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AREN’T YOU EXCITED???  I know I am!

Speaking of excited, I am very way excited about this yogurt I got from this Armenian grocery store just down the street:

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Normally I get the cheapest bulk-buy of plain yogurt (Sisly Mountain??? er, something like that) and lug it on home, and laugh the the 2-dollars-pricier Karoun Dairies.  I didn’t much care it was Grade A — I was pretty okay with my grade-B+ yogurt.

But one day I saw it for $3.49 for 4 pounds of it, instead of the usual 4.99, so I snatched it up in a pinch.  And ya know what?  I’m glad I did.

I was really surprised when I opened up that giant vat of yogurt that I saw… well, yogurt.  There was none of that watery whey on top.  And when I stuck my spoon in it, I realized it was phatty and THICK.  Almost as thick as Greek yogurt, only not nearly as expensive as what you pay for at TJ’s.

The taste?  SUPREMELY milky and tart.

Sometimes plain yogurt tastes more sour than anything else, but this wasn’t AS sour as most other plain yogurts — if you get what I mean, jelly bean.

Very smooth, very creamy — not gloppy like other plain yogurts, or gelatinous like Yoplait.  Just… I dunno — the way I wish I had known yogurt to be my whole life.

I DEFINITELY recommend it — and, in the end, it comes out to a little over a dollar a pound when it’s not on sale, which isn’t so bad for premium yogurt.

I really like it with thick-as-jam raw honey to just give it a touch of sweetness and vanilla and lavender — though, next time I’m going to add a drop of lavender essential oil as opposed to dried niblets of lavender.  Dried lavender gives the yogurt a nice flavor, but the dessicated niblets are annoying and interrupt the baby-phat texture of the yogurt.

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As for lavender essential oils, I’d definitely recommend getting (therapeutic grade) French, Barreme or Bulgarian lavender.  Camden Grey and New Directions Aromatics have the best quality and prices I’ve found.  Everyone else who’s gone ga-ga for aromatherapy lately seems to have joined the Young Living bandwagon — but even though I like their farming practices, I have a hard time swallowing their price points in addition to their very small selection of oils.  For example, they’ve only got one lavender oil — and they don’t even identify what KIND of lavender it is (French, Barreme, Mont Blanc, etc.), which is important because they all smell and taste and help heal very, VERY differently!

I will say they generally have great quality — though I really prefer the more affordable Camden Grey rose absolute to Young Living’s.

YES.  I’m geeking out on essential oils.  (One of the few things that AREN’T cool to geek out on for my generation, apparently.  I should be geeking out on something cooler — like video games, vlogs or steam punk anime.)  O_O

Oh — and STAY AWAY from NOW-bra nd essential oils!  ESPECIALLY the lavender!  The smell and quality is really heinous for what they’re charging in health food stores!  Bitter and herby with a weird after-scent, you can tell you ain’t gettin the good stuff.

Therapeutically, it does the job, though.

I’m trying to get through an old bottle of mine.

A few nights ago, I SLAMMED a window on my thumb and the dirty edge cut almost to the bone.  My thumb was so shocked it didn’t even start bleeding until 20 seconds later, I could just see the skin.  THEN it turned bluish and started to swell so badly I couldn’t even bend my thumb.  I was panicking that I’d broken my thumb.

I walked right on over to my little apothecary room and just kept dripping lavender oil over the joint and my cut, frustrated over the stupidity of the situation.  I gave it a lot of love and attention though.  Also a few drops of helichrysum italicum.

An hour later, I could bend my thumb.

The next day, there was just faint swelling/bruising — especially when I pressed down on my thumb, but it looked pretty much healed already.  Here are some pictures so you can compare the injured thumb to the uninjured one — they pretty much look almost the same.

Don't mind the dirty fingernails. I was raised by wolves.

I need to get a scrubber for my nails! Gross! I know!

There’s just a slight discoloration and a scab — but it’s pretty much very functional.

