Pacman – Round 2

The Pacman Special is back! Featuring all 3 meats, sauces, onion cilantro, cheese, and our sesame mayo. $7

Zorses and Zonkey Quesadilla – Melted Cheese, kimchi, spicy pork, wild sesame seed leaf and sesame seeds. $7.

Chego Specials – 3300 Overland Blvd

  • Fried rice Burrito
  • Kbbq
  • Steak in the heart
  • Ooey Gooey Fries
  • Nuts and Yogurt
  • 10 Responses to Pacman – Round 2

    1. Sarkis Mahroukian (prim Jewelers) says:

      OMG!!! the pacman burger is back!!! I’m gonna have it every nite this week;-) please make the pacman a regular menu item!!!

    2. nchow says:

      what do you guys do with the piece you cut off??

    3. oc.brett says:

      yo to all who dont know the fried rice burrito at chego is rediculous.and the meatballs are top notch

    4. Matt says:

      Yeah the pacman special is awesome!! It really should be on the regular menu!!! 🙂

    5. Lloyd says:

      The Pacman special should be on the regular menu!! Very good =D

    6. Eric says:

      @nchow you get to keep it or give it to a buddy =D

    7. @infamous says:

      I missed out on the Pacman burger the first time you guys had it as a special and made sure I didn’t this time around. That burger was awesome! you guys MUST keep it on the menu, that’s like a regular for sure.

    8. jss1 says:

      Please make a regular menu item!! The only extra you guys have to purchase are the buns….you already carry the other ingredients 🙂

    9. amourra says:

      AGREED! Just had this (requested all beef) earlier this week! Please make this a regular $5 item =) lol

      Also, what are the sauces?

    10. amourra says:

      Salsa Azul??????? Can someone tell me what that consists of???????????? Thank you!

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