Take Me Home Tonight: SALSAS y MARINADES Now AvaiLabLe at Chego

JES. THIS can be aLL yours and MORE, cuz starting tonight we are going have VERY LIMITED quantities of our secret sauces and key marinades avaiLabLe for purchase at CHEGO starting tonight.

BUT FIRST, some mood music. I’m having a hard time picking, which one I want to set the tone, so I’ll leave that up to you. The Eddie Money’s the sound of our marinades caLLing out to you in the dark of night, longing to find some space in your fridge to caLL its own.

So take them home tonight, cuz they don’t wanna LET. YOU. GO. To see the light. TAKE THEM HOME TONIGHT —

ALice, ALice, hey -- who sings that song again?
Eddie Money.
Yeah, and let's keep it that way.

Okay, okay, okay — I know, I know, I’m not even to the juice of this post and I’m stiLL deciding on MOOD MUSIC. But seriousLy, if this post is mainLy about saLsas, then we ought to have a littLe…

THIS is actuaLLy my favorite song by Sonora CarruseLes — and whaddaya know, they were pLaying it at my 1st and onLy saLsa lesson. (
ApparentLy saLsa onLy likes keeping my food company, but when it comes to hoLding a beat, I am sadder than a soccer mom at a Jodeci reunion concert.)

SALSAS ROJA and VERDE as weLL as our SHORTRIB and SPICY PORK MARINADE wiLL be avaiLabLe. And for saLad lovers and friends, we wiLL aLso be incLuding our Chego MISO VINAIGRETTE and the Kogi ENSALADA VINAIGRETTE in smaLL ($5, 8 oz.), medium ($7, 16 oz.) and large ($9, 32 oz.). Purchase 2 larges and we’LL throw in a Drew FansLer-designed Kogi tank, which is a sLeeveLess version of what y’aLL see at the truck stops on our staff and managers.

But since they’re free, you can’t be choosy about the sizes. As Papi ChuLo aLways teLLs us: YOU GET WHAT YOU GET, AND YOU DON’T GET UPSET. ^__^v

ALSO — SAUCES, MARINADES AND VINAIGRETTES MUST, MUST, **MUST** BE KEPT IN THE FRIDGE AT ALL TIMES. They are made every singLe morning with very fresh and very perishabLe ingredients, so there is a sheLf life of about a week on the saLsas, a month or so on the marinades and vinaigrettes.

The sauces we’re seLLing are the same as the ones on the trucks, so there wiLL be no adding of additives, preservatives or sodium benzoate. But if you wouLd like to add your own to your own batch on your own dime and time, you are more than weLcome. ^___^

This is the saLsa that, when we first started out on the trucks, we caLLed “magic sauce.” It goes standard on aLL our tacos, burritos and tops our kimchi quesadiLLas. Chego-lovers, this is one of the sauces we use in our Chubby Pork BeLLy bowL. Mexican and Korean chiLLies, ginger, garLic, sesame oiL, soy sauce — it’s one of our most cLoseLy-guarded secrets. So whiLe we won’t be reLeasing a fuLL list of ingredients for the sauces, we wiLL be listing key eLements and anything that might trigger aLLergic reactions like soy sauce for the gLuten-intoLerant. ALSO, if you have aLLergies, just ask if it contains whatever you’re aLLergic to, and we’LL heLp you out. But aside from that, think of it like you’d like of purchasing cookies at your favorite bakery — you got aLLergies, then ask. But we’re keeping our secret sauces, weLL… secret.

This baby was born with the BLackjack QuesadiLLa and has become a stapLe sauce at Chego as weLL. Imagine oven-roasted jalapeños making sweet, sweet love to some roasted garLic, limes and ciLantro. It’s a littLe meLLower than the SaLsa Roja, but sometimes you feeL like a littLe Barry White on your breakfast and not the entire cast of ReaL WorLd, seasons 1-4. (

Soy sauce, kiwi, garLic, onion, ginger, Korean pears, sesame oiL, brown sugar — and that’s about aLL I shaLL be discLosing now on the key components of our shortrib marinade. It’s one of our other super secret sauces — I mean, you’ve got secret sauces and then you’ve got secret SECRET sauces that are in part guarded by the fact that they contain so many friggin ingredients that onLy 2 peopLe in the kitchen know how to prepare them from start to finish, incLuding Papi ChuLo himseLf.

