BATTLING: The Sickness

URRRGH!  Just wrote a post on this, but wordpress deleted it!  (GRRRRR!)

Anyway, I noticed everyone around me dropping like flies, falling sick for 2-3 weeks with whatever’s going around.  I, myself, just got sick (and still am!) and am against vaccines (who REALLY died of this “national epidemic” of the Swine Flu, really???  All known reported cases have turned out not to have been Swine Flu at all and more people actually died or got sick from the vaccine than those who supposedly contracted Swine/SARS/AvianBird Flu) and just about any drug you’ll find at your local Rite Aid.

I’m on Day 3 of The Sickness and already feeling better.  So, if you’re wary of vaccines and OTC drugs, this might interest you.

I’m not saying that this plan will work for everybody — what I am saying is that this is what I do, I’m open to addendums and this is just what happens to work for me.  And, I’m just having you know, that battling sickness is serious business for me!  I am RELENTLESS until I feel that little bounce up in my immune system that lets me know that I’m getting better.

TO GIVE YOU A LITTLE BACK STORY, prior to 3 years ago, when I got sick, it was really intense. It’d last for 2-3 weeks, I’d be coughing up half my lungs (and occasionally blood), have tonsils swollen up to the size of melons so that swallowing was almost impossible, severe headaches, skin aches, sweating, extremely SORE throat, supremely bad congestion, loss of voice.  Also, I’d be coughing so hard that it’d be pretty common for me to not get any sleep for 3-4 days because I’d wake myself up coughing.

And I’d treat it with a steady tide of drugs — Tylenol PM, Nyquil, Robutussin,  Sudafed, Theraflu, etc.  And my symptoms would be curbed, but I’d still feel awful.

And then I took Zycam. Zycam is this “medicine” where you stick half a Q-tip up your nose that supposedly helps you kick a cold in 24-48 hours.  I wish I’d known that using Zycam could rob you of your sense of smell. It’s been 3 years now and still, my left nostril is blind.  It can smell faintly, but only certain things.

So instead of these:

…I opt for those:

And it’s a trip, to go from 2-3 weeks of misery to 3-5 days of The Sickness. And if you can tough out dealing with the symptoms for a bit, you’ll probably recover much, MUCH faster.


Vitamin D (spray) and Immune Support.  Please note that I’m not pushing Dr. Mercola products.  While they are of high quality and come from mostly organic sources, they are also pricey.  Hence, I wait for sales and buy in bulk w/ my Premier Member discount.

I just really like a lot of the ingredients in Immune Support — but definitely do what’s most affordable.  Here’s a list of what I think are the most important ingredients in Immune Support: Vitamin C (from organic acerola), Vitamin D (cholecalciferol), peppermint leaf, olive leaf, oregano oil.  SEROUSLY, people.  Olive leaf and oregano oil are the sh*t!

As for those curious as to why Vitamin D3 is so important in building your immune system, click on over to this lecture here. Again, not pushing Dr. Mercola.  I just like his articles and lectures because they are the most to-the-point and always tend to cite back to the original source material, which is important because I like to know where my information comes from. (Also, no cod liver oil for Vitamin D source!  The ratio of Vitamin A is way higher than Vitamin D — just look for Vitamin D3/cholecalciferol!)

ESSENTIAL OILS!!! I’ve been experimenting with essential oils a lot in the past 6 months and just went to a workshop a weekend ago and learned about how essential oils are essentially the immune system/lifeblood of the plant.  Which makes sense.  And they can be used to boost our own immune system or help our bodies get back into order and heal.  Which also makes sense.

GOOD ADVICE: apply the appropriate essential oil to the bottoms of your feet, since that’s where all the important nerve endings start and where the oils can most readily enter your bloodstream.  Apply them neat (not dilluted), and just rub the bottoms of your feat together.

Since I wasn’t prepared for sickness, I don’t have the standard eucalyptus, thyme and Thieves oil.  So I made do with what I had: oregano (the sh*t!), ho wood, clove, cinnamon, tea tree, laurel berry, galangal, peppermint. 2-3 drops of each in a capsule and already, my sinuses cleared up in 20 minutes.

OTHER GOOD ADVICE: if you have swollen tonsils or a really sore throat, take a drop of lemon essential oil and apply it neat to the back of your throat and top of your throat.  The soreness immediately dissipated and the swelling started to go down.

ONE MORE THING: add a drop of peppermint OR lemon oil to a gallon of water.  (Try not to mix unless you don’t mind your water tasting like a really bad cough drop.)  Lemon works well on the throat.  Peppermint also soothes the throat and helps the digestive system, so that the chicken soup you’re making is even easier on the stomach.  Peppermint also helps with the sinuses, too.  One drop is enough, though, kids.  It’s pretty powerful stuff and can burn more sensitive people if not diluted.


