YES. You heard me. Somebody’s waLLet is…

…and I shouLd like to heLp him find it. But preferabLy without any fLashbacks or strange reveLations about John Locke’s past connection with Benjamin Linus.

From: Johnny Le
Date: Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 11:49 AM
Subject: Lost wallet!

Hi kogi. I was enjoying your delicious food yesterday at Naranja truck when I lost my wallet. It has a few credit cards and 90 bucks in it along with my drivers license.
My name is Johnny Le. Would you be able to send out a twitter and hopefully someone would respond?

Thank you!

Hey, I’ve been there. And it ain’t no fun. ApparentLy TSA won’t let you through to visit your famiLy if you don’t have your drivers license (or passport). And apparentLy the DMV won’t give you another drivers license (in NY) if your sociaL security card was lost aLong with the rest of your waLLet. And apparentLy you can’t get a sociaL security card if someone temporariLy mispLaced your birth certificate. So yeah. NO FUN!!

So if anyone, by some miracLe, happens to stumbLe upon a waLLet w/ no cash or credit cards but a drivers license with Johnny Le’s (it might actuaLLy say “Jonathan Le” now that I think about it) name on it, pLease hit Johnny back at

Love, tacos and the Lost and Found bins at KMart,


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