YES. That’s aLL I can say to this one. Just say YES. It’s spicy, but not too spicy, but packs a powerfuL punch. It’s like the SaLsa Roja of marinades in terms of fLavor profiLe, but sweet enough to aLLow for a dangerousLy dericious carameLization on any meat you dare to massage this stuff with. It’s what gives our spicy pork tacos and BLackjack QuesadiLLas their voice, their spirit and their very personaLities.

SALAD SAUCE?!!! WHY SALAD SAUCE????! Good question. NormaLLy I’d be right there whichu, but so many peopLe ask us about being abLe to bag that Asian sLaw that goes on our tacos that we decided to make that process easier for them. Just go home and shred some cabbage and romaine very fineLy and toss it in this chiLi soy vinaigrette. It’s that easy. PLus, you don’t have to worry about a sad, soggified bag of greens when you get home.

YES. Another saLad sauce. AND SO MUCH MORE! This is what makes our $12 SaLad at Chego taste like it’s worth $12. WeLL, this and our angeL-soft nuggets of HumboLdt Fog goat cheese. But ya gotta know that not onLy does this taste luxurious on your mizuna and baby spinach, but this aLso TOTALLY KICKS ASS on your eggs, your fries and even your chicken and fish. Out of aLL our sauces, it’s definiteLy one of the most versatiLe.

A lot of peopLe have been asking to bring our sauces home with them or to pack them in bottLes and seLL them onLine, so seLLing them through Chego is the best answer we couLd find. Sorry to the New Yorkers, Chi-Town peopLes and Bay Area foLks (you’re not that far!!), but we do not ship our sauces.

It’d just be a big headache with the packing and packaging and they have a short sheLf life, so it’d just end up being one expensive waste of energy and effort on both our parts. (LOVE YOU!)

But, who knows? Maybe you have a reaLLy uberLy awesome friend who lives around LA who’d be wiLLing to drive over to pick you up some, pack it reaL nice and ship it out to you him/herseLf.

Love and tacos,

P.S. There’LL aLso be some new fun, random stuff for Chego (WHICH IS OPEN AT 5:30PM NOW!!) in the works. Like, for exampLe, when you induLge in 2 of Beth’s desserts, you’LL get a free love letter.
P.P.S. It’s not that we need to push Beth’s desserts (
which seLL quite weLL, thank you), but a boy recentLy crushed my fragiLe rittLe heart and so now I’m writing a lot of fictitious love letters to deaL with it and to get it out of my system. I just thought to myseLf — man, who wouLdn’t love to receive a love letter? PLus, it’d make the Beth KeLLerhaLs dessert experience aLL the sweeter.


5 Responses to Take Me Home Tonight: SALSAS y MARINADES Now AvaiLabLe at Chego

  1. No sleep til Sleepyhead says:

    Wow – it’s like having Chef “Papi” Roy stuck inside my frig, except in squeeze bottle form..just as I always dreamed.

    I want to dive headfirst into those buckets, perhaps as part of my David Blaine-style act…

    Salsa roja forever!

  2. Christine B says:

    That’s pretty rad! I like making kbbq quesadillas at home but it just aint as good without the kogi secret sauce!!

  3. sunshinejones says:

    Y’all are the bizness….I mean now you sellin sauces? Sickwitit!

  4. Tanja Barnes says:

    Oh, wow! So delish! Now I’ll get to make some yummy goodness for myself in between my next visit. Oh and yes: Salsa Roja for eva! Nom! Nom! Nom!

  5. bribot says:

    Are the salsas and marinades still available at Chego?


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