cuz thehngs are a-changing

With the way the tabLes and chairs were set up, it was getting to be a bit of a probLem:

They were just big, cLunky, awkward — and weren’t reaL friendLy for the lone diner taking up a 2-top or 4-top.

I noticed a lot of irritated peopLe standing around, eyeing some perfectLy nice, empty chairs at a partiaLLy-occupied tabLe. Like SHARKS.

The thing is, we didn’t have much of a budget in the beginning, but we’ve been secretLy saving up the funds to make for a much friendLier chow-down atmosphere. We wanted to figure out a way to create a space where anyone couLd rest his or her weary butt — soLo or pack herd.


he's that cooL-looking dude to the left of the shot

NormaLLy, I’d be like — “Oh yeah, we got some new tabLes and chairs, reaLLy exciting, yeah.” — but I had to give a shout out to Jeremy and his crew because they did something reaLLy amazing.

FIRST of aLL, they used recycLed paLLet wood for aLL the tabLe tops and stuff and junk.

So this stuff that grocery stores and Costcos across the country throw away in the dumpster every other hour has been stained, seaLed and made ready for you to eat off of. PLUS, because it was paLLet wood and not aged oak taken from the inside of oLd wine barreLs shipped in from Napa, the actuaL cost was so much more affordabLe than if we had gone the fancier route.


They’ve aLso been used to make that uber cute butt rest you see at the right.

How doth one use-eth a butt rest?

Let Natasha here show you:

So for aLL the to-go orders, there is a pLace to rest your tired, poor, hungry arses yearning to breathe free.

And what I reaLLy loved about Jeremy and District MiLLworks is that they incorporated a bit of the oLd Chego set up into the new.



Take a good look at it.  The legs, the seat — you got it?  Okay, now, look again:



legs on our picnic tabLe. RECOGNIZE.

Our picnic tabLe.

Okay, this has GOT to sound heLLa cooL to at least some of y’aLL, because I normaLLy don’t get excited over stuff like this.


The cooLest picnic tabLe in the worLd, that’s what kind, I teLL youse!


This one’s uberLy… uber. (Or, as the kitchen wouLd say — “muy muy.”) Kinda like the tabLes at Momofuku MiLk Bar — it’s for peopLe (of a taLLer nature) who don’t mind standing around and eating on the go, or wanting to figure out a way to oh-so-cavaLierLy snuggLe up to that good looking stranger waiting so very patientLy for his order.

It’LL buy you just enough time to strike up a conversation and get his or her number before you mysteriousLy disappear for the rest of the night.

oh. the possibiLities.

So, what I reaLLy like about this new set up is that it kinda does what the KoGi lines do in a lot of neighborhoods — it encourages strangers to sit next to each other and say, “Hi, there.”

Look, there are just too many good-looking and uber cooL peopLe coming to Chego for you NOT to strike up a random conversation with. It’d just be a butt load of sadLy missed connections and opportunities.

I mean, who can forget Jamie de Lyon from Facebook who found the best 3 dates of ’09 in a KoGi line? Or those two girLs — I can’t remember their names — who became BFF’s after just taLking to each other whiLe waiting for their tacos?

So scoot on over, smiLe and let something reaLLy amazing happen to… weLL, happen.


Oh, and some basic guideLines — for there are no ruLes at Chego!! — are that the picnic tabLe wiLL be most ubértLy comfortabLe for shorter-legged peopLes whiLst the standing-room-onLy tabLe wiLL probabLy be best suited for those who are not verticaLLy chaLLenged. And the littLe bars w/ the stooLs are probabLy best for han-soLos who are in the mood for a littLe peopLe-watching.  (Aren’t those accidentaL mirrors faboosh?)



toothpicks. so many toothpicks.

We had an unfortunate mishap at Chego over the weekend that just reaffirmed my unwavering faith in the po po (PSYCHE!).  FortunateLy everyone was safe and the biggest casuaLties were the toothpicks.  Among other things I am unabLe to discLose at the moment.  Siiiiiiigh.  But we’re hanging in there.


KOGI UPDATE: In stiLL other news — our fridge TOTALLY died on us sometime over the weekend at the truck lot.

Not onLy did that set back prep work at the lot, but we aLso lost a lot more than anyone can imagine in terms of food storage.

So if we run out of stapLes like quesadiLLas or sLiders earLy, pLease be patient with us.  There is a reason why.  And if we are a bit late to our stops this week, there is a reason why.

