Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk – Pastrami, short rib, kimchi, triple decker burger filled with whispers of sweet nothingness.

It’s like a love song.

Chego Special – Only served at 3300 Overland Blvd 5:30pm-11:30pm

Strong like OX tail peasant soup with leeks, rice, taro, daikon, chili leaves, mountain herbs, and soulful bliss. Energizes and vitalizes the soul. Become like Tough Boy!


8 Responses to Pillow Talk

  1. Pillowhead says:

    Sort of reminds me of the oh-so-good, long lost Taco Bell “Bell Beefer” crossed with a little Oki Dog madness, all through the prism of a Chef Roy fever dream….

    sweet nothings, savory nothings = all good things.

  2. SoNiC says:

    Pillow talk is trully filled with nothing but sweet yumminess. Can u please bring back last weeks special, pork-pineapple-kimchi quesadilla. That special was simply divine.

  3. SoNiC says:

    Had the honor of meeting Papi @ K1 in Gardena on Friday night with my brother-in-law. Let me say your the best. Nicest guy I’ve ever met. Culinary genius. Keep doing what u r doing. I wish I could hit up your truck everyday. I’ve tried other trucks but honestly KoGi is the only one that has something special that makes me wanna go back on a weekly basis. I can’t wait till Mondays to plan out my week around the KoGi schedule. YOU GUYS ROCK. To anybody reading this blog, don’t waste your time going to those imitators. Go to the originals and the best, KoGi BBQ. And by that I mean CalbiBBQ. Those guys SUCK. Chef Roy I can’t say it enough, CULINARY GENIUS. Your the Picasso of street food. The Rembrandt of fusion cuisine. Simply your the Best.

  4. Lueda says:

    My sister Pat and I have a difference of opinion. She says the name of your truck is Ko Gee (as in Gee Whiz that Sweet chili chicken quesadilla was delicious) I say it’s Ko Gi ( like the martial arts uniform) Can you put that one to rest? Any way you say it…it’s delicious.

  5. Exia says:

    A tribute to the Pillows in Burger form? And another dish referencing Hokuto no Ken?!?! You guys have reached AWESOME status, nay you have surpassed it in my book. Keep on truckin with your amazingly delicious food guys.

  6. yo says:

    it’s Ko Gi (like the martial arts uniform)
    the other pronunciation is a “bad” word in Korean~

  7. yo says:


    how about this?
    sweet nothings, savory nothings = all yes things.


  8. Hey there Kogi!
    I’d like to thank you for letting me film your Azul truck in Newhall for an episode of my TV series, Hidden Gems with Angelo Gepiga, a weekly part of West Ranch High School’s daily broadcast show. The Blackjack Quesadilla was lip-smackin’ good, but the Pillow Talk was a must-try. Definitely worth the long wait.

    Enjoy the episode!

    Angelo G.

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