2 Mo Deys til Sanghil Feliz… 2 MO.

Ooooooooo, it is cold out HERE — and by cold, I mean 58 degrees or so, which is probably t-shirt weather out on the east coast.

Pictured above you’ll see a lovely half of a purple Okinawan sweet potato, which is just about the loveliest purple tuber the dirt has ever given birth to.  THANK YOU, DIRT!!!

I like it better than the Peruvian purple potato (so very nice in lemon-and-olive-oil summer potato salads) and even ube.  AND I ADORE UBE!!!!111oneone  If baked or roasted long and slow enough, it gets as as soft and sticky as toffee and takes on these marshamallow/caramel flavors.

You won’t find the above item on the menu, so you just might never ever get to taste it.  BUT I GUARANTEE IT WAS GREAT! It was served up like a baked potato, but instead of sour cream and butter, Papi topped it with delicately sliced pickled carrots and cucumbers, with a light, sandy dusting of toasted sesame and a touch of chives.

Because I’m so enamored with the taste of purple Okinawan sweet potatoes, I never noticed how more similar the texture is to Yukon gold potatoes than to, say, Carolina yams or Korean sweet potatoes.  Very creamy, it’d probably lend very well to a sweet mashing.

I like sweet potatoes a LOT, but I’m normally pretty purist about them.  They are either baked long and slow or deep fried til crunchy on the outside.  Just a little salt and I’m good.  It don’t like its texture mashed.  It’s too wet and wilty and not creamy enough.


Because purple Okinawan sweet potatoes seem to bypass that textural barrier between sweet and savory potatoes.

MAN, they’re expensive!  But they’d be so nice and pretty with just a touch of cream, butter and chives for Thanksgiving.

It’s more of a once-in-a-while food than an everyday food item, anyway, due to its apparent scarcity and price point.

For an everyday sweet potato to gorge on throughout the winter, I recommend the purply-red-skinned, white fleshed Korean sweet potatoes — gogumah.

photo courtesy of

THASS what they look like.  And they come either small or massive or anywhere in between.

The trick is to NEVER MICROWAVE THE POOR THING.  I mean, you can try, but you’ll have yourself a pretty mediocre sweet potato.  And it’ll still be white outside without any crispy skin.

Just a light rub of butter or virgin coconut oil (VERY good for you, high in lauric acid and heavenly mellow coconutty flavor!), roll it up in foil and bake it in an oven or toaster oven for a good hour to hour and a half.  Pick whatever temperature works for your oven, whether it’s 375 or 425.

Then you remove the top of the foil wrapping for the last 20 minutes or so.  You’ll want to eat the skins.

You’ll know when its ready because you’ll see sticky yellow beads of buttery sweat — and, if you’re lucky, a pool of sticky goo at the bottom of the foil.  When everything cools, DRINK THIS!!!  Or dip your sweet potato in it.  It’s basically all of its excess sugars caramelized during the baking process.

It’ll be the most dericious winter nectar you’ll ever have the honor of tasting.  Gogumah honey, I call it.

Once you crack open the skins, the flesh is no longer white if you’ve done it right.  Instead, it’s a deep yellow from all the caramelizing, and so soft you can suck the tuber into your mouf like soft serve ice cream — or a pretty ripe ice cream banana.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!  Enough daydreaming about sweet potatoes and on with the recycled birthday news!


photo courtesy of <-- I dreamed of a donut that looked like this last night!


On November 24th, until we sell out, you can get any 2 tacos for $2 (excluding the calamari). Limit 2 orders per person at the window to make sure that as many people can share in the birthday goodness as possible! ^___^

Love and tacos,

P.S. I don’t know where to buy purple Okinawan sweet potatoes, but I have seen them served VERY dericiously at Jar and Papi does a mean fried version at A-Frame along w/ those Korean sweet potatoes and orange yams.


3 Responses to 2 Mo Deys til Sanghil Feliz… 2 MO.

  1. Christine B says:

    Ahah, don’t forget to tell people to prick their gogumah all over with a fork before baking, otherwise it might explode all over the oven. Or do magic Korean sweet potatoes not have that problem? ;P

  2. Aliiiiiiiiiice says:

    You know, Korean sweet potaters might just BE magical — cuz I’ve never had that problem!!

  3. Liz says:

    Recently had my 1st taste of kogi bbq from the azul truck and finally understand what all the fuss was about. I was fortunate enough to be the last person in line and got to enjoy an amazing short rib burrito. Now I’m a believer too! 🙂

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