Burrito stuffed with Chicken, Chorizo, Cheeze, Beans, and a mix of alien dialects and flavors. Please don’t sue us George, we love you!

Chego Specials – Only available at 3300 Overland Blvd – 5:30PM – 11:30PM

Some Get this Tahng, Some Don’t – Medical Korean chicken stew consisting of jujubee dates, ginger, whole chicken, leeks, taro, daikon, herbs, garlic, and rice.

Garlic Bread Basket – Sliced Ciabatta bread toasted and smothered with our own garlic butter.

Ghetto Malasada Doughnut – Cooked fresh to order. MMMMM…. Where you Popo’s at?


5 Responses to C3PO

  1. cynicalifornian says:


  2. hilolilo says:

    OMG! If you served malasadas on the Kogi trucks, I’d be your BFF! Mahalo plenty!

  3. Luc says:

    C3PO burrito is awesome! Very tasty. Got it with a side of blue sauce.

    PS. Caroline is quite a beauty.

  4. Jayme heyl says:

    Malasadas were bomb!

  5. Bill says:

    Hey Guys, when are you coming to are side of town or near us, will like to eat, too?
    Century21 George Michael , City of Montebello

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