Un momento, por favor…

PLease excuse us for the next week or 2 whiLe we’re fixing up some technicaL difficuLties as we’re making a transfer from our oLd domain and hosting site to the new one.
Think of it as something like a mass exodus. ChiLdren wiLL be lost, not everyone wiLL make the trek. ALready I’m having the darndest time finding anything I posted non-menu-based as a bLog and everything after November 17th — pics and posts and comments — seems to have disappeared.

But no worries. We’LL be here working out the kinks and sending out a rescue team to locate aLL missing famiLy members so that they can aLL party on our new site.

YES. You notice that something’s different?

I’ll get into detaiL later, but it reaLLy is bigger, faster, stronger. It is kinda like the Bionic Woman of wordpress bLogs. And we have nufish to thank for that, who’s working reaL hard to quash aLL existing bugs and making some sLeek improvements aLong the way.

STILL, I NEED YOUR HELP. Any weird bugs you might notice on the site — pLease post them in the comments beLow as weLL as the web browser you’re using (safari, firefox, iPhone, etc.). GRASHUS!!!

If it’s about the press section — we’re working on it! But anything eLse, PLEASE LET US KNOW.

So hoLd on tight, kids. It’s gonna be a rocky ride for the next week or so.

Love, tacos and technicaL difficuLties,


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  1. Ninjabetic says:

    When I click on the days of the week to get the schedule, I see it change but it slides over to the far right and there is no way to scroll over. Refreshing the browser doesn’t help either.

    I am using IE8 FYI.

  2. Danielle says:

    The site looks good but I dont see any stops posted for Naranja for Wednesday and after on internet explorer. but in safari on my iphone it works..strange. and thanks for adding stops near cal state fullerton!!

  3. buttnugget says:

    cannot see Wed ~ Sat schedule in IE 8

  4. Me says:

    using FireFox 3.5.7
    1.) The Kogi Feature is showing Spicy Ckn (error?)
    2.) Leave a Reply Section – tabbing from Name input takes you to ‘Search’ not the ‘Mail’ input line

  5. Stitch says:

    Apparentely IE doesn’t like the new Truck format. Every time I click on a different day of the week, the table slides to the right, off the screen. I then have to refresh the browser to view the contents. 🙁

    But all migrations have kinks… time to get out the hammers and crowbars. (Plus bubblegum and scotchtape does wonders).

  6. Kim says:

    Wondering if you’ll ever visit West Hollywood?

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