Having no fridge or storage space definiteLy crippLes our mojo.  >_<  Oh, our poor waLLets.  >_< Hurting.

But you know, we’LL bounce back eventuaLLy.

A littLe patience and understanding goes a long way, though!

As it turns out, The BeLLy of Los AngeLes hath tried Beth’s pie.  AND HE LIKED IT.  ^__^

Though, seriousLy, what’s not to like?  The aLL-butter, saLted sugar cookie crust is amazing, the fruit is fuLL of punch, the brown sugar crumbLe wiLL make you weep and there ain’t nothing vaniLLa about Beth’s vaniLLa ice cream.

Oh, btw — yes, I know, the pies seLL out earLy.  UsuaLLy by 7:30 they are gone.  9PM on a good night.  The issue is that those crusts are a lot more deLicate than they appear, so they have to be made in manageabLe batches.

But yeah.

I’m just seriousLy happy for Beth.  Is aLL!


The other Sunday, my best friend Lua and I made it to the finaL showing of LOST at the Orpheum and it was AMAZING.

There’s probabLy aLready a lot that’s been written on it, so I won’t rehash every detaiL.  But I wiLL say that MichaeL Emerson/Benjamin Linus was there — as weLL as the ever-regaL L. Scott CaLdweLL/Rose NadLer.

MichaeL Emerson was sooooooooooooooooooo friggin cooL, you have no idea!  Witty, inteLLigent, humbLe, supremeLy funny and just an aLL-around laid-back dude.  He’s not Ben Linus, but even when he speaks coLLoquiaLLy on paneL, he stiLL has a stage actor’s voice, language and deLivery.

I’ll show you a picture to demonstrate how excited we were to be there — and to give a littLe context, Lua and I were both wearing our limited edition Hitchcock-inspired John Locke shirts we got at that LOST art exhibit a few months back:

I let Lua borrow my poLar bear hat for the picture. RAWRRR!!

It looked better on her than it did on me.  UnfortunateLy.

::makes a face::

But it was a very, VERY satisfying series finaLe.  In fact, it was everything that I hoped it wouLd be and MORE.

And this TOTALLY reaffirmed my sneaking suspicion that LOST is the yin to BattLestar GaLactica’s yang in terms of thematic deveLopment, purpose, character arcs and narrative.

>_<  <– KYAH.

Love, tacos and misadventures,


7 Responses to ☝CHEGO BLOG POST – Pick Yer Poison: SIT, SQUAT or STAND

  1. sleepyhead? says:

    Ack! will there be room for me to string up my
    macrame hammock???
    Seriously, this is a great thing for lone wolfers and
    their invisible friends who steal ooey gooeyness from them. Hope to be a squattin’ soon!

  2. kevin says:

    coool tables!! I love the Kogi line mentality behind it 🙂

  3. Andrew says:

    Where did you get that hat? I want one! It’s WAAY cool. Also, I love the shirt. Never watched Lost, so I have no idea what that has to do with the show, but I am in a wheelchair, so it is cool to me for dat reason. 🙂

  4. tien. says:

    246 toothpicks and 4 left in the box?

  5. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    sleepyhead? — the SQUAT is most definiteLy the way to go, monami. It’s definiteLy the most Asian — though, rumor has it that non-Asians are doing it as weLL. O_o

    kevin — !!!! Miss you.

    Andrew — Ebay, ebay, ebay! The hat is VITAL because there were a whoLe lotta poLar bears running rampant on the isLand season 1. As for the shirt — it’s a reference to one of my favorite characters — John Locke. He’s a man who was wheeLchair bound who was banned from going on an Aussie waLkabout. His catchphrase is, “DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO.” NeedLess to say, him and his hunting knives eventuaLLy got out of the chair and went on to lead an entire army of confused peopLe on this otherworLdLy isLand in the middLe of nowhere.

    tien — actuaLLy, the thief wasn’t even nice enough to leave any victims aLive. They were sLaughtered. All 265 of them.

  6. Hi, I love the Toy Story movies, great movie!

  7. XinXin says:

    I trust the American people to realize that while we don’t need big government, we do need a government that stands up for families who are being tricked out of their homes by Wall Street predators; a government that stands up for the middle-class by giving them a tax break; a government that ensures that no American will ever lose their life savings just because their child gets sick. Security and opportunity; compassion and prosperity aren’t liberal values or conservative values – they’re American values.

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