ATTN Journalists: He Was Last Seen Driving an Orange Scion

Aloha to all journalists, press people, PR coordinators, USC/UCLA/Cal State Fullerton journalism students, Korean journalists (yes!  you get your own special category as well!), curious food bloggers — thank you so much for your interest in Chef Roy.  It’s really flattering to know that you all would love/need to get in touch with Chef as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, however, Chef Roy has taken a mini sabbatical from all interviews, press requests, public speaking events, participation in public creative projects, mixers and lovely fiestas until 2011, with the exception to a handful of commitments we’ve made prior to said sabbatical.

I’m sorry if I either haven’t gotten back to you or appeared to have ignored your emails.  It’s just that sometimes I think that I have replied already, but as it turns out, I…haven’t.  🙂  Hopefully this blog post and (sorry!) templated response will help clear any confusion regarding Chef Roy’s absence.

2009-2010 has been a very intense year for all of KoGi, and most especially Chef Roy, in the context of being in the public eye.  Hence, he’s taking a mini-vacation from everything that’s keeping him away from the trucks and away from the kitchen.  And the rest of us — well, we’re doing the same!

So, thank you and please don’t take it personally (unless you have been unnecessarily mean or pushy or just…strange) — Chef Roy will come out of media-related hibernation in 2011.

Love and tacos,

P.S. Please note that Chef Roy is taking this time to refocus on the heart of Kogi… and to work on building up those rock hard abs:

He's got a ways to go before he can catch up to Marcos.

P.P.S. ALSO — I’d love to communicate to certain (not all!) members of the press that I will be ignoring or shrugging off all press requests that are just… obnoxious.  Emailing me rapid-fire questions that need to be answered before your deadline of, oh, 3 hours from NOW, threatening that we won’t be included in an article unless _______, misspelling our name (Koji/Kobi/Kobe) several times within the same email and trying to arrange for an interview with your camera crew (I don’t care if it’s the 6 o clock spot!) within a few hours — will not get you very far with me.  🙂  I understand you’re on deadline, but telling me that I need to get you in touch with Chef Roy or answer your simple questions that could be answered with a little research BECAUSE you’re on a deadline isn’t the best way to get through to me.  Unfortunately for the pushy journalists, I’m currently the bulldog for all press requests and will continue to be just that for a while longer.  It’s unreasonable to expect for us to drop everything and run to the nearest microphone or camera crew every time there is a press request — it’s not who we are, nor is it where our priorities are.  But it’s not that hard if your request is reasonable — just be reasonable, understanding and treat us like human beings and you’ll be surprised with how I’ll respond.  🙂
P.P.P.S. Chef Roy’s involvement with The AllOut Show was a prior commitment he made in the interests of fun and friendship.  (( H U G ))  WE LOVE YOU, JUDE!


5 Responses to ATTN Journalists: He Was Last Seen Driving an Orange Scion

  1. VZ says:

    Hello Alice

    I need to set up an interview with Papi Chulo ASAP- I have a major deadline and I need to speak with him possible today for the 9’oclock news. This is very important and I would prefer you rush this request over to Chef Roy personally by 1 pm today.

    your help will be greatly appreciated.

    I love KOJI every much.

    I’m kidding. in the words of that one internet blogger defending Brittney- Leave papi Chulo ALONE. continue to focus on the amazing food you create.

    -life long kogi follower

  2. Anna K. says:

    Let them eat Kogi!!! Stupid press. Taking Chef Roy away from what he does best.. YOU need HIM. He doesn’t need you! Kogi is still the o.g. food truck, and started all this crazy frenzy, so they need to respect and realize..

  3. S says:

    Give em the steve jobs reply. “Please leave us alone.”

  4. X says:

    I agree with S’s comment.

  5. Daniel says:

    KOGI!!! be expecting CSUF’s Daily Titan ad staff to be hitting kogi up tomorrow! no, not for press, even though we’d love it:) only a few of us have had Kogi before, and I am SO excited for everyone to have some! OMG they have NO idea what they are about to experience! 🙂

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