CaLLing All Gauchos and Santa Barbarians!!!

AHAHAHHAHA. That was an old photo circa 2003 or 2004 that took place somewhere in Isla Vista. If not on Trigo, then most definitely Sabado Tarde. I wonder if the party gear has changed much in the past 6 years, which was colored spaghetti straps or black tops, jeans and flippity flops.

ANYWAY, though we’re not parking it on campus, we will be in your general vicinity this Saturday at, say, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art for the Chaotic Harmony Exhibition.

WHAT is the Chaotic Harmony Exhibition?!!

Contemporary photos done by Koreans from the motherland. So you’ll be seeing a lot of THIS:


…coupled with a lot of THIS as well:

Pedophiles...perverts....and those stricken with Yellow fever -- EACHYERHEARTSOUT!!!

So Gauchos, Santa Barbarians….

We do more than drink and party, btw.

… we’LL be bringing one of THESE:

…to YOUR turf.  Namely, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art this Saturday, 1-3:30PM.  YES, it’s open to the public and NO, you don’t have to purchase a ticket to kick it with KoGi.

Besides, to roll otherwise wouldn’t be very Gaucho of us, would it?

Love and tacos,

P.P.S. ALSO — if you can find us some place to park it that is 200 feet away from a restaurant and 500 feet away from a school during operating hours, PLEASE let us know and we’LL do our best to put in the extra gas money to make the trek up north.  >_<  (And as a head’s up for those not from LA or Orange County, we only operate on Tuesdays-Saturdays.)

P.S. Okay, okay — so I know that UCSB is supposedly the Harvard of party schools, but seriously, we do more than crash parties on DP and celebrate the end of Dead Week with red cups.  AND I HAVE PROOF:

Granted, none of these photos include any of us studying, but LET IT BE KNOWN that we know how to do that, TOO.


15 Responses to CaLLing All Gauchos and Santa Barbarians!!!

  1. SoNiC says:

    What happened this week? Is there no new special? Usually u guys tweet the weeks special on Tuesdays. Just wondering?

  2. mark says:

    YES!! Now i wont have to abandon kogi when I go to school!

  3. SoNiC says:

    What’s up KoGi? Is there no new special this week? U guys usually tweet it on Tuesdays. Just wondering.

  4. Diana says:

    FINALLLLYYYYYY!!!!!! 😀 I’ve been DYINGGGGG to try this! <3 <3 <3

  5. hm... says:

    Pedophiles…perverts….and those stricken with Yellow fever — EACHYERHEARTSOUT!!!… not, in the very least, amusing~ i have a few friends that encountered some traumatizing things when they were young.

  6. how many sleepyheads does it take to screw in a light bulb? says:


    “i came to isla vista without a bike and ended up with five!”

  7. MEEE says:

    PARK IN ISLA VISTA! near ucsb and restaurants! :p street parking free everywhereeerereereee

  8. SB_gal says:

    Woohoo!! See you Saturday!

  9. tp72 says:

    Is it true you won’t be coming back to Carson by Ikea?

  10. sweet says:

    You guys need to set up shop in Ventura! I know of some loyal customers who will happy to stop by.

  11. roger says:

    Thanx for coming to S.B today- we have traveled to L.A. just to lick your lovliness, and now to walk from the casa to chow was beyond happiness- thanx

  12. What great food and what a hard working staff. Come again soon — the line was winding around the block and people loved the food.

  13. Food Trucks says:

    Dang I cant wait to try you your calamari tacos again!! Come back to Glendale soon!!!

  14. DAIS says:


    ya guys would make bank just posted up on del playa or embarcadero in isla vista.
    much love!

  15. Joseph says:

    Hey there’s a few restaurants 500ft away from the school on Pardall in Isla Vista that you can park by. If you parked there on a Friday afternoon and/or Friday/Saturday nights you would make baaaank. So many students concentrated in one area ready to eat!

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