Like I mentioned earLier, Papi was getting his first tat at Las CaLaveras in FuLLerton last night and grabbing a few hardcore fans who were ready to bite the buLLet with him.

First of aLL, big ups to Big E for adding a piece of KoGi onto his aLready existing canvas of loveLiness!

Next, we’ve got G, here. First time at KoGi, first time getting a tattoo. I am IMPRESSED. (BTW, am I the onLy one here who finds him good looking in a major way? Must be the cheekbones and the lightLy scruffy faciaL hair. Le siiiiiiiiigh!)

And, of course, I couLd not forget Mad Dog. I remember tweeting out about the tat on Monday and he was the onLy one that tweeted back at least twice, was down to get it and didn’t even try to negotiate free tacos or cut in line passes for life. He did it not for greed, not for money, but for the spirit of KoGi.

PLus, don’t you just love, love, LOVE how he got aLL 4 trucks in 4 different coLored inks aLL around the K-O-G-I??? Amazing. An originaL. And you can bet that no one eLse on this pLanet has that same tat.

Hats off to you, Mad Dog.

Last, but not least, we’ve got Papi here who is destined to wear KoGi Por Vida on his sLeeve. FOR ALL TIME.

Leave it to Papi to come up with a surprise of some kind. It’s dramatic and truLy breath taking, carrying with it aLL the eLements of the LA he knows and loves.

And look! There’s his moLe!

On a side note: does anyone have moLes on their hands? I’ve got 2.5 smaLL ones and a bunch of freckLes. SupposedLy this means that you’re a great cook. ^__^

Love and tacos por vida,


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