Papi’s 1st Tattoo

January 15, 2010

Like I mentioned on Monday, Papi’s getting his first tattoo tonight in FuLLerton at the Las CaLaveras Tattoo stop.

Yes, it’s his first time, and yes, he’s a littLe anxious. This is a dude who is 39 years oLd and hasn’t gotten a singLe piercing, a wayward goLd tooth or a forgotten tramp stamp aLong the way.

He’LL need someone to hoLd his hand. What to get?

Just the K-O-G-I and a littLe fLame.

Right now he’s thinking he’LL have it etched into his right forearm. But the day’s young and Papi’s a bit spontaneous, so who knows where it’LL end up.

But he’s stiLL kinda nervous.

That’s why for the 1st one or two peopLe at the FuLLerton stop who are wiLLing to bite the buLLet with him, it’s on us.

So if you’ve been hankering to get a KoGi tattoo this whoLe time and just needed a reason to take that next step, weLL, we’re giving you a littLe push. Just show up earLy to the FuLLerton stop and approach Papi as soon as you see him.

See you there!

Las CaLaveras Tattoo
701 S. Raymond Ave, FuLLerton

Love and tacos,


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  1. The most vital thing i think when having a tattoo done is to go to a good tattooist. It’s well worth spending an afternoon finding out who is good and who isn’t and which parlour has a good reputation – it’s worth spending a few euro more to have peace of mind that your tatt is going to be excellent

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