isn't this precious???

I just had to share this with y’all.  A really good friend of mine pointed this out to me on his break.

“Alice, I gotta show you something.”

Oh, I’ve heard THAT before!

“No, seriously, it’s really cool.”

Well, I’m a sucker for mysteries and surprises, so I followed him out the door and out to the back and, well, whaddaya know — it’s a chrysalis!

It was almost cartoony, it was so bright green, like a color scheme made for anime.  Golden pinpoints of light shone through the skin of its translucent cocoon and you could definitely see the markings of a monarch.

I was actually quite moved.  It wasn’t until then that I realized that I’d never seen a chrysalis in person before.  I’ve seen pictures of, or videos of on the Discovery Channel, but never close enough for me to actually touch it.

And there’s something in me that wants to protect it.  So I didn’t tell anyone about it (EXCEPT YOU GUYS), and I don’t plan on telling anyone where it is.

I just really want for it to pull through, this little guy.  He’d already been through so much, I’m sure!

Sore muscles!  I’ve found an ANSWER!!!  <– I was tipped off by Tamara and Matilda, who apparently have a hardcore ballerina daughter who swears by this.
HAPPY RAIN SONG! <– Thank you, Laurie.


so pretties... photo courtesy of


On November 24th, until we sell out, you can get any 2 tacos for $2 (excluding the calamari). Limit 2 orders per person at the window to make sure that as many people can share in the birthday goodness as possible! ^___^

Love and tacos,


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  1. ohhhh yummmmmm the kitchenette rules. you should sell her tasty delights at the kogi truck. i would buy tons and tons. just saaaaayin’!

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