Whole Lotta Tostada

Whole Lotta Tostada – Tostada with short rib cooked with refried beans and enchilada salsa, topped with our salsa verde, cheese, salad, and a dollop of sour cream. – $5


8 Responses to Whole Lotta Tostada

  1. ernie says:

    are those peanuts on top of the sour cream?

  2. Giselle says:

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Please make the WHOLE LOTTA TOSTADA available on the NARANJA TRUCK. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, etc.

  3. Eric Shin says:

    @ernie – it’s toasted and crushed sesame seeds

    @Giselle – it is available at the Naranja truck. I think it was sold out last night.

  4. ANA says:

    What happened to La Habra and La Mirada pit stops!?

  5. Sleepyhead-A Westfield Co. says:

    This makes me want to watch “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”!

  6. Giselle says:

    Going tonight Naranja Truck @ Ohara’s Pub, please, please, please don’t sell out of the Whole Lotta Tostada…;)

  7. Giselle says:

    Now that the Cream is going bye bye ——–> so sadddddddddddddddd! BUT, is the Whole Lotta Tostada coming back? I hope, i hope, i hope, i hope, i hope…..

  8. Lydia says:

    Will it be available on Azul Truck?

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