Stoner’s DeLight – NOW w/ 50% More Corny Goodness

This is everything every Korean American grew up with… AND MORE.

Cheese, corn, Vienna sausage and kimchi tacos w/ a dose of our meLLow, soothsaying brother SaLsa Verde.  Papi caLLs it stoner food.  I caLL it the food of my youth — though the addition of sweet corn seems to be a very Taiwanese touch.


Love and tacos,

P.S. And as aLways, better pictures forthcoming!


EDITED TO ADD:  NOW w/ corned beef hash, corn, kimchi, cheese and more corn.  Yeah. We’re keepin it reaL around here.  ReaL corny.


0 Responses to Stoner’s DeLight – NOW w/ 50% More Corny Goodness

  1. orangecountygal says:

    Can’t wait to try!!

  2. GROUPIE says:

    STONER’S delight INDEED.

    Delicious and brings back memories of college. yum!

  3. Sh*un says:

    Im not a stoner, but this is wOrTh trying. Good, But still not as good as the short-rib taco and sliders. Can I request more tres leches in the afternoons? 4 out of the 6 times ive met kogi and ask for 3leches, they dont HaVe IT :/ Love the food, cheers

  4. La Veda says:

    OMG! I tried the truck for the first time yesterday and couldn’t help but locate a truck again today. Keep up the good work. Food is great.

  5. luckygohappy says:

    Omg I am a kogi fiend, I eat it at least once per week. The corned beef hash taco was like the best thing ever. Period.

  6. Victoria says:

    this sounds so.. crazyweird, but my tastebuds trust kogi. 🙂

  7. T says:

    had it yesterday, it was good but i agree with sh*un. the calamari tacos however are DELICIOUS!! but pricey at $3 for a thing the size of your palm :/

  8. surfmonk says:

    Sure looks good, but not able to eat it. More vegetarian options pls!

  9. Ram_One says:

    This was very delish… Only a stoner would have thought of something like this. Corn beef HASH w/ CORN. now thats what im talkin about. Hella corny!

  10. danielle says:

    how do i find out your orange county locations?

  11. Lisa says:

    I’m so disappointed!! Two weeks in a row Gardena didn’t have the Calamari Tacos and this week no Stoner special….not even to begin the evening with! I so want to try those tacos!!

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