4 Days Left. OUR BIRTHDAY: ESS COMING. (and why are there no happy rainy day songs?)

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Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!  I’m posting on a Saturday.  WHICH I NEVER DO.  But I’m determined to post ebbery single day until our birthday comes ’round.


Cuz when it comes to blogging, I’m outta shape.

Ya know when you get into a funk?

You mean to go to gym.  You mean to take that morning walk.  Or to sign up for that imaginary triathlon.  BUT YOU DON’T DO IT.

Do I have an excuse?


But they’re pretty mundane, so I don’t think any of you’d be innerested in hearing any of them.  I’ve been busy and occupying myself, for sure, but I am guilty of neglecting one of my many children.


Plus, I was going through an existentialist funk about the whole purpose of blogging.

In the beginning, it was real fun and was something I was constantly thinking of ways to update.  New thoughts, things I thought were cool, trying to see if I could get the things I thought were cool to relate to tacos in some way, shape or form.

And then I started friend socializing, work socializing, social socializing and all of a sudden, everyone had a blog, everyone had something to advertise, everyone was trying to find ways of making money off an artificially-constructed posting board of their delights and many grievances.  And, hey, it was working for them — their blogs were a lot prettier, more well-put together, had better grammar and posted a lot of amazing photographs with their amazing DSLRs.

And there I was, still scrambling around with duct tape and confetti I’d purchased from the 99 Cents Store.  (Metaphor.)

And then there’s all this blogging etiquette and tagging and tagging-back and commenting and keeping up with a lot of blogs that you don’t really want to read anyway — not that I’d ever ascribed to those rules.  It was just too much of a fuss for a simple gal who was raised by wolves.  People raised by wolves tend to be pretty oblivious to the rules of etiquette.  And the once in a blue moon they are aware of Emily Post’s presence, they tend to not care for acknowledging her presence.

I wasn’t a part of the blog world.  I just happened to have a blog.  Thass all.

And once I decided that I REALLY didn’t want to play with them bloggers (NOT that I was cool enough or had the cred to ever hang out with them anyway — I’m too lazy and don’t care for politics or social propriety!), I let a lot of things take priority over going regularly to the gym.

ANYWAY, I’m back to getting into the groove of things because I realize there is a purpose.

Part of it is connecting to you, or helping you connect you to whatever’s happening in the KoGi sphere, but another part of it is to plug myself back into the parts of Kogi outside of my day-to-day KoGi bubble.

YES!  A purpose hath been FOUND!!!

And congraturations to anyone who’s made it through this post totally devoid of pictures and videos!



On November 24th, until we sell out, you can get any 2 tacos for $2 (excluding the calamari). Limit 2 orders per person at the window to make sure that as many people can share in the birthday goodness as possible! ^___^

Love and tacos, ALWAYS,

4 Responses to 4 Days Left. OUR BIRTHDAY: ESS COMING. (and why are there no happy rainy day songs?)

  1. Patrick says:

    I… I love you guys.

    Please have some Laotian / Korean / WHATEVER mutant fusion offspring with me, NAO.

  2. shebop says:

    You are so appreciated – at least by me!!!! Funny,I feel the same about bloggers – there seem to be serious cliques and even though have been around many of them because of my eating habits – I don’t belong….
    Stay you!

  3. Laurie says:

    There is a really good, happy, Academy Award winning rainy day song: Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head.

  4. Aliiiiiiiiiice says:

    Patrick — dude, I’ve never had Laotian food. Wass it lahk?? Once I’ve figured it out and passed it onto Papi, I’d love to create some mutant offspring with you! (IN DA KITCHEN.)

    shebop — your comment is so very much appreciated. BY ME! (( H U G )) Ahahaha. A part of me was like, “Oh, golly — boo hoo, Alice. Boo HOO!” But YES! There are CLIQUES!!! When did this HAPPEN??! Note to self: we’ve all got to make our peace with high school one day.

    Laurie — you are so RIGHT. Thank you, thank you!

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