It’s situations and experiences like these that make you REALLY, REALLY appreciate your health and wellness.  (THANK YOU, THUMB!)  I always knew thumbs were important, but never realized HOW MUCH until I found myself wondering how I’d be able to press the space bar again if my thumb had to be amputated due to Hollywood window gangrene or tetanus.  ALSO, it has me really appreciating my essential oils.  (THANK YOU, MEDIOCRE-QUALITY LAVENDER OIL!  YOU’RE AMAZING!)

I really doubt rubbing alcohol and Neosporin would have gotten my thumb into the condition it is now.

The ONE caveat is to have a small bottle handy wherever you go, so you give whatever ails you IMMEDIATE attention.  I tried oils 2 days after the rigor mortis set into my kundalini-ed-out arms and it’s still slow healing for me.  (Today I can bend my elbows almost a full 90-degrees!  Yay!!!)

OH!  In OTHER RANDOM NEWS — GUYS!  I don’t understand you!

So, I was at A-Frame last night and got into conversation with these two dudes — one’s an Ozzie and the other’s from Maryland.  And they were pretty nice to talk to, especially while I was biding time before a business dinner I was kinda anxious about.  (Not keen on eating with a bazillion strangers.  My inner wallflower SHINES in these situations.  I’m really quite good at looking down at my plate and mumbling 2-syllable answers.)

They got a table and asked me to sit down with them.  I declined and motioned to my business dinner.  Maryland’s like, “Oh, cool.  Well, I’d love to get your digits later.”

Well, that was nice, since I’ve pretty much been on a sabbatical from all dudes asking for my number since, um… ’09 or so.

I go to my business dinner, it turns out to be really fun (surprising! cuz I’m awkward!) and I see him as I leave, so I stop by to say goodbye.

And he looks at me and says, “Oh yes!  I need your number!  I’d love to go out with you some time.”  He asks for my name and then where I live.  I tell him Hollywood/Los Feliz.  Then he kinda pauses and says, “Wow, that’s a real hike from the West side.  Oh, well — maybe we could be cyber buddies!”  He didn’t ask for my email — which would’ve been weird anyway.

Cyber buddies???

Maybe that’s East Coast lingo.


Cyber buddies.

I don’t know about you, but it reminds me of sleazy chat rooms circa 1997.

Or maybe I’m outta the loop and “cyber” is being revived as a common term.  Vintage NewSpeak.

I wasn’t butt-hurt or anything — hey, he was in his late-twenties and his roving eyes were VERY much on the prowl.  But…”cyber buddies”???  I guess I was expecting something a little more debonair.  Or normal!  (HA!  I’M one to talk!)

All in all, I found it strange…and then strangely amusing.  And kinda glad I’m not “looking” or “on the prowl.”  It’s just a whole different level of interaction that I’m not looking forward to getting accustomed to.




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Love and tacos,


  1. rosie says:

    Gurl, I don’t think you’re supposed to ingest that lavender oil. You better ask Chef Roy.

  2. Aliiiiiiiiiice says:

    rosie — woman, as long as it’s therapeutic grade, it’s perfectly safe to ingest! 🙂 (Though, the Now-Brand lavender oil, even though it’s therapeutic grade, probably wouldn’t be the tastiest EO to add to your cookie dough.)

    In fact, lavender oil is sometimes ingested with peppermint for its therapeutic properties w/ digestion or headache relief, etc. If it helps, some, I’ve ingested some lavender oil in capsule form from time to time and it’s actually helped a lot!

    I figure, if it’s safe to apply neat to the skin, if it’s safe to ingest at full strength, then it’s probably safe to add a single drop or two (it’s really strong!) to flavoring a tub of yogurt.

    It’s a stronger, smoother lavender flavor that you can control in terms of intensity w/out having to worry about picking out all the dried lavender nubbins at the end.

    Juss mah two pennies.

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