1 MO DEY! 1 MO DEY 1 MO DEY 1 MO — ::GA-DUNK!::

oh, duuuuude.

Okay, I’m not much of a pickle person.  I like them IN things, like sandwiches and burgers and sandwiches, but aside from that, I just can’t get very excited about them.  I’ll admit, I’ve never ordered the House Kimchi Platter at Chego.

BUT — but, BUT! — I kinda get excited about the pickles at A-Frame.  (NOT a promo, I SWEAR!!! YOUKNOWHOWIFEELABOUTTHEM.)

The thing is, the ones at A-Frame are served with a side of this olive oil, cracked black pepper bleu (is that how to spell it in French?) cheese dressing for dipping, and I am TELLING you, people, YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS.

Again, so simple.  Just a plate of fennel, radish and cucumber pickles (ok, FANCY pickles) and a side of creamy dip.  Now, I wouldn’t try this with ranch, cuz for some reason, it strikes me as gross, but with bleu cheese, IT IS AMAZING.  (And I don’t even LIKE bleu cheese!)

It’s a mild, creamy, cheesy tang coating something crisp and sour and salty-sweet.  I don’t know what it is, peoples.  But I REALLY LIKE IT.


Okay, I’m cutting this short because I’ve got a very important date with one of my bestest friends.  She’s in the 1st grade.  So I’ve got to cut out early.  OhBai!!!



On November 24th, until we sell out, you can get any 2 tacos for $2 (excluding the calamari). Limit 2 orders per person at the window to make sure that as many people can share in the birthday goodness as possible! ^___^

Love and tacos,


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  1. Dillhead says:

    Happy!.almost, and I love the Chego pickles
    , love, love love. But can’t wait to try A-frame’s
    with that apt and savory description.

    I can’t believe it’s been two years – holy crap!
    with love and gravy,

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