oh, before I get started, does anyone have any suggestions on how to heal and give heavenly relief to sore, achy muscles???  I’ve got some pretty muscularly puny arms and took it upon myself to really push myself in this kundalini yoga class I was trying out and it’s Day 3 and I still have trouble bending mah arms, dey so SORE!!

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It’s all relegated to my upper arms, particularly the backs of my upper arms and the innards as well.  Bending my arms at the elbow bring a screaming pain to biceps that I didn’t know I even had to hurt.

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It’s really funny watching me try to brush my teeth or put a shirt on.  Funny, as in painful.  Yesterday, it was so bad that I couldn’t even readjust my sunglasses while I was walking.  So I just took a pause, leaned the side of my face against a wall and pushed the corners of my frames so that they’d fall higher on my nose.

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It was really sad.  And by sad I mean funny.  And by funny I mean painful.

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Natasha suggested “rolling out” — which apparently has nothing to do with bumping Ludacris’ classics and everything to do with getting a plastic PVC pipe, pressing my arm against it and ROLLING OUT using my body weight as pressure to “break up all that lactic acid.”


YAH.  It already hurts like a mothergivingbirth and she’s basically telling me to SQUEEZE every waking nerve and rigor-mortis-stiff, beat-up muscle fiber in my arms.  Essentially, it takes intensifying the agony until you black out to help relieve the stiffness and pain by, say, 10-20%.  It probably relieves you of your pain because YOU’RE BLACKED OUT FOR 20 MINUTES.

I tried it with a glass olive oil bottle when I got home.

photo courtesy of -- btw, I LOVE CALIFORNIA OLIVE RANCH!! IT'S THE MOST DERICIOUS OLIVE OIL EVERRRRR! I like the gold-capped ones best.

I think glass is too slippery.  It kept rolling away!


On the upside, I caught my arm in the mirror and there is a hint of some shape in the outline of my upper arms.  Normally everything hangs straight down in a soft, straight line of feminine flaccidity.  But then again, it could be that my muscle tissue is so swollen that my upper arms are giving me the illusion of definition.

I think I’ll just take a Vicodin and pass out while some body builder CRUSHES ALL THE LACTIC ACID outta my arms.  Hopefully he’ll leave my bones intact.

Not giving up on workin on mah guns, but I think I’ll wait until I’m able to button a shirt up all the way before returning to class.


RECYCLED BIRTHDAY NEWS!!! on November 24th, until we sell out, you can get any 2 tacos for $2 (excluding the calamari). Limit 2 orders per person at the window to make sure that as many people can share in the birthday goodness as possible! ^___^

Speaking of birthdays — I’m not sure if I already shared these photos before, but these are from last year when we went piñata  shopping. ET WASS UH BARY MAGICAR DAY.


The price of admission.


Love, tacos and birt-days,

P.S. NORWALK!  TORRANCE!! We’ve been approved for your area!!  So if there’s somewhere you’d like for us to park — Norwalk folks, we need to be 500ft away from a restaurant or school while in service.  Torrance folks, we’ll need to be a good 1,000 feet away from schools and restaurants during service. So if you want us in your neighborhood, find us a spot and drop me a line at: with your city and the address/cross streets.  THANK YOU!!!

5 Responses to 7 Days and Counting. OUR BIRTHDAY: ESS COMING.

  1. christine says:

    off topic but have you seen this?

    someone else trying to claim your steez!

    btw had Chego for the first time last night and omg soo good!!

  2. Renee says:

    Have you tried those pain patches that have peel off adhesive on them? I have some that are Rx from my doctor – they have some type of pain relief in them. I think they sell a non-prescription version as well. And of course, Advil helps with muscle pain. Good luck! I’ve been there too and it is MISERABLE!

  3. Jung says:

    There is a cream that has the same healing power as a patch. The cream actually can have a stonger sensation than the patch at first, but it really helps.
    I think you can find this at most drug stores.

  4. Aliiiiiiiiiice says:

    christine — wtFRAK??? Good lord, those are NOT KOGI BURRITOS!!! That is FALSE ADVERTISING!!! NOT cool!! We don’t put rice in our burritos! Or beans! It’s not even a mediocre copy!! Daaaang, fool.

    renee — WHAT patch???

    Jung — WHAT cream???

  5. tamara and matilda says:

    My daughter’s a hardcore ballerina…meaning she’s always sore. For people who can move they sure do walk like little old ladies in the morning : D Anyway, homeopathic arnica pellets, arnica cream. My brother just turned her onto this. He swears by it and we love tumeric for the aches and pains:

    The people above were probably talking about salonpas patches and tiger balm…or some variation of those. Whole Foods has a nice bunch of balms.

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