Ozone generators are typically expensive ($200-300), but I got mine for 60 bucks.  I’m sure you can, too, if you don’t mind it coming from EVIL CHINA (joke.)  I don’t remember what website I got it from, but maybe if you google the company on my ozone generator you’ll be able to find it.

There’s a lot of material you can find on what ozonating your water does for you, and for those who are curious and want to start researching, here’s a short Bob Beck video that might help:

I also make a hot tea out of (not-so-raw-anymore) honey, ginger and cinnamon sticks.   It’s based off a Korean tea we call sujunggwa or something that is served cold in the summer — but piping hot is super good for The Sickness.  Think of it as a really dericious, natural Theraflu — only, it’s really good for you!  The heat and the spice of the ginger and cinnamon stimulate the immune system and open up the sinuses while the organic honey is super good at coating the throat and relieving soreness.

For chicken soup, since I’m not interested in super-involved cooking or doing a lot of dishes when I’m sick, I just throw in some pieces of raw chicken (as long as there are still bones and skin, it’s all good), nubbin of ginger, salt and water and just cook it really low for hours and hours.

You might not be hungry now, but you’ll be hungry by the time it’s ready.

There’s just something magically medicinal about ginger and chicken in soup-form. For some reason onions and garlic just muddy the taste and effect.

Though I’m still sick, my symptoms now only include helium-head (intense light-headedness and inability to focus on anything.  This post has taken me 5 hours already!), the sniffles and a scratchy throat.  I also would probably have trouble doing any strenuous exercise or operating heavy machinery.

Last night, my nose was all clogged up, my throat was sore, my body felt like a ton of bricks and I had a headache from breathing through my mouth and blowing my nose continuously.  So it appears that the worst of it is over already.


Love, tacos and IMMUNITY,

P.S. I also recommend Natasha Phan’s method of gargling w/ 8 oz. of water and 1 tsp. of sea/Himalayan pink/volcanic/just-not-the-Morton’s-iodized salt.  I amended her method and used pepperminted water, which makes it super refreshing! Gargle, spit, gargle, spit, gargle, spit until all the water is gone.  It immediately helps with sore throat and swollen tonsils and actually helps bring the phlegm up, if that makes sense, so that your body expels the nasty yellowy mucus in the morning.  Yay for yellow boogers!  (I get really excited when my snot is green/yellow, because it supposedly means my body is expelling the nasty stuff.)


11 Responses to BATTLING: The Sickness

  1. Ben says:

    Does a cream sauce covered quesadilla help battle congestion too? 🙂

  2. Moses says:

    ALICEEEE! Try something called Propolis Extract. It may not smell or taste so good, but mix it in with warm water, add a few pinches of salt, and half a spoon of honey. Chug it. You might just gag but I guarantee you you’ll feel better. Get well soon dearrr! :DD

  3. Menstrual Magic? Haha.

    Anyways, I’m really diggin this blog post. A year ago, when I got sick I’d be poppin pills like m&m’s thinking that its helping when its really doing more harm; making my immune system depend on outside influences and such. This year, I decided to opt out and just started chuggin some OJ for that good ol’ vitamin C, cookin up chicken soup when I feel a cold comin, and drinking more tea instead of coffee. BAM! Haven’t got sick all year.

    People, get your damn vitamins and stop relying on pills!

  4. Steve says:

    I think I’ll stick with modern medicine.

    And tacos. Lots of tacos.

  5. snuffelufigushead says:

    I just give my sickness to someone else, and feel all
    bettier right soon!
    Sorry for your extended-exarcerbated sickosity, and hope
    you’re feeling better rite soon too!

    limerick indeed!

  6. Great. Thanks for writing this. Its always awesome to see someone educate the community.

  7. D. Racul says:

    Haven’t missed a day of work to Sick time in
    36 years. Chiles are high in Vitamin C + A

  8. surfmonk says:

    Great info. Thanks for spending the time and effort to write it up.

    I’d also recommend NeilMed Sinus Rinse. Been a total fan of it, although the idea of shooting salt water up my nose initially was scary. Really helps clear out the green gunk from the sinuses and reduce that sore throat from the back of throat drip.

    Get better and thanks for the food!

  9. Felisia Isom says:

    i get allergy shots every week.They work! My immune system is getting better.I live in Texas and the weed pollens are real bad here.I had a problem with herpes simplex in my blood.And I havent had one sore since I started my shots.Amazing! I would suffer with fevers from the cold sores and suffered from fevers with sinus infections. I would be so miserable with out the shots. Thank God.I cant imagine my life with out the allergy shots. BTW i am so glad u dont serve kagolgi! lol. I make kimchi and all that good stuff. My daughter is a mexirean.So there be KBS up in this house! Take care and ask God every morning to keep you strong.

  10. There are no side effects to the acai berry. It’s like eating a fruit. Best check with your attending physician.

  11. I admire this piece. I tend to agree with it. I am gonna subscribe to your blog.I seem to have an issuewith load time on your site.Could you fix it pls

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